ba'bag n. scrotum, (pronounced, baw -[as in thaw]- bag) used as "Ya fuckin' ba' bag!" f. prob. abbreviation of 'ball bag' UK (Scot)

backage n. letting a person into a queue behind you. c.f. frontage, chinese frontage, chinese backage Aus.

backer n. Used for a lift on the back of a bike (sitting on the carrier with on leg dangling each side of the wheels). Usually in the sense of 'Giz a backer, mister!' - Give me a lift on the the back of your bike. cf. backy EIRE

backy adj. giving someone a ride on the back of your bike cf. croggy circa. 1980 - 84 UK (M)

bad adj. good f. USA influence, pos Michael Jackson

badger n. Great, just right. eg,"That's the badger" if something is extremely good. UK (Mid)

badger n. There's a king of sweet called an Everton Mints which are striped. In the contributors school the sweets basically became a form of currency. A badger was an Everton Mint, A 'half badger' was a Trebor Mint. A 'three quarter badger' was a Trebor Refresher so someone would see what ever sweet, like an everton mint and say, "give us a badger, man?", UK (Mid)

badger gassing v. to break wind in a particuarly malodorous fashion UK (Wa)

bagger n. a mate who says he'll turn up for something but doesn't. Used as "Me'n Jack were going to the club. I turned up but he bagged!" UK

baggin n. used in playing cards (can be generalized) for holding back, not putting things on the table as soon as you're able UK

Bagpuss n. a person who shags cats (actually a specific person in one school - after a drunken 6th Form party.) UK

bags n. 1) trousers 2) a claim of ownership, e.g. "Bags I that cake!" - also variant "bagsy" UK

bag person (... man, ... woman) n. person who wanders around city streets rummaging in rubbish bins and the like. Can often be seen picking up half eaten ice-creams etc and eating them. Occasionally these people collect waste for re-sale, e.g. tin cans and the like. The name "bag-person" derives from their usually carrying their entire posessions in two or more Tesco shopping bags (tho' often as not these days pushing a supermarket trolley with the bags etc inside). cf. rocky, scav UK

bail v. to "give up" on something "I was supposed to dive off the five metre board but I bailed when I saw how high it really was!" UK

baldy slap n. sharp smack about the back of the head, administered to victim "to bring good luck" in the aftermath of a haircut. cf. batts

(to go...) ballistic n. to lose ones temper in a violent manner cf. cop, mentler UK (SE)

bamp n. adj. Scruffy, tramplike or generally unloveable person. Often used as rejoinder to one who has farted. On the other hand, to become the 'Bamp Overlord' is the ultimate rank. UK (NE)

bank v. To hi, e.g. "Do that once more and I'll bank ya!". USA

bang v. to have sexual intercourse with

bangers n. sausages f. the noise they make when they split if you cook them without first puncturing the skins. c.f. snag UK

bangers n. explosive fireworks. Originally a relatively harmless stick of gunpowder packed into tightly wound brown paper wrapper with a short fuse that when lit exploded with a loud noise. Banned in the UK (and most other civilised countries) when small boys discovered the dreadful things one could do with a little inventiveness - e.g. sticking them up a cat's rectum and lighting the fuse. f. the noise they make when they explode c.f. jacky-jumpers UK

bangers and mash n. cooked sausages served with boiled then mashed potatoes (not to be confused with Toad-In-The-Hole which is an entirely different dish made with sausages and Yorkshire Pudding batter).

This traditional British dish was made world famous back in the 1960's by an unlikley hit record created and sung by comedian Peter Sellars and (of all people) the then sex-pot Sophia Loren! These two had got together and embarked on a torrid affair during the making of a film called 'The Millionairess' in which Sellars played a pre-PC role as a Doctor of Indian origin.

Somehow Sellars persuaded Loren to 'sing' along with him on a record spawned from the film (but not a part of it as I remember) called "Goodness Gracious Me". This was a hit, and the record "Give us a bash of the bangers and mash me muvver used to make", was the follow up. Shortly afterwards they split up and Loren for one, made no other forays into the world of music.

(ed: if anyone has the complete lyrics - or especially an MP3 - please let me know!) UK

bangin' adj. extremely desirable, normally attached to character or physical appearance, e.g. "She's really bangin'!!" USA

baps n. breasts USA

bareback riding v. to have sexual intercourse (homo. or hetero.) without using a condom

bargies n. gave "immunity" in some games. e.g. crossing the fingers when playing tag and shouting "can't get me I've got bargies" c.f. barley's UK (SW)

barking spider n. something to blame when breaking wind loudly. AUS

barley's n. crossed fingers when playing tick, tag etc. e.g. "you can't get me I'm on Barley's" c.f. bargies UK (SE)

barney n. a fight. also a shout when a fight starts, e.g. "There's a right barney going on at the back of the gym!!" circa. 1980's UK (NE)

