(not so green as you're... ) Cabbage Looking p. discovered to be clever: i.e. not so thick as previously thought UK

caffle v. to get caught up, entangle. e.g. when playing conkers the strings got all caffled up. UK. (Wa)

cak, cack, cacky, kak n. excrement, e.g. "cack face" Also "He got kakked on for shouting in the passage.",Variations are very common all over the world. Raises difficult questions of whether words used from another language count as slang. f. direct mutated transposition from the Afrikaans "kak" for "shit" - which of course raises the question of the origin of the colour 'khaki'!!

cack-handed n. 1) unco-ordinated and clumsy, 2) left-handed

(you think I...) came up on the down train? p. objection to being called stupid. UK

camel toe adj.. a) womens genetalia in general b) a vaginal wedgie f. the observed similarity between the tow items USA

(to go...) camping n. mincing up and down in front of a boy thought (or known) to be homosexual in order to humiliate him UK (Wa)

cancer foot adj. describes a person who has had a shot at goal, resulting in the ball swerving off five miles away from the goal - i.e. "misses by a country mile"., UK

cane, caner n. to be "told off" or to be badly beaten at something (not normally physically). Anything really bad, so to receive a caning is to get told off,, "He caned you!", "You got a real caning there!" UK

Canuk adj.. Term for a Canadian, f. origin unknown possibly from a logger who played hockey, or from the comic "Johnny Canuck" CAN

carpet licker, carpet muncher n. a lesbian f. supposed similarity between texture of carpet and a womans pubic hair UK (SE)

carrot top n. person with red/ginger hair

cartwheels n. boys game: involved encouraging or daring girls in skirts or dresses to do handstands so you could see their underwear. UK

caterpillar n. the one old-skool breakdance move that even a spacker can master cf. windmill

catch-22 n. from the book (and film) of the same name - described by the contributor as follows "I need my school to process my student visa so i can be approved for my student loan, but the student loan company needs a copy of my student visa to approve my student loan. I need one to get the other but can't get either w/out each other. It's a catch-22 situation., cf. windmill

cats cradle n. game: complex patterns made out of a loop of string wrapped in varying configurations around the fingers cf. 'lastics, French Elastic UK

cats prick n. overly elongated burning end of a cigarette that's created when a group of people pass it round and smoke it very quickly. Imagine 5 or 6 lads in the boy's bogs passing round a Benson & Hedges, By the time it's almost finished the burning ember is about an inch long, and someone would always exclaim, "look at the fuckin' cat's prick on that!" circa. 1982 UK (SE)

cats pyjamas n. something excellant or wonderful UK

cats whisker n. (1) old name for a small crystal radio. very weak reception so needed headphones, but did (and does) work (2) "code" name for British Bulldog UK

cavalier n. uncircumcised penis cf. Roundhead circa. 1982 - 85 UK

ChaBING n. greeting, similar in use to "Hello.", or "Whats up?" An informal greeting, The prefix 'cha' can be put infront of any word to provide an exclamation! circa. current USA

Chad n. A cartoon "egg" peering over a brick wall, usually saying "Wot no school?" or similar cf. Kilroy UK (SE)

chainey n. one person was 'it' and whoever they got had to hold their hand (or if it was a member of the opposite sex you held their sleeve), and so on, until you ended up with 20 kids gripping onto each other and running round the playground. UK (SE)

chairing v. Chairing someone was forbidden universally and generally happened only when someone stropped and used a chair as a projectile weapon, launching it across the classroom. Frequently happened when a person who had been bundled wanted revenge cf. cop UK (SE)

(to...) chalk v. very similar to dustpatch: to chalk someone before a class, to mark them with yr mark without their knowledge, normally using a board rubber. Less used now due to white board introduction. Once done, it is brought to their attention either by slow teasing or brazenly in the presence of a staff member. c.f. dustpatch UK (SE)

Chappie n. The word used in the West of Scotland for the game of "Nicky-knocky-nine-doors". UK (Scot)

charlie, charlie chester n. child molester (term often used for headmasters) cf. rhyming slang - no specific insult intended towards the UK comedian of the that name UK (NW)

charlie half-charley n. a house brick, or a half housebrick (half-charlie) Generally used when brick was used as a weapon e.g. "He threw a half-charlie at me!". UK (SE)

charlie's dead n. a shout at a girl who's petticoat was showing. Origins unknown. Caroline tells us that in the South of the USA the term used is "It's snowing down south" UK

chat-up n. 1) to entice sometone to have sex with you or at least go out on a date with you so you can CLAIM to have had sex with them 2) a line used for the purposes of (1) UK

chavel v. to cause irreparable damage. Described by contributor thusly "Imagine if you tripped and pared your teeth off at the gums on the lip of a concrete step. This is to Chavel. You can also give someone a good Chavelling. UK

