Face like a leper licking piss off a thistle Lincolnshire (UK) equivalent of saying someone "has a face like a bulldog chewing a wasp". Refers to someone pulling an ugly face, or indeed can be referring to an ugly girl. UK (Mid)

fag n. a cigarette (to Americans it brings a whole new meaning to the term suck on a fag) cf. coffin nails circa. 1920's - onwards UK

fag, faggot n. derogatory term for a homosexual USA

fainting game n. shortlived craze for hyperventilation in the playground. Came to an abrupt halt when two kids cracked their heads open by fainting all too easily and landing rather painfully on concrete.

fainites barley n. Expression which when shouted gives you protection and prevents attack during games of touch such as British Bulldog etc. (ed: I can't remember the spelling of the real expression... any help out there??) c.f. fleas-inject, faynights, skinchies UK

fairy loop n. the 'loop' on the back of a boys/mans 'Oxford' type shirt. Many a child was caught pulling these loops off unsuspecting victims. circa. 1970's USA

Fairy Tree n. Hollow tree reputed to be inhabited by fairies. If one stood inside it one could make a wish... and it came TRUE...honest!!

familia n. Semi-mythical object of great powers., later to be revealed as a circle of rubber about 10cm in diameter coated with suction pads for holding items to bathroom surfaces. origin unknown UK (SE)

family jewels n. male genitalia c.f. wedding tackle, meat and two veg UK

fanny n. womans genitalia, a vagina cf. cunt

fanny n. rear end, ass, butt, bottom, bum, situpon (contributors note:) Kind of interesting to see how word meanings can differ so greatly - remind me never to use this one in the UK!

fanny, dicky fit n. variation on radge cf. radge UK (NE)

fanny flaps n. labia cf. piss flaps

fart v. to break wind cf. guff, grunt

fart-arse adj. When somebody fart arses around they waste time, or only put in half the effort. For example, "He did a fart-arsed job and i had to do it again after he finished!", or "Will you stop fart-arsing and come here?" Aus.

fart knocker n. A stupid person, jerk. f. One of Beavis and Butthead's many wonderful insults circa. 1990's USA

fat faggot n. Derogatory term used in early-mid 80's in Clifton Heights, Pa (USA). Describes anyone thought to be burnt out on drugs and/or homeless. Came about because a particular homeless burnout fellow (nicknamed 'the Blackbird') who called everyone that refused to give him money for Mountain Dew a fat faggot. circa. 1980's USA (Pa)

fat knacker n. 1) fat old tart. 2) Anyone who's generally crap.

Fatty and Skinny n.
Fatty and Skinny went to the Zoo
Fatty got lost in the Elephants poo
Skinny went home to tell his mum
But all he got was a smack on the bum,
circa. 1970's - 80's UK

faynights, fainites a "shout" (often accompanied by crossed fingers) created temporary immunity from being made "it" when playing sticky toffee, stuck in the mud, tag, etc. cf. skinchies UK (NE)

ferret n. a homosexual

ferret face n. Insult aimed at someone with "precious" beard and/or moustache growth UK (NE)

felt adj A term of abuse to describe a person from a poor family you know, Tesco trainers, Oxfam clothes, smelt bad and always, always seemed to eat egg sndwiches which added to the general bad aroma! c.f. pikey UK (SW)

fesize n. funny c.f. shamk USA

f.h.b. n. Term used in Sandbach School, Cheshire, UK for "future head boy" - a real swotty, swot destined to be headmaster's favourite chum boy. c.f. chum, chummy UK (SE)

"five stones" n. Game which involved selecting 5 even sized stones, and one larger stone. The idea of the fame was to balance one stone on the back of the hand then throw it into the air, picking up the larger stone, and catching the thrown stone in the same hand. This would be repeated adding one stone at each throw until all five stones were thrown into the air off the back of the hand, and they and the larger stone were all caught/picked up in the same hand. UK (NE)

fighty time n. Cautionary announcement that mass wrestling is to commence at break-time. UK (SE)

finger v. A post-pubescent (usu.) behind the bike sheds favourite pastime. Involves inserting your finger(s) into the genitalia of female (if willing). Act often followed by the "fingerer" running over to his mates and inviting them to "Smell my fingers !!" as proof of having done the dirty deed. c.f. fish fingers UK

finger (flipping the... ) v. making a fist with the index finger extended and making an motion upwards with vigorous action. Intended to signify the insertion of the digit into the anus, it has become regarded in many countries (especiallu the USA) as the penultimate insult - second only to "flicking the vees", i.e. using the "two fingered salute". c.f. flick the vees UK

finger puppet audition v. masturbation UK

fink n. v. someone who rats on a friend or another child by passing information relating to a misdemenour of some sort to an adult, e.g. "You rat-fink!!" (a supposedly more mature term). As verb, e.g. "You finked on me!!" cf. tattle-tale US