Barney cut n. A haircut resembling that of Bernard Sumner, lead singer of the group New Order cf. spaz cut circa. 1984 UK (NW)

barry n. (1) good, great, fantastic, as in "That film was real barry!" Edinburgh slang for 'great'; 'fantastic'. Can also be seen in abundance in Irivine Welsh's book - Trainspotting, (2) Embarrasing. i.e. "You had a barry!" e.g. "I had a barry, definitely failed" , UK (Scot)

bars, barsies n. Truce word and crossed fingers as in barleys, fainites etc. UK (S)

base n. the "safe place" or thing you run for in tag and other such chase games UK

batter n. To beat up (as in fight): eg "I'm going to batter you after school.", circa. 1990's UK (NE)

batts n. excessive slapping about the head and ears, administered after a hair cut, till the victim shouts: "Nee (or nay) Batts!!!" UK (NE)

batty man, batty boy n. derog. A homosexual. UK (SE)

baw-heid, baw-face n. used to describe a person with a large round head. e.g. "He has a big baw face".f. Scots pronunciation of BALL + HEAD, BALL + FACE. The phrase has been in common usage in the west of Scotland for decades - at least since the 50's/60's (still in use). UK (Sc)

beak n. headmaster

beam v. Beaming, describes when a girl's nipples are erect. Ex: "Mary was really beaming when she did her dance routine for the talent show." Current in Jr-High School, New England, c.f. peanut smuggler USA (NE)

beano n. act of torture carried out by 1) pushing thumb between first and second fingers then "screwing" 2) rubbing someone's scalp vigorously with a clenched fist cf. Hundred circa. 1980 -84

bean flicker n. lesbian f. reference to masturbation of a female by stimulation of clitoris UK (SE)

beard n. Expression indicating disbelief. (abbr. "itchy beard")

beast n. ugly or unattractive girl cf. swamp donkey UK (SE)

beasty n. excellent, well done UK

Beat adj. An incredibly ugly woman, e.g. That chick was BEAT! , Possible from the shortened phrase "looks like she was beaten with the ugly stick", or simply looked like a boxer! UK

beat the meat v. male masturbation c.f. whacking off (ed: and any one of hundreds of other words in here) US

beats n. A rather painful treatment involved a whack on the upper arm for any reason imaginable - from playing cards, farting or seeing a gas van! c.f. slogs circa. 1984-89 UK (Mid)

beaut n. (1) cigarette, (2) magic mushroom f. (you...) beauty UK (SE)

beaver n. 1) Large amphibious broad tailed furry rodent of the North Americas, 2) Occasionally large, nearly always furry, sometimes wet, always attached to a woman, also referred to as the pussy, snatch or even quim. The later of those definitions being commonly used in the U.K,

Makes phrases such as "I got attacked by a Beaver in the woods" a million times more humourous. c.f. pussy, snatch, quim USA

bebby food n. Foodstuffs (usu. a form of sponge pudding in custard) which have been mixed together and pulped to resemble baby food. UK (SE)

beef curtains n. labia - especially when aroused. Used particularly during menstruation when the 'curtains' may resemble a raw bloody steak.... c.f. fanny flaps UK

(hot...) beef injection n. sexual intercourse UK

bee stings adj. derog. "unusually" small breasts

bejezus n. to maximise effort put into a task f. originated in Ireland as the oath "by jesus", but was corrupted slightly. Was used in the film Mad Max Aus, Eire

bell-end n. The end of the male penis, the glans. 2. An excessively stupid or unpleasant person.

bella swella n. Joking offensive, similar to dick-head, bell-end. Used mainly towards friends as it sounds too stupid to be *really* offensive. Often had rhymes stuck on when being silly or someone was very stupid e.g. Bella-Swella-Della-Nella, etc... c.f. dick head, bell end late 1980's circa. late 1980's UK (NW)

bell-ender n. A wanker.

belm n. Expression of doubt / disbelief (pre-chinny-reckon). Nearly always accompanied by the speaker putting his /her tongue between the bottom teeth and the bottom lip / chin area causing a 'bulging' effect. The longer the 'belm' the better e.g. 'beeeeeeelllllmmmmm' in a kind of 'spaz' voice. c.f. chinny-reck-on circa 1978-ish UK (NW)

bender, benny n. derog. 1) a homosexual. 2) a bout of drinking to excess

benny adj. derog. (1) stupid or excessively thick person. Also said when someone does something regarded as stupid. (2) get very angry i.e. "throw a benny" ; f. Probably derived from a none to bright character called Benny on UK soap "Crossroads" circa. 1970's - 80's UK (SE) (Wa)

benny woman adj. derog. used to describe a male who is getting very angry i.e. "throw a benny" (this annoyed them even more) f. Probably derived from a none to bright character called Benny on UK soap "Crossroads" circa. 1970's - 80's UK (SE)

Benson adj. General insult. When the contributor was at school and somebody did you a favour you could easily piss them off by saying "Cheers Benson" instead of saying "Thanks", to imply that they were some sort of servant or slave. This was taken from the name of the butler Benson in TV show Soap and his own spin off show "Benson".