Cheekpulls n. Form of torture, holding down victim and pinching his/her cheeks really hard.

cheeky n. Contraction of phrase 'cheeky pint'. Usage: "Want to go for a cheeky before formal hall?" Currently in use at Selwyn College, Cambridge. Usually the pint in question will be completely unnecessary since much more drinking will occur that night (see 'penny' for description of wine drinking practices once at formal hall). Can also mean lunchtime pints consumed during practicals, or before lectures and supervisions. c.f. penny UK SE

cheeky-sweat n. A reprimand, e.g. if someone grabbed half the bag of crisps when offered one, you would shout "get off, yer cheeky sweat!!!". Came into popular use around 80/81 when contributor was in second year juniors. It lasted the test of time as well, seeing as it was used well into high school and compared favorably with the words and phrases learnt later on. UK (NW)

Cherny n. derog. a child considered to be so stupid he must have had a brain meltdown f. Chernobyl disaster (Russia)

Cherry v. to blush, "to cherry up, "bad cherry" UK (SE)

Cherry n. term used to relate to the hymen (and the bleeding when it breaks during first intercourse) by reference also relates to virginity cf. virgin US

cherry picking v. Common term used when playing Street Hockey. The act of loitering well behind the defense when the puck is all the way back in your own end and you should be playing defense. Instead you opt to be lazy glory hound by hopping the puck will jump over their defenseman's stick and allow you, the cherrypicker, an uncontested breakaway. A kid named Brian "Frog-Eagle" McAnulla was famous for this in my neighborhood., Just as a synonym for "goal-hanging". (ed: quoted verbatim) USA

chicken n. 1) coward 2) also game of dare where one is supposed to carry out some act of extreme stupidity

Chicken Scratch n. "game" where somone one prove how hard they are by scratching away at an area of their skin til it bled. God knows why! cf. hard circa. 1980's UK (NE)

chief n. idiot or fool

china n. 1) friend (Cockney rhyming slang, China plate = mate). 2) marble: an opaque mainly white version 2) cf. alley, enner, bosher, king etc... UK

chinder, chinnage n. Similar in use to "itchy beard". except like the character from the Kinder Egg advert used to say 'kinder', we said 'chinder'! cf. chinny-reck-on, itchy beard, Jimmy Hill UK

chinese backage n. Telling someone to go all the way to the front of a queue (which the other people in the queue generally won't allow) c.f. frontage, backage, chinese frontage, Aus.

chinese burn n. Playground punishment/torture consisting of the rotation of skin near the wrist in two opposing directions simultaneously causing friction burns or a sensation of heat in the victims forearm cf. Japanese burn

chinese football n. 1) A game played with a football in which players attempt to reduce other players "lives" by kicking the ball at the upper-body but without the ball being caught. One kick is allowed per player who may then not touch the ball until another player has done so. 2) A variation of this game in which beatings are administered instead of lives lost.

Chinese frontage n. Telling someone to go all the way to the back of the queue. c.f. backage, frontage chinese backage Aus.

chin-ho n. disbelief - a version of "chinny reck-on" etc. cf. chinny reck-on

chinky chinky charlie rhyme
Chinky, chinky charlie went to milk a cow,
Chinky, chinky charlie didn't know how.
Chinky, chinky charlie pulled the wrong tit.
Chinky, chinky charlie got covered in shit.

OK, slight racist connotations but was a part of my childhood and apparantly others too! circa. 1950's - 1980's UK

chinny reck-on, oh chinny, chinny bill n. Expression indicating disbelief (sometime accompanied by the phrase... "toooo baaaaddd". cf. itchy beard, Jimmy Hill

