gadge n. male person, man UK (NE)

gaff n. Someones house or home. e.g. "Let's go around to your gaff and watch tv while your parents are out". Also used in the sense of a 'free gaff' - someones house when their parents are away, and all their friends can come over and cause havoc without parental supervision. EIRE

gang-bang n. serial or concurrent sexual activity (including) intercourse between several males and one female - usu. willing but not necessarily UK

gaylord n. derog. Lord of homosexuals. cf. David McCandless UK (SE)

geddit n. a request for feedback (not compulsory)in an informal way. UK

geeked, geeken n. Frantic, anxious, happy, thrilled, e.g. "I was all geeked the day I found that hundred dollars!". USA

gender bender n. derog. transvestite (pos.) homosexual. f. popularised by Boy George and Culture Club during the 1980's UK (SE)

Geoff n. Someone not quite clever enough to do A-levels. GEF (General Education Foundation I think) courses were general slightly-more-advanced than O-level courses which provided you with a good grounding in flipping burgers or booking holidays. GEF became Geoff as in "Is he doing A-levels? No he's a Geoff.", UK (SE)

george n. Word used to mean a menstrual period. At Ackworth School, Yorkshire UK (a Quaker boarding school) the dates of the girls periods had to be recorded in the "George Book". ) circa. 1960's, 70's UK (NE)

germs n. "boy germs" or "girl germs" which means cootie. As in "Boy germs!! Boy germs!!" When you were touched by a boy. , We also had "blocks" for the boy and girl germs. The girls crossed their index and middle fingers and that made them safe from boy germs, or boy germs that were passed on from another person. (Even if touched by a boy!!) The boys had their index and middle fingers together. This had the same effect as the girl block. c.f. cooties, lurgy UK

germs n. sweets, lollies ( aust. ) UK (E)

get n. to understand, e.g. to 'get' a joke. (ed: when I was in school in Wales I heard a 'get' was the son of an Irish prostitute!)) circa. 1980's UK (NE)

get (... off with) n. to persuade a person to allow close physical or empotional contact; to make a date with, i.e. to get inside someones guard and become friendly) circa. 1980's UK

gibbers n. sweets, lollies ( aust. ) UK (E)

gimp n. 1) An excessively stupid or unpleasant person. 2) Someone who is sucks up to a teacher and does well at school. Influenced by the movie Pulp Fiction. USA

ginge minge n. Self explanatory and was used to refer to people presumed to have ginger coloured pubic hair. The person responsible for this 'crime' was thus referred to as a 'GINGER MINGER'.

More interestingly, the phrase survived the trip from Primary to Secondary education, although with a few notable changes. The pronunciation altered so that the phrase was pronounced with French vowels: "gonge monge".

Furthermore at Bishop Vesey's Grammar School, the contributor can remember that the phrase was also used to refer to a particular sort of ginger cake available at school dinners. They had a red haired hard of hearing dinner lady in charge of cakes, and so much pleasure was derived by asking for this cake by its nickname. Asking the woman: "Can I have a slice of ginge minge please?" was a phrase so loaded with meaning that at the time it seemed the schoolboy equivalent of Shakespeare. circa. 1980-1990's UK (Mid)

ginger n. a male homosexual circa. 1985 UK

ginner n. person with ginger hair UK (NW)

gippo n. 1) a gyspsy 2) Poorly dressed, trashy kid. (also making reference to someone who smells.)

girlie mags n. slightly milder form of porno mags circa. 1980's UK (NE)

git n. 1) An excessively stupid or unpleasant person. 2) term of abuse misinterpreted at West Lodge Middle School, Pinner, Middlesex in late- '70s, where rumour circulated that it was the proper scientific term for "a pregnant camel". Hence common playground dialogue: "You git!". "Fuck off, I am not a pregnant camel" (ed: strangely enough I grew up under the impression a 'git' was the child of an Irish prostitute. We 'learn' such odd stuff when we are kids!)