For example: 1st Kid "If you are going to the van get me 10 fags"
2nd Kid "Okay no problem"
When 2nd Kid returns and hands over the 10 fags the 1st Kid says "Cheers Benson"
2nd Kid "You fucking cheeky cunt I'll never do anything for you again" whilst chasing the 1st kid all over the playground.
circa. mid-1980's UK (NE)

beppo adj. Also 'bep'. A derogatory term indicating that the subject of the remark is, basically, a dirty vagabond, although merely having the wrong brand of trainers is enough to prompt this remark in most South Wales schools. , The term reputedly derives from a tramp of that name who lived in the Cardiff area of South Wales in the early eighties. Despite the fact that the poor man has long since passed away, I have heard children as far away as Newport using the insult "ah, yer bep", and in the town of Barry (nearer Cardiff) "Your mum shagged Beppo" is still a fairly common playground insult, even though no-one of that age knows who Beppo was (or, hopefully, what 'shagged' means). (I'm informed by "Mel" in Dinas Powis, Wales, that Beppo was indeed alive and kicking in Sept 1999) UK (SWa)

berk n. an idiot, someone who does something "stupid", or just an annoying or unpleasant person. f. actually derived from the Cockney rhyming slang "Berkshire Hunt" = cunt. In the words of Michael Caine, "Not a lot of people know that!".... even though it's now in common use all round the UK!! c.f. Burke /font> UK (SE)

bidgeebuckles n. a curse on your opponent's turn in playing marbles or conkers to ensure they'd miss when it was their turn to play. It was said while at the same time shaking one's hand as if casting a spell. cf. conkers circa. 1950's UK

biff (1) n. (2) v. (1) punch "He got biffed on the snitch", (2) ejaculate: "Mike couldn't control it. Just as Anne opened his zip he biffed all over the place!" (this form rarely used) (2) circa. 1970's (1) UK (2) S.Africa

biff v. Person afflicted with spina bifida, but used perjoratively in a fashion interchangeable with "mong", "spazz", "eppy" etc., current in the Liverpool area in the 1970s and 80s. circa. 1970 - 80's c.f. mong, spaz, eppy crip etc UK (NW)

biffa n. pug-ugly f. Biffa the Bear (ed: now... which comic was he in?? The Dandy or the Beano??) UK (NW)

biffa n. fat person f. USA

bifter n. cigarette circa. 1990 - to date (Liverpool area) UK (NW)

biggins, biggs n. (1) An unimportant event or object. 2. An expression of disinterest.(2) large dark patches of sweat under the arms and across the back on a light coloured shirt - as in "Look at the biggins on that!!". f. "big deal" and also from "On Safari" a UKTV show presented by Christopher Biggins. The latter meaning referring to the times he presented the (by most long forgotton) show in which he was in a "pretend" jungle but would sweat like a horse. This made his shirt darker in several malodourous places!, UK (SE)

(town...) bike n. derog (very) a female who the boys reckon will have, or has had, sex with anyone - seldom true!, promiscuous female cf. slag

bint n. derog term of derision and insult shouted at at girls/women; "You daft bint" (ed: Roger took us to task for not mentioning that thjis word has it's origins in Arabic) circa. 1980's - to date cf. slag

birmo's, burmo's adj Flared trousers, after they were fashionable. e.g. "Ey, look at them birmos!" circa. 1970 - 80's. UK (NW)

bitchbastard n. versatile insult or exclamation with no intrinsic meaning. Used, for example, instead of "dammit", "Youre such a bitchbastard!!" or "Thats such a bitchbastard". USA

bitch n. female dog and by extension a spiteful, nasty woman, one who bites. USA

bitch v. complain, criticise, be negative about something, USA

bitchin, bitchen adj. Used to describe something exceptionally good or really hot. e.g. "Tom's Corvette is a set of bichen wheels." USA

bitchsplitter n. male reproductive organ, penis f. Used by "Man Cow" of Man Cow's Morning Madhouse, a nationally syndicated radio program, based in Chicago. USA

bitz n. variation of bitch c.f. bitch USA

bizzies police persons used as "Friggin 'ell, the bizzies are after us!!" Or, translated from Scouse, "Oh darn, it looks like the Police are wanting to question us!", f. "busybodies" - i.e interfering in peoples private business UK.

black hole bill n. 1) Miserable, e.g. "The weather is 'black hole bill' today". A teacher UK (NE)

blacking n. initiation ceremony involving the forced undressing of a boy by other boys, to allow his genitalia to be covered in boot polish.

Black Mariah n. Name given to the van the police used to collect and transport offenders to and from the scene of apprehension, to police stations and/or courthouses. f. Named for a black female called Mariah who used to drive a black wagon and horses for the Police forces in the City of London. c.f. paddy wagon UK

Blagger n. used to describe someone who is a bit of a 'pickey'. they never have their own fags,crisps and will constantly harrass someone to give them theirs instead.A bit like a sponger. can also be used to describe an action ie can I blag a fag off you.I first heard this phrase in Bournemouth, which seems to home many blaggers c.f. Bludger circa 1990's UK (S)

blakey n. 1) Miserable, incompetent fascist bus inspector played by Stephen Lewis in On The Buses, a television sitcom broadcast during the 1970s. 2) derog. A teacher (3) Half moon shaped metal reinforcement for the bottom of shoes. (Possibly the brand name??) A cool thing to have on 70's UK East London playgrounds. circa. 1970's UK

blaw n. cannabis resin. e.g. "He smokes blaw" Note: rhymes with 'floor'. f. Scottish pronunciation of 'blow'. Note: Cocaine is called 'blow' in the USA UK (Scot)