Chipper n. A small Chopper cf. Chopper

chippy n. a shop that sells the ubiquitous british take away food - fish and chips. Often a cafe where school kids gather in lunch breaks (prob. in defiance of school rules) to buy lunch in preference to the revolting school canteen meals. UK

choad, chode, choda n. 1) penis that's wider than it is long (ed: weird... but it came in twice!!) 2) The skin located between the male reproductive organs (penis) and his anal opening (i.e arsehole). It was only located on guys. The contributor says this was the common meaning when he was a child, but he's never heard the other definition printed here but it might be right, I am not really certain. This meaning of the word is found in the U.S. prodominatly, but it is also used by children in the countries of England and other English speaking countries. Can be used as an insult, e.g. You choad licker. circa. 1998 - onwards Aus

chocolate speedway n. anal intercourse usu. between two males

chock, chocker v. Homosexual anal intercourse. esp. at a private school in Ipswich, Qld, Australia. Probably derived from the name of a homosexual teacher. AUS

choccy n. A particularly gruesome form of gob produced by consuming chocolate prior to expectorating on the victim. A choccy produced by one friend of mine was visible on the wall of the gym for over nine months, but that was partly because mould and moss had started growing on it. circa. 1970's - 80's UK (NW)

chocolate starfish, choccy starfish v. anus c.f. freckle UK

chod n. 1) piece of excrement 2) derog. term for a person, originally applied to Adam of Laburnam Avenue, Durham. UK (NE)

choice n. good, great, perfect. NZ

chokker, choc, n. great, wonderful, magic, excellant f. chocolate UK (NE)

choke the chicken n. male masturbation UK

choller, n. great. (pos derived from/related to chokker??) cf. choc, chokker, chossy UK (NE)

chomps n. sweets, used as "Got any chomps?", or "Gi'us some o' yer chomps eh??" circa. 1980's UK (NW)

chops n. talk too much, be cheeky. e.g. "Don;t chops to him, he's nails!!" c.f. nails UK (Wa)

chopper n. a penis UK

Chopper n. Model of bicycle manufactured by Raleigh during the 1970s, featuring odd-sized wheels, high handlebars, a banana saddle and possibly a fake raccoon tail on a pole as well. The Chopper line went (largest to smallest): Chopper, Chipper, Tomahawk, Budgie.

Andrew Jordan sent us this interesting snippet: "With regard to your description of the Chopper line-up (reproduced below) - I think you will find that below the Tomahawk in the pecking order you would also have your Budgie. The Budgie was a Chopper for very small children (or midgets maybe.) (ed: amended with thanks.) UK

chossy, n. great. (pos derived from/related to chokker??) cf. choc, chokker, choller UK (NE)

christening n. The ceremony of having people kick the crap out of your new shoes - particularly bad if Dr Marten shoes - seen as a token of hardness. UK (S)

chubby (to give a... ) v.. To pinch and twist someones nipple (A chubby nipple), Can be used as a threat, punishment or greeting in some cases Particularly effective when the recipient is not aware of its impending arrival - often a tit for tat (ed: hahahaha ) exchange over a period of many years can ensue thus 'greeting'. UK from 1980 to the present day cf purple nurple circa. 1980 - today UK

chubby, chub n. a semi-erection partial-hardon. USA

chuck v. bread and butter" At boarding school, at morning break, bread & butter was laid out to eat. This was referred to as 'Chuck'. A prefect would often punish a junior by asking him to 'get chuck' for him at break. Boarding schools are considered to be more of a breading ground for slang than "regular" schools. The 24hr a day contact is a ripe setting for generating them.

chuck n. (1) to vomit (2) to break up with ones girl/boy friend (the chucker initiates the split), e.g. "I chucked her". Often used by males to hide the fact they were dumped. (2) cf. dump (2) circa. 1980's UK (Mid)

chuck a mental v. person taunted so much they retaliate violently cf. cop the strop, doing a loony

chud, chuddy, chuffy n. chewing gum

chuddy, n. Testicles. Used if you are proved correct at the expense of someone being incorrect. Can be used also as an "I'm better than you!" comment. Usually used in the phrase: "eat my chuddies" whilst pointing at your crotch.

chuddle n. Animal excreta, used as in "Ewww... I just stepped in some bird chuddle". c.f. chud USA

chud nuts n. Lumps of dried poo stuck in bum hair (what a very mature description! circa. mid 1990's UK (SE)

chuff n. anus, commonly used in "Tighter than a gnats chuff" to mean tight fisted.... i.e. mean c.f.. Aberdoon on a flag day UK

chuffed adj. really pleased cf. UK

chuffy badge (do you want a.... ) n. derisive comment to make to someone who has been showing off UK

chum, chum boy, chummer, chummy n. (1) Friend, pal, mate (2) slang meaning more often refers to a homosexual or a suspected homosexual. Variations include "chummer" or "chum boy"., General use in UK - also included in 2nd Blackadder series 1st episode. circa. mid 1990's UK (SE)

chunder, n. to vomit cf. chuck, spew

chunky, n. the man with pineapple balls UK (Wa)

chutney ferret n. homosexual, used as a term of insult UK

chutty n. chewing gum

cirq, n. person who has been circumcised cf. kirk, zebbled

clacker n. the anus or rectum UK

clacker (stuff it up your... ), n. exclamation intended to signify a forceful rejection of an idea or point of view UK

claggy adj. smeared with, or covered in excreta.... e.g. "Oh geez... I trod in dog chocolate, now my shoes are all claggy!"