Fireball n. A brand of gob-stopper (sweet). A largish gob-stopper laced with cayenne that became quite hot after a while. UK

fish n. derog. A surrealist derogotary name for an excessively stupid or unpleasant person. UK (SE)

fish bits n. the long bits of hair at the back of a mullet hairstyle cf. mullet UK (SE)

fish-fanny, fishy fanny n. dirty unclean girl, sometimes accused of either fanny farting or a boy could be a fannyfart UK (NW)

fish fingers adj. name given to personwho incessantly "fingers" girls but neglects to wash the boiled anchovy smell off his hands afterwards /font> UK

five-finger-discount n. stealing, usu. shoplifting AUS

flambasted n. When a person is extremly intoxicated, usually by a combination of alcohol and marajuana. From 'flam' Flaming drunk and 'Basted', i.e. body saturated head to toe with intoxicating substances.e.g "Oh God, I was so trashed last night, I was totally flambasted." USA

flasher n. person (usu. male) who wears a long mac which he whips open to expose his genitals to women and young children - esp. girls UK (W)

flatties n. African Clawed Toads (Xenopus) known by Afrikaans as "platanna - i.e. "flat anna". Flatties are used as bait by schoolboys (and adults) when fishing. Hence "He caught one hell of a barbel using flatties!". S. Africa

fleabag n. derog. smelly person dressed in Oxfam style dress, possibly wearing Tesco trainers, possibly having fleas too. cf. stig UK (SE)

flea dart n. wild grass found on school playing fields, usually with fleas resident. Plucked and thrown at poor children to emphasise their lack of worth. (St Agatha's RC Primary School, Kingston) circa. 1970's UK

fleggy n. Spit which includes mucus, e.g. a 'greeny', e.g "I just flegged in that"; "You've got a fleggy on the back of your coat." circa. 1970's UK (N)

fleas-inject n. variation of "It", where you were given the fleas and had to catch up with someone else and touch them to pass them on. When you touched them you shouted "fleas", and then immediately slapped your hand to your opposite upper arm and shouted "inject" so that they couldn't get you back.

(give the...) flick n. break up with a partner cf. dump AUS

flid n. derog. 1) A person (usu. a child) suffering from birth defects due to the drug Thalidomide. 2) An excessively stupid or unpleasant person. f. THALID-omide cf. spack, eppy, joey UK

flob 1) n. 2) v. 1) saliva 2 to spit c.f. gob, snot, meaty, yocker, semi-phlegmy UK

flob race n. Popular pastime where masses of Fruit Pastilles are consumed to generate a long trail of saliva, which has to reach as close as possible to the ground and then be sucked back up into the mouth. UK (SE)

flop one v. to masturbate (males), e.g. "She'd really turned him on so he had to flop one before he could drop off to sleep." USA

flotch n. Term used to describe the faecal deposits residing in ones underpants. c.f. skid marks circa. 1970's (to date) UK (Mid.)

flube tube n.. "Flube Tube" used to cover the distinctive aroma of marajuana smoke by blowing into a cardboard tube stuffed with tissue paper. This was in use at Virginia Tech. c.f. spoof tube USA

fly n. Super fly, so fly, ultimate fly, fly fly, fuck'in fly. Complement, meaning a studly male, or simply a good compliment--as cool, or attractive. Time period 70's to present. Used by females to show off to their friends--that they would like to get laid by that guy again-any time., Can also be used my males to describe a hot female. circa/ 1970's

fly goalie n. Situation where anyone in a football team can be a goalkeeper. c.f. rush goalie circa. 1970's - 80's UK (SE)

F.O.B. n. Fresh Off the Boat; word generally used for minority asian or hispanic. term used to describe an illegal alien. or someone of other race other that cacausian. US, its a word that most teens an up are using against other minorities. f. USA

fobber n. Large marble, either glass or metal. It was nearly twice as big as a normal marble and we used to call them "Fobbers" One Fobber was usually swappable for three normal sized marbles. A Steely Fobber (large metal marble) was guarded with your life!!!, . c.f. alley-bomper, marbles etc UK (SE)

fock, focking n. regional variation of fuck, fucking. Same meaning, i.e. the act of sexual intercourse. f. pronunciation differences in area of Plymouth, UK UK (S)

(Well I'll go to the...) foot of our stairs! comment. Used as reaction to surprising comment - mostly by older generation. e.g. "You got an 'A'?? Well... I'll go.... etc." f. euphamism used instead of "Well, I'll go to hell" etc.. UK (NW)

Forty-Forty n. Game where one person would be It and have to count to 40, whilst the others went to hide. The It person would then try to find them, and if they were seen, would run back to base and shout "Forty forty, I see ****", whilst the others would try to get home without being seen, and shout "Forty forty home". The next It person would be the last person back to home, or the first person to get caught. Rhyme accompanying being It "No fools around me, above me or below me, no saves alls". Save all: One person runs back and shouts "Forty forty save all, and everyone is saved, and the same person has to be It again! circa. 1980's UK (SE)

four-eyes, double-glazing n. tart reminders to those with specs.