blep n. Epileptic. Either used literally or perjoratively. circa 1970 - 80s. UK (NW)

blert n. foolish person. Someone of limited intelligence Still used in suburbs of Liverpool as a derogatory term, i.e. "Eh mate... you fuckin blert?" mainly by pensioners queing for Giros at the post office cf. spaz, dickhead circa 1980 onwards UK (NW)

blind n. unfortunate, e.g. "You're old man won't let you come to the party?? That's blind!". S. Africa

blindin' n. particlarly good e.g. I just heard this blindin' song!! UK (M)

blob n. condom cf. dunky UK (NE)

blob (on the... ) n. menstruating, experiencing one's period cf. UK (EA)

block n. head UK (NW)

blocky, blockie 1-2-3 n. outdoor variation of hide and seek, where the hiders have to try and touch the 'block' (lampost) without getting caught by the seeker, shouting "Blocky 1-2-3 in!" cf. mob

bloodclot (BlurClar) n. (1) A tampon (2) Someone who is a fool, and no time should be wasted on. (3) A person who can be used for one purpose and then disposed of.

bloody knuckles n. A game in which a coin, usually a quarter, is spun around. The players try to keep it spinning by flicking it with their fingers. Whoever makes the quarter loses, and must put their knuckles on the playing surface, usually a table. Then, the winner puts his thumb on the coin, and forcefully pushes it across the table onto the losers knuckles. The game is played until someones knuckles are bleeding, These are mostly the losers. US

blowing chunks v. vomiting US

blow in n. a pest that isn't usually seen in an area but appears after a period of heavy wind or storm. Now synonymous with someone new in town who buzzes arouind making noise and disturbing locals. AUS

blow-job n. term for oral sex performed on a male. cf. gobble

bludger n. a person who is lazy or won't work AUS

bludgeon n. (1) to beat, normally until death, to death with a heavy object (original meaning)(2) claim dole, or otherwise feed off society but contribute nothing, (1)UK, (2)AUS

blue goldfish, n. initiation rite f. Newbies would be asked if they'd like to "Come see the Blue Goldfish" then be taken into the toilets, their head forced into the toilet pan.... and the thing flushed. and flushed, and... cf. bogwash UK (M)

blue dolphin (want to ride the...??) n. initiation rite f. Variant on "blue-goldfish" Heavily talked about but little used initiation rite. Virtually everyone was warned about it on the first day of "big" school. f. Dolphin is the trade name of a maker of this type of product. cf. blue goldfish, bogwash circa. 1980's - 90's UK (SE)

BMX n. v. abbr. Bicycle Motorcross. The early 1980s sport involving light, gearless bicycles for races and stunt competitions, a bicycle designed for this purpose. c.f. Burner, Chopper etc.

bob v., n. to defecate e.g. "I've bobbed my pants!", "I've got bob on my shoes!" UK (NE)

bobberknocker n. A weight attached to a length of fishing line (making it virtually invisible) operated from a distance so as to knock on someone's window causing them great confusion. For maximum laughs, usually performed on someone of a 'nervous disposition" or someone very old (ed: last time I did this someone came running out, after 8 or 9 knocks, shouting "I'll biff you on the snitch" before that day I'd never heard anyone actually USE that phrase - and I've not heard it since!) UK

bocca n. a word to say after someone has uttered something totally retarded or stupid. USA

bock, bok n. to break, dismantle, disassemble, trash f. regional dialect word used in schools around Plymouth, UK UK (S)

boff 1) v. 2) n. (3) n. 1) to have sexual intercourse with 2) breaking wind, farting etc. used in Lancashire school in early 1970's. Particularly amusing when a certain Ms Hough (aged 9) farted, when we could all cry out "Hough's Boffed!, (3) swot, a teacher's pet (prob. abbr. of 'boffin' 2) cf. (2) fart UK (NE) (SE)

boff n. word for sweets such as Mojo's and Cola Bottles etc. Seller of said items would be referred to as 'The Boff Man' or 'The Boffy'. UK (M)

bogart n. This means to use or take too much of something. For some reason, only heard its use in reference to smoking pot, as in "Hey man, don't Bogart that joint." (ed: any idea how this came about? One suggestion (from Neil) is "from the song "Don't bogart that joint my friend " by the Holy Modal Rounders?" - but I think it's a lot older than that!) A contributor who wishes to remain anonymous... writes "The phrase "Don't Bogart that joint" has to do with the way Humphrey Bogart held a cigarette; i.e., between his thumb and forefinger, cupped in the palm of his hand. I'm told it's a wartime habit, so as to hide the glowing cigarette in order to avoid drawing sniper fire."

"By extension, if someone holds a joint in this fashion, he/she is usually accused of trying to hide it from others in order to avoid having to share - although he/she may be, in fact, simply trying to shield it from the wind." (ed: yeah - right)
On the other hand, someone else refers back to a line from a song "Don't Bogart that joint, my friend, pass it over to me...". and says "If you've ever seen him in a movie, he always has a cig going, but takes infrequent hits. To bogart a joint then, is not to take too much, or more than your share, but to waste it by holding it while talking or whatever, and letting it burn to no one's benefit. Hope this clears that up." (ed: so there ya go!)

