eating out v. oral sex on male or female, usually male. USA

eavestrough: v. rain gutter on the eaves (edge of the roof) of a house CAN

E, ecstacy n. drug: Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (also) MDMA used mainly as part of the techno and acid house dance scene. Can caused dangerous levels of dehydration which have led to the deaths of many users. circa. 1980's - 90's

eeearrr Squealing exclamation uttered when someone unwittingly makes a comment which could be interpreted as being of homosexual in nature, or if a pupil (or teacher) of questionable sexuality walked into the room. cf. naaarse UK (SE)

Edna! adj. unbelievable. usu. used as an insult and combined with ferocious rubbing of the chin (a la Jimmy Hill), usually administered to some kid who says his dad plays for Liverpool. Mark Skinner says it was used by his sister a lot when he told her she was a moose!. (ed: can't think why??) cf. Jimmy Hill, chinny reck-on, moose circa. 1980 - 84 UK (NW)

eejit n. a person who is stupid, an idiot.

effort n. 1) A useless or underwhelming thing. 2) general sarcastic exclamation.

egg bound adj. To be constipated due to eating too many eggs. Included, because it's such a nice word - regardless of whether eggs DO cause constipation or not.

eggy adj. 1) really good, marvellous (exclamation) 2) being irritated on a minor scale

eh-oh-it chant to accompany a playground fight

eighteen holers n. The highest-ranking of hard boots, due to its having the most lace holes cf. Air Wear

emperor n. marble: sized around 3 cm in diameter cf. alley, tenner, bosher, king UK

endo n. BMX stunt involving applying brakes hard to the front wheel causing the rear to lift as high as possible in the air. Ideally performed inches in front of least hard of available mates. cf. BMX, mongoose, diamond back, the ramp

ennit, innit n. word used by males/females in kappa tracksuits and mobile phones, and is said after every sentence. used by those with a small vocabulary. cf. is it not?, isn't it? UK

en-og (ed: this may be a shortened version. If anyone has the full term or can confirm I'd appreciate it) n. term for alleyway (entry) between houses. Often really scummy nasty place full of dog crap - it was a bit of an initiation to pee in a new enog UK (NW)

eppy n. derog. 1) A person (usu. child) suffering from epilepsy. 2) An epileptic fit 3) a fit of temper. 4) An excessively stupid or unpleasant person. cf. spack, flid, joey

esser n. School bus, at least where they were run by Ribble, because all the route numbers were 'S' something. circa. 1970's - 1980's UK (NW)