Clamped adj. Used in an argument, when one party has argued with such skill or volume that the other person is unable to respond. That first party would then announce to the other party that are clamped with an exclamation such as: "That's YOU clamped, mate," or: "Kerrr-LAMPED!!", used in the Hull area in the mid to late Eighties. Often used to silence the second party even when first party may not have necessarily won the argument, as the declaration of 'clamped'-ness would often cause any observers to also shout it at the second party, thus drowning out any possible protests against ill-followed paths of logic. In this way, 'clamped' was often an easy way out of an argument, especially if you were playing to a crowd. circa. 1980's UK

clinker n. Clinker is the hard residue that accumulates inside a furnace or boiler after burniing coke. It has to be reamed out to ensure that the furnace works efficiently. In South Yorkshire, presumably in the coke-burning steel works, "clinker(s)" became synonymous with dried faeces that accumulated and became entangled with anal hair. This is similar to the term "clegs"., (ed: added verbatim) UK (NE)

clip a steamer v. defecate cf. drop the kids off, release the hounds. USA

clanking (...for it) v. A "quaint" saying from a secondary school, i.e. "The bitch was clanking for it' meaning a young lady was sexually aroused and wanted sex. Usually a complete lie and said in the company of your male mates when asked to talk about your date with 'X' the previous night. circa. 1973-79 UK (Lond)

clatty adj. exceptionally dirty, the most disgusting level of dirt imaginable. Usually refered to an item. e.g. "that's pure clatty", or a person e.g. "By Christ, he's a clatty bastard" UK (Sc)

cleggs n. lumps of solid faecal and other matter that accumulate in the hairs around the anus and beteen the cleft of the buttocks. cf. arsenuts, winnets, dags, klingons UK (NE)

cob nut v. To smack somebody on the back of the head with your hand in a fist, but making contact with your fingers rather than the knuckles. eg. "Give him a cob-nut", Culled from contributors painful experience in East Anglia UK

cock-on n. A "catch all" phrase that encompasses a range of meanings. Can be used in the same context as "Right on", e.g. "Cock on man, I know what you mean". It can be used in the same context as "Rock on", e.g. "cock on, I'll catch you later". It can be used to describe something or some event that is or was great "Last was cock on", "Those shoes are cock on". This phrase has and still is evolving and mutating into many different meanings. (ed: most of which remain the same as they ever were) UK

cocksucker n. 1) someone who has/will perform oral sex on a male 2) an insult esp. when used against a male! UK

(the...) coffin n. the school canteen where meals of unutterable awfulness were served on a regular basis UK (Wa)

coffin nails n. cigarettes - known to schoolboys to cause deaths long before it was popularly accepted. Fags were often smoked behind bike sheds.... where lots of other illicit activities were carried out. Coffin Nails was a term used in the song by Sheila Hancock (perhaps best known as an actress for her part in the Rag Trade programmes of the 1960's, and for being married to actor John Thaw)

  • Tobacco, tobacco I hate you I do
  • Like Venus I'd look if it wasn't for you
  • But I'll give up the habit
  • I will even yet......
  • When I've had just one more cigarette
  • Throw the packet away, away
  • Fifty times in a week I'll say
  • Throw the packet away away
  • When I've had just one more cigarette....
  • Oh nail in my coffin so pale and so thin
  • I am a fool to keep knocking you in
  • But I'll give up the habit
  • I will even yet.......
  • When I've had just one more cigarette.
  • Throw the packet away, away
  • Fifty times in a week I'll say
  • Throw the packet away away
  • When I've had just one more cigarette....
  • cf. fag UK (Wa)

    cold sausage n. male reproductive organ, penis f. word used by "Man Cow" of Man Cow's Morning Madhouse, a nationally syndicated radio program, based in Chicago. USA

