hack v. n.. 1) accomplish, attempt 2) someone who fancies himself as a computer expert because he knows where the power switch3es are (not to be confused with Hackers who really know systems). UK (NE)

hack, hacker n. 1) a foul in football 2) someone prone to fouling the opposition/someone who just fouled a player, circa. 1990's UK (NE)

hack v. accomplish, attempt UK (NE)

Hacky-Pinky n. 'Hacky Pinky' legendary gladiatorial contest that was banned from every school in Scotland but which was played daily under the guise of its poofy subordinate British Bulldog.

In short most of the entire school would split into two teams who ranged themselves against each other at the farthest extremities of the playground much in the manner of Zulu warriors. One then waited whilst the decision makers (hardest kids) on the other team chose a victim from your team and called out their name.

In a nightmare enducing moment the other team would then chant your name over and over again until you made your run after you had effectively chosen the instruments of your own torture by having to nominate two kids to try and stop you.

Here lay the essential difference between Hacky Pinky and British Bulldog. In the latter the opponents merely had to 'tig' you to get you out and amalgamated with their team. In the former the two basically beat the shit out of you until you went down..... and then amalgamated with their team. If you made it across the whole of your own team rushed across to meet with the opponents who also rushed across culminating in a sort of Armageddon. Scenes ensued reminiscent of Passchendale and the Somme. (ed: thanks again Chris) c.f. British Bulldog UK (Scot)

hammock n. sanitary towel (term usu. used by males) f. "hammock for a lazy cunt" cf. jamrag UK (Wa)

hand shandy, handy shandy n. masturbation circa. 1980's UK

hanging n. gross, disgusting usu. used to describe a woman... "Jesus wept.... did you see that?? She was really hanging!" f. practice of hanging game til high UK (SE)

hang up the skates n. to retire from active participation in an activity. f. originally a term used in hockey CAN

happening n. "It is the hub (center) of the fashion world, it has the trendiest bands the hottest clubs and it is, according to the world¡¯s lifestyle pages, hip, cool and happening. Businessmen think so too. (ed: definition inserted verbatim - what a shame they didn't say where it was!)

hard n. tough. to be considered "hard" was the epitome of a wimpy schoolboys schoolyard dreams UK

(having a...) hard on n. an erection UK

have v. Meaning 'to be able to beat up': eg "I could have you easy" circa. 1990's UK (NE)

head, hed v. performing/allowing oral sex - usu. with male UK

head n. derog. a person who used/uses drugs regularly. cf. jellyhead circa. 1970's onwards UK (SE)

headers and volleys n. footy (soccer): A football game with one goalkeeper and the rest outfield. The aim is to score past the 'keeper with either a header or a volley. Pretty simple really. circa. 1990's UK (NW)

heed-the-ball, half-a-heed adj. Mental/Stupid/Thick. Someone lacking in common sense. UK (NE)

heez adj. Heez means bad "gay", stupid,or scuzzy. it is used in many different ways, such as "that is heezed out to the maximum" or "I'll give that an AWwwww Heez" or "You're pretty heezy", UK (NE)

hella adj. extremely, greatly, super, a lot, e.g. "Your mom is hella hot!", "He gets hella play!!", "That's hella cool.". UKSA

hellish, 'ellish adj. Used to decribe something/someone which is excellent, great, wonderful. ie "Darren has just got a Grifter bike. You should see it, it's ellish" , Was pronounced 'ellish in the contributers neck of the woods. Hartlepudlians are great 'H' droppers. UK (NE)

henry n. Do you want to buy a Henry?, Refers to an eighth of an ounce of hashish, which has always been a popular drug in UK playgrounds. (ed: really? I must've led a sheltered life) After Henry VIII (eighth). UK

Hershey Highway n. Anal sex. Current usage in USA, where "taking the Hershey Highway" carries the same meaning as "fudge packing." (One would suppose that Hershey, a major US chocolate maker, would be supplanted by Cadbury, Nestlé, or Souchard in other parts of the world.) (ed: though maybe the others don't scan quite as well?) c.f. chocolate speedway, fudge packer USA

hiney (alt. heine) n. Buttocks. An unusual word heard on U.S. sitcoms but with an obscure derivation. One guess is of a corruption of the German word "Hind" (similarly with the word "hinterland).