.... but then someone else said.... "This means to use or take too much of something. For some reason, I only heard its use in reference to smoking pot, as in "Hey man, don't Bogart that joint. " (ed: so we're no further forwards then??) USA

bogey, booger adj. 1) hardened nasal mucus which can the be rolled & flicked, or eaten or whatever.- e.g. "I've got a bogey so big I can barely breathe!"; 2) term for enemy aeroplanes, typically used during WW2."Captain, bogeys at three o'clock!".

Extra Information provided by Tony Lloyd of Cardiff:
'Bogey', in England it is pronounced as spelt, 'boh-gey', like the railway cart, but in Wales and the USA it pronounced 'bwg-gy'. In Wales it means lumps of green mucus in the nose, but in America and in Wales, there is also the 'bogey-man' (bwggy-man) a mythical creature to frighten you.
c.f. snot UK

bogs n. toilets... e.g. "going a'boggin"

bogging (1) adj. (2) v. (1) smelly (2) looking someone in an offensive manner (question is posed as a threat). eg "You boggin' at me?" , Question usually in accusatory manner in same context as "you got a problem ?". UK (SE)

bogwash n. initiation rite f. Newbies would be grabbed ifthey strayed in or too near the toilets then dragged to a cubicle, their head forced into the pan.... while it was flushed... cf. blue goldfish, blue dolphin UK

bollocks 1) n. 2) adj. 1) The male testes. 2) pathetic, worthless cf. satchel

bolloxed 1)n 2) adj. very drunk, ruined, messed up cf. 1) langered, ossified, sloshed UK

bomb v. to humiliate oneself, e.g. "That comedian really bombed last night. The only laugh he got was when he started crying!" cf. alley, alley bomper UK

bomb n. to run along the edge of a swimming pool, and jump into the water by curling up into a ball creating as much spray and as big a wave as possible. This is dangerous so normally results in you being thrown out or sent home. cf. UK

bomber, bomper n. large marble cf. alley, alley bomper

bong n. 1) a mentler 2) a pipe like device used for smoking marijuana f. 1) DEN BONG, the mentler out of Darts and Tiswas 2) unknown. cf. mentler

bone hawg, bone hog n. sexually active female, a woman who enjoys performing oral sex on men USA

boner n. an erection UK

bonk n. sexual intercourse f. A UK TV show called Tis Was - introduced by Chris Tarrant amongst others. The show, originally a childrens programme, was famous for many oddball jokes and even created a "hit" dance called, the "Dying Fly" which pretty much revolved around people lying on the floor on their backs and waving arms and legs in the air. And who will ever forget "The Bucket Song'???

Anyway... Bonk was reportedly created by reversing the word "knob" and applying it as a description to women's 'naughty bits'. It quickly mutated into a euphamism for the sexual act itself. It spread over the world and and has remained a favourite substitute for other better known but more offensive anglo-saxon terms for sexual intercourse. UK

bonker n. A type of marble that was the next size up from the regular marble and usually worth 3 or 4 marbles in equal value. But not worth quite as as much as a ball-bearing, (ed: contributor says he had a bonker-ball-bearing and may still!). c.f. marbles, alley bomper etc. UK (S)

boo n. baby, so by extension, girlfriend USA

booe adj. very 'cool'. used as "that's the booe!!", . USA

boonshniggle v. unbelievable. UK (Sc)

booty, bootie n. buttocks; used for example as "Shake your booty". Also used to refer to casual sex; "booty-call", meaning a call from a sex partner specifically to have sex, usually late at night., Although slang, this word is being used more commonly world wide. Originated in the USA, it has become just accepted as the "ain't", colloquially speaking that is. (ed: would someone care to explain this please?) USA

boot (to...) v. means "as well" but implies an unexpected extra, e.g. "I not only lost my job but they prosecuted me to boot!!", or "Not only did I get into the disco, free - but I won a "spot prize" to boot!"(ed: this is an interesting expression that I've often used - does anyone have any clues where it originated and how?)

Serves me right for asking I suppose, but Steve Shervais passed on the following useful information:
According to Clark Hall's Concise Anglo-Saxon Dictionary, "bot" is 'compensation for an injury', and "to bot" means "besides, moreover." In a related item, "manbot" was the money paid to the lord for loss of a man,_in_addition_to_ the wergeld paid to his relatives.
UK (Sc)

boot (to... ) v. to vomit USA

boost v. to leave, depart, e.g. "I'm knackered. I'm going to boost." UK (Sc)

boracic, brassic adj. short of cash f. cockney rhyming slang... boracic lint = skint cf. skint UK

borket adj. a person apparently dangerously inbred. f. Contributor defines 'borket' thussly. "Ipswich is a small town located near Brisbane, Australia.This word was named after the local family who got arrested because they had to force them to abort their baby because the brother and sister had to get their baby aborted for the third time"., (ed: I think maybe the contributor came from the same family??) UK (Sc)

bosher n. marble: sized about 1.5 cm in diameter cf. alley, tenner etc... UK

boss n. good, favourable, best UK (NW)

boss-eyed n. cross eyed. No idea where this came from. UK

bostin' n. wicked, brilliant, good, favourable, best UK (NW)

botter n. Homosexual A term used to describe homosexuals or homosexual intercourse. eg:- 'He's a fucking Botter'. circa. 1980's UK (NE)

bottle-washer n. large marble cf. alley, bomper-alley, silver dolphin, circa. 1950-s - 60's UK (We)

botty-basher n. a homosexual UK

bounce v. to leave, depart, e.g. "I'm bored - I'm going to bounce to L.A.."." USA

bouncer n. burly thug nominally employed as a kind of bodyguard to eject "troublemakers" from get togethers such as parties, disco's etc. but who normally does it because he enjoys causing pain to others. UK