gitch, gotch n. boy's underpants CAN

Gladly My Cross-Eyed Bear n. A corrupted line from the hymn "Gladly my cross I'd bear" - which caused much hilarity amongst schoolkids whenever it was announced in Assembly. circa. 1950-60's UK

glebe n. "Special Needs" kid, a spacker. (orig. local "special" school in Wallsend, called The Glebe) UK (NE)

gnats piss, cat's piss adj. 1) weak beer or cider. There are rumours some bartenders dilute the beer etc when serving underage kids as they can't complain too loudly and have to keep coming back. Bastards still charge full price though!! UK

Goalie-when, Goalie-rush n. Derives from "goalie when needed" In a game of playground soccer when one side was clearly stronger than the other, a concession was made to the weedy opposition that any of their players could use their hands in front of goal provided they shouted "WHEN" before touching the ball., Used at my primary school near Maldon in Essex from about '85 to '88, but never found anywhere else,it was used to keep the cool kids on the same side and ensured a big win despite the concession to the kids with no co-ordination who got stuck on the other side. (ed: contributor would love to know if this was used anywhere else.)

This was also used in my school in Cardiff, but the more usual expression was goalie-rush. Basically it was cos there werent enough outfield players. UK

goal-hanging n. A primitive form of offside in football. If the other team think you've scored too many goals they have a go at you for goal hanging and make you go and be goalie (or something equally horrible). UK

gob 1) n. 2) v. 1) mouth, 2) to forcefully expel a mixture of saliva and mucus derived from nasal passages or bronchea, to spit c.f. spit, semi-phlegmy, meaty, snot

gob v. to fall over, e.g "Oh Christ - 10 feet from the post and he gobbed it!", i.e. just about to score a goal - and tripped. circa. 1980's UK (Mid)

gobble n. oral sex performed on a male cf. blow-job

gobshite n. Someone who talks crap. f. gob + shite UK (Sc)

gobstoppers n. Huge multilayered sweets. Well huge for the mouth of a small child anyway. These changed colour with each layer encouraging the kids to be constantly removing them from their mouths - with filthy hands of course - just so they could see how far they've got. How we didn't get dysentry repeatedly is anyones guess! (ed: not to mention constant wallopings from our mothers for drooling over our clothes! By the way, who remembers Jawbreakers?)) UK (Wa)

goffa n. A child who attends a "special school". Named after the special school situated in Heol Goffa, Llanelli. (ed: contributor would love to know if it was used by anyone outside of the Llanelli area) c.f. glebe circa. to approx mid 1980's UK (Wa)

goffers n. name for sweets/toffees. Used ( usu.) as "I'm off to the goffer shop", "to scam some goffers." UK

gofer n. oily unpopular kid who crawled to the "big kids" by doing whatever they were asked. e.g. "Go fer this... go fer that"... and the name stuck. UK (Wa)

goit, goyt n. person with teeth like a beaver UK (NE)

Gold Label n. 12% proof beer which is topped up to a pint with R White's Lemonade and consumed by fifteen year olds in the backroom of the local "safe pub" cf. safe pub

gollop n. To eat too fast or hurriedly, hardly tasting the food. Usually used when kids are eating their tea too fast in order to go out and play e.g. mother shouts "Don't gollop yer food or I'll mash yer!!". UK (Mid)

gomer n. A loser, a geek. Used mostly in Taranaki, but used to be used more often. Sort of making a comeback. In Taranaki., NZ

gommo n. (pronounced Gom (as in .com) and O) A popular Midlands variation of spaz, spakker etc - usually performed with the same mock voice with the tongue forced down behind the bottom lip. "I'm not working with him, he's a fuckin gommo!" Contributor says he thought it seemed at the time to be a less derogatory to the disabled than spaz. Only problem was it was always said with the mad voice and the smacking of the back of the hand - so probably just as bad. Possibly Black Country in origin but very, very popular - more so than spakker and joey c.f. spaz, spakker, joey, mong (etc.) circa. . mid 1980's UK (Mid)

gonk n. n idiotic person, or a person of low intelligence. Used mostly by children. Imagine the hilarities which ensued when a child recently called out "YOU'RE MEANT TO BE OVER THERE, YOU STUPID FUCKING TWAT-HEAD GONK!" during a game of "Friendly Football". f. little hairy toys called Gonks UK (NE)

googiana n. pussy/sex UK

gool, glue n. These words were used interchangeably as the term meaning "home base" when playing tag. When the game of tag began, someone would specify what Gool or Glue would be, and that object would be the home base where one could be "safe" from being tagged. Similar to 'Base'. circa. 1970-to date USA (Mid)

gooleys, goolies, goozies n. testes c.f. tecks, balls. bollocks (etc.)

