(like...) Aberdeen on a Flag Day adj. quiet, peaceful. f. A "flag day" is a public charity collection day where people exchange cash for lapel badges, or flags. The Scots are stereotypically stingy with money so are presumed to rather stay indoors when there is a chance they may have to part with some. Hence the streets are empty and quiet. UK (Scot)

ace adj. wonderful, first class, "cool", really good f. prob. number one, UK (SE)

aced v. to do remarkably well at something, e.g. "I aced that test!". f. prob. number one, UK (SE)

acker n. (1) A person with no style or class; (2) Someone from the local council estate (Hard to believe kids were such snobs!). Used in Basingstoke (home of ackers) but may have been invented by the contributor and his sister. Through moving away from home now believed to have spread to London and North East. Recently more commonly used to describe anyone seen spitting/puking in the street, picking things out of bins or anyone exhibiting general prolateriat behaviour. circa. 1980's UK (SE)

ackrite cont. combination of 'act' and 'right' USA

acrobrat adj. kids who attach poles to the front axle of their bikes so they can bounce up and down on the front wheel - a bit like a pogo stick. UK

A-Frame g. Game involving anything over 4 people and a tennis ball. It was vital that a corner of the playground tarmac with high fencing was used. Very popular alternative to football in Wallingford School, Oxon, UK. The rules are a little hazy, but the general idea was to throw the ball within a uncertain radius and hit someone with the ball.

Once hit they had endure one of two things. They either suffered "tunnels" - which basically meant everyone (except the poor individual who'd been hit by the ball) standing in a line a foot away from the fence and throwing "double punches" at the victim, as they ran through the gap inbetween the line of kids and fence being subjected to double punches; or they could take the alternative. The "alternative" was that everyone took pot-shots at the victim - i.e they threw the ball at the individual concerned while he cowered in fear at the corner of the 'A-frame'....both could hurt....,

This game was very popular with 11 - 15 year old boys, and nearly always got out of hand due to the lack of rules. This resulted in bruising, after school scraps, personal insults, tears and a short term ban by the headmaster. Obviously it was also an excuse to hit foolish and unpopular individuals....

Contributor thinks kids were like Nazis in those days.... circa. 1985 UK (SE)

afty n. contraction of afternoon c.f. arfo, avvy UK (NE)

aggro n. a fight, or the beginnings of one, e.g. "You looking for aggro mate?? You'll get a knuckle sandwich!" cf. knuckle sandwich, bunch of fives UK

air biscuit n. the "aromatic" result of breaking wind

ai'ight n. alright, ok, fine

air (...space) n. the gap between the tyres and the ground when both wheels are in the air (having one tyre on the ground doesn't count). You "catch air (space)" when you jump. UK

airey n. The little paved area, below pavement level, usually surrounded by railings, outside the basement of a posh terraced house. The Contributor writes "My mum and dad also used this one, thirty years before me (I'm 24), and my mum thinks it's short for 'area'., Heard in the words chanted along to a ball-bouncing game,

One, two, three, O'Lairey
My ball went down the airey'.

She has no idea who O'Lairey was or what he had to do with the airey. UK

Air Wear n. Would-be hard kid, named after brand of footwear. cf. eighteen hole UK

al'arse, aul'arse, auldarse, allarse (spelling questionable - word not normally codified) adj. Pronounced "aal-arse". A contemptible individual, particularly one who refuses to co-operate, e.g "'Ee was bein' an al'arse." f. prob. from "old arse", circa. 1970-80's UK (NW)

alley n. a normal sized marble. c.f. marbles UK (W)

alley hockey n. budget street hockey, played with suitable bent stick and a squashed Coke can for a puck

alley bomper n. large marble c.f. marbles, alley UK (Wa)

alvida n. used when saying goodbye (ed: I had NO idea what it meant when adding it, but it sounded nice. Since then we've had lots of comment!)

The first contributor wrote thusly: It would appear that this word for good-bye is a slang for the German 'auf wiedersehen'. Phonetically, it sounds like 'al vee der zane. Hence, 'alvida'.(ed: wasn't right of course, and then we had more comments??)

On the other hand, Sameer (and Anil) wrote, "Alvida is a pure Urdu word which means goodbye. As mentioned on your page it may have some similarity with the german word but that would probably because of the fact that German and Hindi have same origin (Sanskrit) and Urdu is derived from Persian, Hindi and one more language. (ed: so there ya go Bumpuppy (who whinged about one of the previous definitions being in here!!) You live and learn!