Bournville Boulevard n. anus, arse, bum etc, but always with homosexual connotations. Bourneville is the Birmingham village where the Cadbury's chocolate factory is. And it doesn't take a genius to work out that chocolate is the same colour as shit, hence the phrase. Thus, 'Going up Bourneville Boulevard." is to perform anal intercourse. UK (Mid)

bout-it, bout-it n. fighting words, meaning ready to start a fight. USA

bovver-boots n. big boots worn by punks and hard-cases.. most often Dr Martens cf. eighteen holers UK

brace-face n. rude name for someone wearing braces on their teeth cf. tin-grin, metal-mouth US

bran n. 1) arch. cannabis resin 2) smokeable heroin f. cockney contraction of BROWN cf. rope

Brandy n. Another name for Ball tiggy used in North western Melbourne schools. cf. tag, tig /font> Aus

brain bucket n. helmet for cycling, horse riding etc. UK

brassings n. Also 'hard brassings' was said whilst rubbing the chin a la chinny rec on. It was said whenever you were mocking someone else's misfortune, eg. fall over in playground, miss an easy goal in football, clay pot blows up in kiln in art etc. This was said during the very early 80's in the West Midlands (England). Surely it was said everywhere else as well ?, circa. 1980's cf. chinney-reck-on, Jimmy Hill etc. UK (M)

breezy n. The "definition" received for this was "I'm going to the concert and hook up with this little breezy I met the other day" so if anyone can improve on it I'd appreciate the feedback. USA

Brendon n. male person with no friends circa. 1987 UK (SE)

Breville Devil n. Term denoting frenzied experimental masturbator, Certain models of Breville sandwich toasters came with special plastic tongs for removing the lethally hot toasted sandwiches from the machine (doubtless because someone had probably in the past burnt their hands trying to do so and sued the company). Allegedly, one Ollie Coats, used said tongs to beat himself off with. Needless to say, toasted sandwiches ceased to be a popular snack in his boarding house. Originated at the The Leys School, Cambridge.

(ed: I hope our Merkin friends aren't too offended - I just add what I get) circa. 1987 - 89 UK (SE)

brewsky n. beer US

brick v. to shit oneself in fear especially when hard lads are chasing you down the alley: brickin' yourself

Brillo n. nickname for a peculiar style of hair favoured by middle-aged balding males who are attempting to disguise the fact that they ARE losing their hair. Nickname is also used for men who use this hairstyle. One of the most famous people thus endowed is Andrew O'Neill, who was/is editor of The Times (UK). I hear from Mark Skinner that "Brillo" still gets his regular pasting in the satirical magazine, Private Eye. circa. 1987 UK (SE)

British Bulldog n. 1) Game played on grass in which one person tries to rugby tackle one of the other players running from one side of the field to the other, those caught joining the catcher, until all are caught except for one hardcase who then has to survive on his own until the bell goes or he gets beaten up for being a smug twat. 2) This game played on a concrete or tarmac surface, supposedly declared illegal on school property according to rumour.

In one school they decided that playing on tarmac was clearly too dangerous for delicate types and banned it. So some bright spark re-named it Cats Whiskers and they carried on playing...until Daniel Fawkes headbutted a drainpipe and gained a huge hole in his forehead...git., (ed: thanks Louise) cf. Hanky-Pinky, Red Rover

broady n. Bike stunt which involves pulling on the back brake on your chopper/bmx/chipper/grifter and swinging it round kicking up the gravel.

brothel creepers n. popular sort of footwear with very thick flat rubber soles that allow you to walk almost silently. Very useful for creeping up behind people to give them wedgies or cop a feel. Similar to the platform soles favoured by "Baby Spice" but worn (usu.) by males. circa. 1940's - 1960's UK (Wa)

brown eye n. anus (descriptive) cf. freckle UK (N)

brown hatter n. a male homosexual

brown nose n. a "crawler" or sycophant. Gets the brown nose from having it stuck up another person's bum while "arse-licking"

bubble fo n. 1) The male foreskin, a notably bulbous charicature of this 2) An excessively stupid or unpleasant person. UK (SE)

buck n. Someone really fanciable. Also to really fancy someone and think they are good looking. Seems Laura thinks Mark Cole is a buck! circa. 2000+ UK (NI)

buckhead n. derog. 1) A person with buck-teeth. 2) A person with a head shaped like a bucket. abbr. buckethead UK (SE)

bud adj. dreadful, bad. e.g. "That is so bud" as in something that is really crap. Very big in the eighties in Swindon, England, (ed: if you've ever been to Swindon you'll know why I left that comment in!) f. prob. bad UK (SW)