4/6 Heave! n. To move a fixed object belonging to (I believe) the Royal Navy (could be the RAF), one had to obtain a work order which was numbered 46. So when a group of squaddies (that's another one)were moving something, to make sure they all lifted at the same time someone called out. "4/6, Heave".,. UK

four-square n. sidewalk game played with four kids and a rubber ball. (2 Square also available when there's a child shortage) US

4:20 n. April 20th. An annual event on this day during which, which people interested in encouraging the legalisation of marijuana are supposed to smoke it in public thus daring the authorities to arrest them. USA

freak! n. Substitute word used in place of 'fuck' as in "What the freak was that??"c.f. frock

freckle n. anus (descriptive) cf. brown eye Aus.

Freddo n. Chocolate bar in the shape of a frog. Variants include tiny half chocolate covered biscuits.

freestand n. BMX stunt.Involves standing on the bike frame whilst the bike is in motion. For ultimate cool the rider would stand in crucifix position.,

French Cricket n. Game: Everyone stands in a circle with one person standing in the middle holding a cricket bat or tennis raquet. One person has a cricket ball or tennis ball. The idea is to throw the ball at the person in the middle and to try to hit their legs. If they succeed they take their turn in the middle. If the ball misses it is collected by one of the other players who throws it in turn. UK (SWa)

French Elastic n. a game similar to "cats cradle" where two girls would stand opposite each other with a long loop of elastic around their legs and a third would jump in/out/on it. A vicious tripwire for boys playing fursies. cf. cats cradle, 'lastics UK

french kissing n. mouth to mouth contact in which the tongue is inserted into the partners mouth and manipulated c.f. tonsil hockey

frig n. polite way of saying "fuck"; e.g. "Friggin' 'ell!!", UK

frock! n. Substitute word used in place of 'fuck' as in "What the frock was that??"c.f. freak

front bottom n. female genital area including vagina. Felt to be a less offensive mode of reference than, for example, 'cunt'. c.f. cunt, twat, muff, quim etc.

frontage n. letting a person into a queue ahead of you. c.f. backage, chinese frontage, chinese backage Aus.

fruit booter n. rollerblader (around area of San Diego) USA

fruit cake n. Contraction of a term for an insane person. Original term was "As nutty as a fruit cake!" UK

FT's n. Acronym for "Fucking Tourist":Usually used to describe the person driving very slowly in front of you "I'm late dammit, I wish this FT would get moving". Contributor lived right next to the Mississippi River and was overrun each summer with tourists. You can always see them driving 20 mph under the speed limit gawking at everything and generally being a pain in the ass to the locals (ed: I lived 10 years in London. I know what he means!) USA

fucked (to be... ) v. (1) to engage in sexual intercourse (2) to tire" e.g. "I just walked 10 miles home. I'm knackered!" c.f. (1) shagged, buggered, (2) zonked, buggered up, shagged. knackered UK

fuck, fucking n. originally denoted the act of sexual intercourse but over the years has become associated with vulgarity. Note: We had a query asking if "fuck" was an acronym for "Fornication under Consent of the King" on the basis of the old "first fruits" stories (ed: anyone remember the real term??). The idea being this ancient anglo-saxon word originated in 'ancient England' when permission had to be granted for couples to conceive a child? The questioner read that a placard had to be hung on the door of the wedded pair formally acknowledging that permission had been sought and granted from the reigning monarch....!

Another suggestion has been that this word came from the term "For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge". People who practised carnal knowledge were caught out on convict ships where the practise was illegal.,

Both sound plausible - but unfortunately incorrect. According to Partridge (always the author of choice) the word actually has traceable roots in ancient Egyptian, with borrowings from a pre Anglo-Saxon, and possible pre Celtic language. But in any case, the word has been in general use for such a long time, it's true origins are now well shielded by the mists of time. UK

fuck-all n. (1) a person who is useless or pathetic. (eg "He's Fuck all") (2) Hardly any, or few (eg "there's fuck all biscuits left" NZ

fucked to a fair-thee-well n. derog screwed up beyond recognition, circa. 1980's - 90's USA

fucknut n. derog An excessively stupid or unpleasant person.

fucknuckle n. derog A stupid clumsy or unpleasant person. NZ

fuckwit n. derog An excessively stupid or unpleasant person who, even when demonstrably wrong, will NOT admit it, e.g. "You are a complete fuckwit!". Also someone so "dense" that though not actually certifiable, are so out to lunch they live in a different world. f. The current hero of this bunch is celebrated by the "adult comic" Viz in the form of Terry Fuckwit. Subsequently this has led to the use of the word "Terence" or "Terry" being used as a euphemism for fuckwit. e.g. "You're a bit of a Terry aren't you?" UK

fudge-monkey n. a male homosexual or anyone else who enjoys anal sex.

fudge-nudger n. a male homosexual circa. 2001+ UK

fudge-packer n. a male homosexual

fugly n. an unattractive person. Contraction of "Fucking ugly!". UK

fur burger n. the female genitalia

fursies n. a game where players would try to skim their football card/sticker the furthest, winning their opponents' cards UK

fweep v. To fweep someone is to smack their dangly bits. Almost exclusively used for guys, because girls don't *have* anything to fweep. Generally the fweeper will be standing next to his victim and suddenly backhand the poor guy. (ed: anyone have any idea where this comes from?) USA (MW)