goozer n. person who would try to muscle in on anything anyone else was doing that looked more interesting than what they were doing. Generally a less popular kid trying to get in with popular kids. f. contr. mutation of "gooseberry" UK (W)

gopping adj. a very unattractive person UK (SW)

Gordon Bennett n. Expression of surprise/disbelief. f. "concealment" of the Cockney expression "Gawd (God) Almighty". Possibly also the name of the first British footballer to land a contract for more than a million pounds. UK

gormless adj. Derogatory term for an individual of lesser intelligence. Often used in conjunction with the word 'pillock' as in 'Gormless Pillock'. Pillock being another word for a doofus. (ed: makes you wonder what 'gorm' is?) UK (NW)

goss c. to spit c.f. flob UK (Mid)

gozzy n. v. spit, or to spit cf. flob UK (NW)

Grammar Puff n. Ubiquitous insult used by kids from the various secondary modern schools against us Grammar School kids (one of the last in the country) if you were spotted in your uniform. The reply was usually "Thicko!" if you were in a gang or feeling brave/suicidal/a good runner and on your own. circa. 1980's UK (NE)

grass n. (1) marijuana (2) to inform authority about an individuals transgression of a rule; i.e. to grass someone up, to grass on someone, "you better not grass me up". cf. (1) spliff (2) split UK

gravy strokes n. the final part of sexual intercourse where the male ejaculates. cf. vinegar strokes NZ

Green Arses n. A fair-weather game that involves sitting on the grass and having a football hoofed at you. You were only allowed to move using your arms and arse (hence your trousers were then covered in grass stains, giving the name of the game). You were allowed to deflect the ball away with legs only. If the kicker managed to hit you on the back, or above the waist, you were out, suffering the indignity of joining him. The bigger and heavier kids always made easy targets, but reaped revenge with their added leg power in kicking the ball at you harder than you could imagine. With arms used for movement, many humorous facial injuries occurred.

greb, grebo, greebo n. dirty, greasy haired, pos. dressed in dishevelled clothes, rocker-type person., pronounced gree-bo. Bands such as Zodiac Mindwarp and Pop Will Eat Itself were popular with grebo's UK

greeny,gremlin, grolly n. something green and unleasant you cough up - consists of phlegm and spit. As in "urgh, he's coughed up a gremlin!" circa. 1983 onwards UK

grem adj. Used at the time of the "great skateboard craze" to cast aspertions on the skill of a particular skateboarder. Skateboard magazine at the time qouted it as meaning 'a crappy little tosser.', Calling someone a grem at the time was usually the start of a punch up or at least furious bickering as to who was the most skilled circa. 1989 - 90 UK

grid n. a bicycle: UK

Grifter n. Model of bicycle manufactured by Raleigh during the 1970s, midway between the Chopper and BMX in fashion chronology, but lacking the distinction of those two models. The Grifter line (largest to smallest) was: Grifter, Striker, Boxer. cf. Chopper, BMX UK

Grifter n. A con man/woman who makes a living pulling scams on others. USA

grig n. Used to describe an unplesant, undesirable or uneeded substance, substances, object, objects or subject., What is all this GRIG on my windshield? Where is all this GRIG coming from? Get out! and take your GRIG with you. f. UK

grillopad n. (1) an excessively annoying or stupid person (2) "excessive" pubic hair on a female (usu.) cf. Brillo Aus.