Yet another comment, this time from Pradeep: Alvida is a commonly used word in India and it literally means goodbye. It is used in literature quite a lot and is becoming less frequently used word in day to day interaction. USA

Anal Amigo n. homosexual, similar to 'bum chum' but with a 'latin' feel c.f. bum chum UK

Anal Crusader n. homosexual UK

analingus v. placing ones face into the butt cheeks of another and orally stimulating the anus with the tongue. USA

anchor(s) n. brothers, sisters or any other small kids that keep you from getting out with your mates. AUS

Andrea n. Money (held in pocket) AR

ankle biters n. small kids c.f. rugrats, yukkers AUS

Antec Sohigh (sp?) n. Originally the name of an old Polish resident of the contributors home town. A certified loony, he was always drunk and babbling to himself crazily. It became used in the town as a name for anyone acting foolishly, or to insult someone you thought was a jerk. Still used by older residents who remember back far enough. circa. 1965 Aus

antwacky adj. Unstylish, unfashionable, old-fashioned. Possibly worn by meffs or povvos. e.g. "Dem kecks are dead antwacky!", Contributor thinks this was in use before his era as his mother used to use it. circa. 1970-80's c.f. kecks, meff, povvo UK (NW)

Anything Man n. Name adopted by twats when playing ‘superheroes’ in the playground. Most kids would be an officially licensed character from film, tv or comics (Superman, Spiderman etc.) Yet, there was always one wanker who chose to be ANYTHING MAN. This would give the kid access to any super power he wanted and at will, thus rendering the game redundant before it began. It's also interesting to note that when someone declared he wanted to be Batman, there was always some clever git who would launch into some diatribe about how Batman didn't have any actual superpowers, and if anything was more like a detective than a true superhero., circa. 1980's UK (Mid)

apeshit n. "to go apeshit" as in to go mad or to get angry. Common usage in East Anglia, UK, but pretty universal. UK (E)

apparatus n. equipment used for P.E or gym class. Ok not really slang - but has anyone used it with that meaning since leaving school?? AUS

ardilez, arley, arlez Meaningless expression. cf corrupt. of ARDILES, Ozzie (footballer) UK (SE)

arris n. buttock cleft, f. (1) pos. corrup. of arse, but could be from the literal meaning "sharp edge at the meeting of two surfaces". Strangely the term is used with its correct meaning in bricklaying! (2) possibly "double" Cockney rhyming slang - Aristotle=bottle, bottle and glass=arse. The latter also helps explain the term for someone who has panicked, i.e. "lost his bottle" as in "shit himself" (ed: however, on balance I think perhaps the first is most likely)

arrived n. Used in soccer when the player is in the box and calling for the ball, e.g. "I've arrived!" or just plain "Arrived!" AUS

arse-about-face n. back to front, wrong way round UK

arse bandit n. derog. A homosexual. cf. bum bandit

arse-hole, asshole (US) n. the anus f. prob. derived as contraction of "arris hole" cf. arris UK (NW)

arse-hole rhyme. First word of childhood rhyme that made "clever" use of bad language, i.e. The Arsehole song.

Arsehole , arsehole, a soldier I shall be
  • Fuck you, fuck you for curiosity
  • I'll fight for the cunt, I'll fight for the cunt
  • I'll fight for the country
  • To piss, to piss, two pistols on my knee
  • Rule Brittania, two monkeys on a stick
  • one fell down and he landed on his
  • prickles grow on bushes, prickles grow on trees,
  • prickles grow on young girls legs just above the
  • knees up mister Brown one day he went to town
  • he took a girl behind a bush and pulled her knickers
  • down in Alabama where the niggers shovel coal
  • a nigger shoved a shovel up another nigger's
  • holy moses .... it goes on forever I think.

    Caroline adds the following:

    Two Irishmen, two Irishmen were digging a ditch

  • One called the other one a dirty son of a...
  • Beaver, a beaver, sitting on a rock
  • Along came a bumblebee and stung him on his...
  • Cocktail, ginger ale, five cents a glass...
  • If you don't like it, shove it up your...
  • Ask me no questions, tell me no lies
  • Bring on the dog turds and we'll make some pies.

    Rule Brittannia

    (ed: my apologies for the unpleasantly racist lines, but they are part of the original song. Also thanks to Caroline, both Paul's, Pete and Yohan for lines...but still many more lines as I remember... and needed if anyone knows them???)
    UK (W)

    arse jockey n. homosexual UK

    arse-over-head, arse-over-elbow, arse-over-tit v. tripping, going head over heels, falling in an embarrasing way cf. ass-over-tea-kettle UK

    arsenuts n. lumps of solid faecal and other matter that accumulate in the hairs around the anus and beteen the cleft of the buttocks. cf. winnets, dags, cleggs UK (SE)

    Art Pamphlets n. magazines used to aid "drawing skills" - often used as cover for material of a pornographic nature)

    arvo n. afternoon e.g. "See you this arvo?" f. contraction of afternoon c.f. afty, avvy AUS

    ass-over-tea-kettle v. tripping going head over heels, falling downhill cf. arse-over-head CAN

    ass-pirate n. homosexual rapist USA

    ass-wipe adj. Generally description for a person whose intelligence would qualify him/her for little more than use as an cleanser for ones anus. c.f. dipshit, USA

    avvy n. the afternoon e.g. "What time this avvy shall I meet yer?? f. contraction of afternoon c.f. afty, arfo UK (NW)

    axe n. Taunt against someone who was angry or expressed annoyance. Usually pronounced with the "A" sound prolonged which made it even more annoying; eg X says "Give me back my pencil!", Y responds "Axe!", X- "Give it back now!", Y and others "AAAAAxe!" etc..., Probably comes from the concept of a psychopath carrying out an axe attack; sometimes used in the longer more placatory form "OK, OK, don't have an axe attack!". Various private and public schools in the Cambridge area. (ed: I reckon it's just 'ask' mispronounced, but what do I know?). circa. 1980's UK (SE)