Use of the word can be controversial. Parents use it, e.g. to tell a child "You'll get a smack on your hiney!! Also used in a friendly way to refer to a man's butt, When it's used to refer to a woman's (especially attractive, etc.) behind, then it has a very definite sexually suggestive connotation to it ("woman-child"), and the word used in that context appears to be fairly unacceptable. (ed: any counter arguments please pass them on).

Caroline writes: I think it is a shortening of "hind end", but it's used a lot in Southern USA. Here is a schoolyard rhyme:

I see your hiney so black and shiny,
You better hide it before I bite it!"

hit or miss (going for a... ) n. Rhyming slang describing your intention of leaving the immediate vicinty in order to micturate. cf. mojo UK (Scot)

hock a loogey v. "hock a loogey". Exactly the same as "flob race", only known as loogy-hocking in the USA.cf. flob race USA

hojo mojo n. Punishment consisting of the scraping of a knuckle hard against the scalp cf. mojo UK (SE)

holy adj. really, really great UK (SE)

holler n. shout really loudly USA

hom adj. (Pronounce as "hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhoooooooooooooommmmmmmmmm"). A Homosexual (obviously), but.... there's more! The key to "hom" is pronounciaton. "You..... hhhhhhhh--uuu---aahhhhhhhhhhommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" somewhere between a sharp intake of breath and a mantra, often lasting upwards of 20 seconds. Used as an insult. circa. 1970 - 80's UK (NW)

hook, hawk v. Vomit. As in "he hooked his guts up".

honky n. caucasian c.f. cracker US

hoochi mama n. a female with few sexual hang-ups and will have sex with whomever she wishes. f. The term originated in "the depression", and the black community. A 'hoochy coochy dancer' was a stripper or exotic dancer. Hooch is also slang for liquor, and Cooch or coochy is also slang for women's genitalia. So it might well be a woman who is liquored up and therefore looser than usual. USA

(playing... ) hookey v. Not going to school on a regular school day. Once thought of generally as a tool for boys wanting to go fishing, now generalized into skipping out of school for any or no reason. Today this would be marked as an "unexcused absence"., Playing hookey has come to be generalized from the school world into the general working world - one can call in sick and really be playing hookey. bunk off, cut, mitch, slam off US

hoopty n. (1) car - "that's a nice hoopty you're driving!" (2) broken down and not working well "Man this car is hoopty!", "She sure is hoopty"

(ed: is it me or does this bear a suspicious resemblance to the word "hoopy" used by Ford Prefect in the four part trilogy "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy... i.e. "He's a hoopy frood, he sure knows where his towel is!!")this bunk off, cut, mitch, slam off US

HopScotch n. game: grid of ten (usu.) squares drawn on the pavement using chalk or a handy stone. Kids hop or step from one square to another in a set routine.

horny, horney n. secually exited USA

horsey n. 1) To play "horsey" involved using a skiiping rope as reins around willing pupils neck then basically running around like a horse and master (not as kinky and more fun than it sounds when your 8 years old),

This is also used for riding a child on your back (also called piggyback) or dandling a child on your knee, and lately has been referred to as a term for molesting children (i.e. straddling a youngster on your knee and bouncing them up and down). 1) UK. (Mid) 2) USA

horse bite n. usu. a male thing. A hard pinch on bare thighs (when in short pants); e.g. "Give in or I'll give you a horse bite" Aus.

hoss n. substitute for someones name, e.g. "Hey whats going on hoss??" Used as "Like whats up man", or "Hey chief?" Say to someone cool or someone you like, It's a non offensive word - much less so than "Whats up dick?",

Probably originated as a "cowboy" term, like "buddy" or "pal", a derivation of horse. Remember "Hoss Cartwright" from the western show Bonanza in the 50s? It was a well-used nick name by then, like Bubba. AUS, USA.

hoser adj. A moron or loser. For example the drunken silly person from the the popular Canadian show "SCTV".(ed: of which I know nothing!) CAN

hoy v. to throw. Currently usage includes alcohol induced vomiting, e.g. "I was so pissed last night, I hoyed like a squealy pig when I got home. UK (NE)

hundred n. Test of hardness which involved another person pinching the back of your hand at a specified percentage. The hundred was the ultimate, which was precisely as hard as the pincher could manage. The level of pain inflicted depended on the strength of the pincher and their fingernails; flesh removal was not uncommon. cf. beano circa. 1980 - 84