Budget n. Used to describe a situation, an object, a person, or a place that is rubbish/disappointing, or basically shit! For example "This place is Budget!" or "You're so budget!". Basically a derogatory term implying the person is 'cheap rubbish', or hasn't a clue about the truth of an issue. For example if you are telling a joke and the other person doesn't understand the joke, the that person is "Budget" or if a group of friends are watching a film and one person doesn't find it funny, when everyone else does, then that person is "budget".cf. UK (SE)

Budgie n. A make of Raleigh bike, a junior version of the Chopper with the characteristic drop handle bars and way-out front/back wheel ratio of its larger counterpart. cf. Chopper UK (SE)

Budgie Jacket n. A satin bomber jacket with elongated 'penny round' collar as worn by Adam Faith in his weekly ITV Soho underworld adventures in 'Budgie' (circa. 1971)

Buftie n. homosexual UK (Scot)

bug-fucker adj. someone with an unusually small penis

bug off, bugger off n. Similar to "get lost" and the "piss off" (UK), means "go away", with connotations of "you are not wanted here" UK (Sc)

(oh...) bugger n. comment> i.e. I made a mistake

buggered (... up) v. (1) to have engaged in anal intecourse, (2) to tire" e.g. "I just walked 10 miles home. I'm knackered!" c.f. zonked, shagged.knackered, fucked UK

bug rake n. comb, e.g. "lend us yer bug rake... ma head's itching...) f. head lice were very common in that era c.f. nitty nora circa. 1940's Aus.

bugs n. Mysterious disease or ailment transmitted to you by getting to close to someone who was dirty or smelly, and that you could in turn transmit to other people by touching them. e.g. if you got too close to someone who was dirty you then had 'the bugs'. People who were particularly dirty were called either 'bugsy boy' or 'bugsy girl'. note. You could protect yourself from the bugs by clutching the top of your arm (I'd imagine this came from holding the area where you had your inoculation jab) and shouting, '1,2,3,4,5 bugs injection all over for life'. This was a primary school practise and died out by the time you got to secondary school cf. fleas-inject UK (Sc)

bull (milk a... ) rhyme
Milk a bull
Milk a bull
Only one tit and it's hard to pull
circa. 1940's - 1960's UK (Wa)

bullshit n. lie, untruth, gross exageration, attempt to misrepresent cf. shitting me USA

bum n. The anus and surrounding area including buttocks. Hence therefore the use in the USA to describe homeless people and beggars, Likewise, the term is used for someone who is useless or shiftless, like son-in-laws or football coaches. ("Ya bum!") USA

bum bandit n. derog. (1) a male homosexual (2) a guy (not necessarily homosexual) who's main interest in life seemed to be walking up behind other people (usu other males) and attempting to push his finger into their anus' through their clothes. They would then walk away sniffing their fingers. f. bum + bandit c.f. hopoate UK (SE)

bum-burn adj. What you are left with after spending an hour in the toilet passing the remnants of that Vindaloo you downed with 10 pints of hard lager last night. And it tasted so good at the time - I think. c.f. ring-sting UK (Wales)

bum chum, chum, chummer n. a male homosexual

bummer, n. (1) a male homosexual (2) a disappointment "You lost a leg? Oh that's a bummer man" (1) UK (Mid) (2) USA

bumps n. birthday game where victim was held spreadeagled by arms and legs raised in the air and dropped such that their buttocks struck the floor with force. One bump was administered for each birthday. cf. pinch-punch, dumps UK (Wa)

bump nasties, bump uglies v. to perform an act of sexual intercaourse. f. descriptive cf. bonk, fuck screw, etc

bum rap n. unfounded accusation usually claimed by a person arrested for something they say they didn't do. cf. USA

bunch of fives n. a fist cf. knuckle sandwich UK (Wa)

bundle (1) n. shouted whenever a fight was taking place (or in the disco when you were feeling bored) and involved everyone jumping on top of each other in a heap before scarpering when the dinner lady or a teacher came around the corner c.f. pile-on

bundle (2) n. Shouted just before 'bundling' someone, generally a younger boy, A bundle is when a group of boys leap on and force to the ground another boy, usually younger. Generally involves at least three people, often leading to more and more people joining, leaping on until a large pile of boys is formed. It is, of course, very painful (hopefully) for whoever is it at the bottom of the bundle. UK

bung v. to chuck or throw. cf. lob, luzz, buzz

bun in the oven (to have a.... ) n. to be pregnant f. descriptive. The swelling of the abdomen likened to the expansion of bread dough when baking. cf. in the club, up the duff,

bunk n. Another old word with a new lease of life. Used to mean not good. e.g. a fire cracker that wont pop, or a hooter that wont get you high. e.g. "They told me that club was Crunk but it was Bunk as hell. (ed: Crunk?? Hooter??) cf. lob, luzz, buzz

bunking slip n. Piece of paper to be signed by the teacher of every class on your timetable, then returned to the registration teacher the next day to prove you went to all your classes. Given to bunkers when caught bunking off school. cf. bunk off UK (Scot)

bunk off n. be absent from school without permission cf. skive off, slam off, truant (play), mitch

bunnidge n. Used in a phrase taunted at people when they were supposed to be ashamed about something, e.g. "Feeeeel the bunnidge!!!", (ed: this may have been confined to the area around Bristol, UK so if you know different, please let us know. Spelling also unclear - could be bunnage or bunnige, etc.- anyone who knows please let us know?) UK (W)

bunnyhop n. bmx stunt involving making the whole bike jump in the air. Best done by crouching over the handlebars and "exploding" upwards. Done this way it helps you clear obstacles like logs and kerbs. UK

bunny-foo-foo n. When a guy tucks his dick in between his legs. A painful practice done by drunks and gays.,(ed: this is added because I have NO idea what the hell it's about!!)