grimble n. "Game". Similar to "Scramble", but usually as a result of an accidental dropping of any article, either indoors or outdoors. Property was nearly always kicked to destruction, causing major problems if it was a school text or library book. cf. Scramble f. 1970's UK (S)

grindle n. Old person, codger, wrinkly. f. Possibly derived from a word for a used millstone, local to Sandbach, Cheshire, UK. UK (NE)

grips, gripper n. (1) sideburns (or any facial/cheek hair that doesn't quite form a beard). The term was a contraction of 'bugger-grips' as they were something to hang on to while in the act. By definition, anyone who had sideburns then became a 'gripper'. (2) In South Wales, also means an old person, usually male. Probably to do with the way they're always gripping onto handrails etc. with their bony knuckles, but also implies a certain scariness, like they're gonna come and 'grip' you if you play football outside their house. (1) UK (SE) (2) UK (Wa)

grog n., v. spittle, to spit e.g. "I grogged on Mr Wertham's car." UK (Sc)

gross n. a term of utmost disgust. Something vile US

grouse n. "really good" - similar in use to the way "cool" is used today. Contributor particularly remembers seeing the following verse on a toilet wall, in among the usual "Darryl is a wanker" type of graffitti:

"Be a man and not a mouse,

  • Pull your dick - it's fucken' grouse!"

    Still occasionally heard in adult conversation today. Aus

    grover n. v. The act of grabbing the genitials of a male counterpart and squeezing until the person writhed in pain. e.g. "Bill gave me a grover and it hurt like hell.", "Bill grovered me and it hurt like hell." circa. 1980's USA (Phil)

    growler adj. a woman who nags: e.g. "She was a right old growler!" UK (NW)

    growling at the badger adv. Performing oral sex on a girl-used when the contributor was at senior school in Blackpool England. circa. 1973 - 78 UK (NW)

    groth n. spit

    grovel n. Playground scrummage whereby one child throws a fistful of football cards, sweets or other playground collectables, unwanted by them or stolen off someone else, into the air whilst shouting "GROVEL" at the top of their voices. Every other child in the playground would scramble around to try to grab the said free collectable. Originated it is thought, in Liverpool. UK (NE)

    gruff nut n. 1) Piece of excrement that sticks stubbornly to the buttock and/or buttock hairs. 2) an excessively stupid or unpleasant person. UK (M)

    grundies n. dirty underwear (ed: and no reflection at all on "Grundy" the Australian TV company who make the long running soapie "Neighbours"). UK (NW)

    grundy v. For one or more assailants to seize waistband of selected victim's underpants and pull up same (sharply) to cause maximum pain and distress., A horrible craze which briefly swept the secondary schools of northwest Kent The contributor had left school by the time this became "popular" but clearly recalls his mates' little brothers' obsession with the vicious practice. Also he distinctly remembers two of the blighters trying it on his "mucker" Simon, who was "hard and in the army", and getting a sound kicking for their pains. cf. wedgie circa. 1984 - 85 UK (S)

    grunt v. to break wind cf. fart, guff

    guff v. to break wind cf. fart, grunt

    gumpf v. A wadge of paper chewed up by 11 - 13 year old schoolboys to be used for lobbing at fellow classmates. The paper was usually torn from an A5 exercise book (would not disintegrate in the mouth like newspaper) and chewed from between 5 and 15 minutes (depending on masticator's jaw strength and desired level of splatterability). A devil to remove from school bags, the inside of lockers, clothing etc if left to dry on. f. Forest Gump-"Run Forest, Run")

    gumping v. 1) Running about the playground, in no particular direction, with your head stuck up your arse. 2) Also widely used in football.. i.e for someone who makes a selfish, crap, head-down run up-field... oblivious to what's going on around! f. Forest Gump-"Run Forest, Run")

    guppy n. A generic term, "guppy" was a bit of wild card insult that could mean almost anything derogatory -- thick, stupid, unpopular, unlikable, ugly etc. The comeback was that the real meaning of guppy was a pregnant fish so, when insulted thusly I would adopt a sort of intellectual and moral superiority and sneer "I am *not* a pregnant fish" at my tormentors. When I was 12 (and only just out of the habit of using the word guppy as an insult) I bought myself some tropical fish and was most stunned to find that a guppy *was* actually a fish, though not neccessarily a pregnant one. circa. 1980's UK (SE)

    (dropped your ... ) guts v. To break wind in a silent manner but with terrific aroma. The 'dropper' is usually proud of his work "Watch out, I've dropped me guts" UK

    gwli n. a narrow passage e.g. between blocks of toilets or buildings.

    (going for a...) gypsy n. urinating. f. rhyming slang: (either) gypsy's kiss = piss (or) Gypsy (Rose) Lee = wee UK (SE)