    Colon Crusader, Colon Cowboy n. homosexual UK

    coma n. To pass out drunk, to suffer from alcohol poisoning, NZ

    come (also chuck) v. to ejaculate

    come on v. to begin menstruation UK

    come on to v. to suggest to someone you both become better acquainted with each other (esp. in a physical way) US

    conkers n. game: conkers (horse chestnut seeds) dangling from a string, held up by one person whilst another person similarly equipped tried to smash their opponents conker by striking it with their conker. Individual conkers grew in stature with each successful survival of a game... oners... tenners...thirtyniners etc... The strength (and thus the life span) of the conker was often enhanced by arcane methods such as soaking in vinegar overnight or baking in an oven (remembering to bore the hole for the string first). cf. stamps, stampsies

    constancy n. game: cf. wasp shit UK (SE)

    cooking with gas v. really doing well in whatever it is that's going on f. series of adverts for natural gas on TV UK

    cootch n. Woman's genital area f. This word raises all sorts of interesting possibilities since the old Welsh word 'cwtch' (which has a similar pronunciation) is often used to mean a 'place of comfort'. It makes me wonder if the word was carried to the states by Welsh immigrants then mutated and adopted by peoples who would have no idea of its origins. USA (South)

    cooney n. The malicious practice of running up behind your victim, and punching him in the testicles whilst screaming "Cooney !!!" before running off. f. This was a common 80's practise in E.Midlands (UK) following Gerry Cooney's infamous scrotal blow on poor Larry Holmes in 1981/2. (ed: I know NOTHING of this but apparently it was also a well known practice in Wales) UK (Mid) (Wa)

    coonish n. behaving stupidly f. UK (Mid)

    cooties n. Initially introduced as a bug, cooties are some form of horrid affliction that you can get by coming into contact with anyone of the opposite sex, or sometimes same sex, if they're gross. (i.e.: all gross people have cooties.) US

    cop, n. (1) to lose the temper Amusement could be had by taunting an increasingly frustrated student by shouting "COP! COP! COP!" until he ended up "doing a loony" and hitting everybody. (2) to hurt, to sting, e.g. "It cops dunnit??" (1) f. "cop the strop" (1) cf. chuck a mental, doing a loony (2) circa. 1970-80 UK (SW)

    cop (...ped off) v. kissing, 'snogging' e.g. "will you cop off with my friend?" UK

    cop the strop, n. to be beaten by a school teacher or perfect for some misdemenour (often imaginary but done by some sadistic staff or senior pupils for their own pleasure)

    cork n. tampon f. USA

    coty, cotty adj. sickly yellow colour, e.g. "That's a cotty coulour" circa. 1980's UK NE

    Cowabunga n. (1) It's like... "Oh, my God!" "Wow!" "I'm impressed!", While used in the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" books/movies/etc., the expression goes back at least to the late 1940s with the "Howdy Doody" television program, where it was used quite often as an expression of surprise. (2) common use is as a "shout" made just before a charge... similar to Geronimo! f. (currently) the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles USA

    cow juice n. milk. given away free in schools until Mrs Thatcher became Minister of Education. Produced the 'rhyme' "Maggie Thatcher milk snatcher, "Thatcher Snatcher Baby Basher". "Thatcher Snatcher" has stayed as her nickname ever since. UK

    crab adj. rubbish at doing a thing, e.g. "He's crab at that!" UK

    crabs n. body lice, usually now restricted to describe the variety that specialises in infesting the pubic areas (yes they DO specialise) c.f. Nitty Nora USA

    crack n. 1) the clitoris 2) gossip, street topic of the moment 3) a cocaine derivative UK

    crack a fat n. an erection

    cracker n. caucasian c.f. honky US

    crafty butcher n. Homosexuak. c.f. "taking meat through the back door"

    craft and daft n. more commonly known as the technical subject 'craft & design' UK (Sc)

    crash n. Request from another person to distribute something within your possession. e.g. "crash me some boffs" = give me some sweets. Also "crash the ash" - distribute cigarettes. UK (SE)

    crash hot n. excellent, really good, the best UK

    crater-face adj. derog. term used to describe someone with really bad acne or similar UK

    crazy-daisy n. game banned in many schools. All participants link hands into a large chain, the leader starts running around in circles and in a matter of seconds everyone is on the floor bleeding. UK (Sc)

    cree n. Gives immunity in a game. Crossing fingers and shouting 'cree' made you neutral until the game restarted. Used in Monmouthshire in the thirties and forties., c.f. barley, fainites circa 1930's til at least the 1960's UK (W, Wa)