Burke n. An idiot. f. local adaptation of the UK "berk" because of "Wills and Burke", two early Australian explorers....... who unfortunately got lost..... and died. c.f. berk Aus, NZ

burn n. bmx stunt. A "burn" often described the result of riding up to your mate's bike (whilst it was also in motion) and touching his back tyre with your front tyre, resulting in a wonderful "zipppp" noise and a friction burn mark on each tyre. Most often used in the context, "I'm gonna burn you up!" which usually triggered frantic pedaling and squeals as the victim tried to out-run his pursuer.

Always misunderstood by adults. Tell your dad that, "Matthew was trying to burn my tyre!" and he would storm round Matthew's house, full of misconceptions involving blow-torches and lighter fluid. circa. late 1970's-mid 1980's UK

Burner n. entry level Raleigh BMX bike basic black painted with gold flame effects...sad "losers bike" circa. 1980's c.f. BMX, Chopper UK

burner adj. rapid performance of the sexual act. USA

Burton (gone for a.... ) v. I heard a woman on PBS's face The Nation discussing slang and "The Full Monty" was discussed. As an ex-Brit I understood it to refer to the full English breakfast that General Montgomery insisted upon daily, hence The Full....... However she said that it came from a suit called a Montague which has three pieces and all the bells and whistles. Never heard of such a thing. What I do know is that Montague Burton is the largest chain of tailors in the UK. At the end of WW II and beyond, people leaving the armed services were given a week's pay and a voucher to take to Burtons for a new suit. Gradually the term "Going For a Burton" became synonymous with leaving, departing, and then evolved into dying as a result of an air crash or any other type of accent. It became very common with the National Servicemen (Draftees) of the 50's and 60's. It seems to have stayed with those generations.(ed: added verbatim - well done!) UK

bus driver adj. Used in sports, mostly in isolation situations (one on one) in basketball, American football, and baseball (usually in strikeout situations. You call the prevailing player a "bus driver" because he took the other player to school. This is common in playground basketball. The shorthand is to just say "school" when a particular player gets burned. USA

busted adj. broken. e.g. "I would lend you my radio controlled car but I busted it last week."

Bus Stop Posse adj. Generally used to refer to the teenage boys and their girlfriends, usually wearing cheap tracksuits and trainers, who hang around in bus stops drinking cans of beer because they can't get into any pubs due to their age. cf. Ned, kappa slappa

butchers v. to look. f. "cockney rhyming slang" - i.e. butchers hook = look

Butt Cleft Speedway Rider adj. A homosexual, used in the same context as chocolate speedway cf. chocolate speedway

butter face adj. Girl with a gorgeous body and ugly face. used as in "She's got a nice body - but'er face..."

butt darts v. anal intercourse

butt fank adj. Apparantly this is an insult....means 'a dickhead....not a nice person,' (ed: anyone else used this? If so, send details please.) USA

butt munch v. (1) friendly "insult". "Hoi - butt munch, come here!" (2) As a derogatory remark towards someone you are angry or perturbed with. USA

Butt Pirate n. A homosexual, US

Butt Rider adj. A homosexual, US

button button n. Old game played by contributor as a youngster, as in "Button, button here comes mother.

Another contributor writes: I remember this as a game for little children. The children would sit in a circle with hands folded (as in a praying posture). The one who was "it" would hide a button in his folded hands, and go to each of the others, touching fingertips. In the process, he would slip the button to one of the other players. The object of the game was to guess who had the button. The phrase "Button, button, who's got the button?" came into it somehow, but that's all I recall of the game. If you had the button, you tried to pretend you didn't. If you didn't have the button, you tried to pretend that you did. I grew up in central New Jersey, if that helps.

(ed: this is currently ALL the info. we have... if anyone can add to it we'd appreciate the help)"

cf. UK (Wa)

butt, butty n. mate, friend, pal, mutation of buddy cf. UK (Wa)

butty, buttie n. Sandwiches or similar pre-packed lunch alternative to school meals. Often lovingly prepared by ones mother - and often traded for more appetising alternatives., UK

buzz v. to throw, as in "Oi... buzz in over 'ere mate?" cf. lob, luzz, bung UK

buzz n. light intoxication cf. UK

buzz off n. a request to go away. Probably related to the noise an irritating insect makes... cf. UK

buzz the buzz n. ed: contribution in total reads "Do you wanna buzz the buzz again? Itīs a question if someone is ready for some darkness. Darkness means fun".But on the face of it, that has nothing obvious to do with the meaning of buzz! USA