    crezzer adj. Scrubber, tramp. tart, Possible derived out of 'Crescent', as in Halton Moor Crescent. For some reason, council estates in Leeds have more than their fair share of crescents, which usually aren;t even crescent-shaped! UK (N)

    crib n. (1) a cot for a baby (2) To copy. For example on the bus on the way to school "Let me crib your homework and I'll give you a pack of toffos?". Also during exams either by furtive glances at the adjacent kid next to you (if possible you would try to position yourself next to the swottiest kid in the class) or assisted by crib notes (usually written on skin - for quick rub removal) or by crib sheets (small pieces of paper easily eaten if discovered). UK

    cribs, n. pretty much the same as scribs, i.e. crossing of the fingers to provide immunity. circa. 1980's - to date c.f. scribs UK (SE)

    crip n. An excessively clumsy, stupid or unpleasant person. (abbr. cripple) cf. spaz.

    Crogger n. legendarily bad music teacher with cross eyes and white hair aged 33. UK (N)

    croggie, croggy, crozzy n. giving someone a lift on the back of your bike cf. backy UK (NE)

    croggy n. giving someone a lift on a bike while you sat on the cross bar or stood over it or they stood on the wheel nuts., UK (N)

    crumbles n. dog shit - the kind that goes white when dry and crumbles when you fall on it cf. dog chocolate UK (Wa)

    crunk adj. something fun, spirited, and/or very popular i.e. - Let's get this party crunk! , Crunk is one of those words used mostly in hip-hop; Keep it crunk. (really??? ed.) US

    crusty adjn. (1) To run up behind someone when they weren't looking and rap them on the top of their head with your knuckles as hard as you could. You would then shout, 'Crusty', and run off. (2) traveller, gypsy, beggar or anyone who looked particularly "dirty". circa. (1) mid 1980's (2) early 1990's UK (SW)

    cuddle-wiftered n. left-handed UK (NE)

    cum dumpster n. A woman who is sexually promiscuous (i.e., she's a trash can that collects semen). circa. current use USA

    cunt n. 1) female genitalia 2) An excessively annoying or unpleasant person.

    cunthook n. vulg. the male penis cf. wankshaft

    curbs n. ball game where two people stand on either side of a road, and throw a football across in turn, trying to get the ball to "bounce" into the opposing curb and therefore ricochet up in the air (or in best cases, ricochet straight back across the road to the throwers side, allowing them to get another go) Winner was first to 10 "curbs" UK (NE)

    curbie n. Used to describe high-school students who smoke cigarettes between classes. Smoking is not allowed on most high school campuses, so students who smoke go across the street and sit on the curb to smoke. Sometimes more than tobacco is smoked. Word generally describes kids in the "tough croud" who wear all black and rebel against authority any chance they get. cf. USA

    curtains n. 1) the labia 2) the end, as in "If I don't get this right it's curtains for me" (from theatre where curtains drop at the end of a performance)

    custard pie n. vulg. clitors. Uused as "I would sure like a piece of her custard pie, I would like to chew on a piece of her custard pie. So named because of the way the lips come together, not to mention the creamy filling that is issued therfore, you probably want to clean this one up (ed: no I don't) cf. wankshaft

    cuss v. This definition has the word "cuss" meaning to call an opposing kid's parents. For example, a gang of kids at a classroom table start calling their so called mate's mum or dad. One of the classic ones was, "your dad gets so excited sitting on the toilet that he has to wear seatbelts". Or, "your mum shops at Oxfam" or something like that. One boy at the contributors school once said that he used to practice his cusses in the mirror at home. He was not one of the regular cussers, but the ones who were regular were most surely the ones in detention at the end of the lesson. USA

    (to...) cut (...school) n. unauthorised absence from school. Cutting school is an obsession for most kids. cf. mitch, bunk off, slam off, hookey US

    cut n. Canal. During the 19th century there was prolific expansion of the industrial canal systems both in the Midlands, Yorkshire, and especially Lancashire. Canals were "cut into the ground" Thus "Cut" became synonymous with "Canal". "Where's little Jimmy?", " He's playin'in't fiels beside cut", UK (NE)

    cut (to get... ) n. To get cut is to get extremely annoyed., Often shouted at people who are getting annoyed is "Come on, don't get cut now!" to make them more 'cut'. Used prodominently around North-Western Melbourne suburbs. f. possibly from the exporession "Mad as a cut snake", but more prob. from knife fights. circa. 1990 - 2000 Aust (S. )

    cut up n. sexual intercourse. USA