icicle n. playground punishment/torture consisting of the rotation of skin near the wrist in two opposing directions simultaneously causing friction burns or a sensation of heat in the victims forearm cf. chinese burn, japanese burn US

illywhacker n. trickster, someone not to be trusted. AUS

Indian burn, Indian fire n. almost identical to Chinese Burn. i.e. you twist the victim's forearm skin in opposite directions. c.f. chinese burn circa 1960's onwards USA

indian giver adj. giving a person something with the intention of reclaiming it at some future date, or gives you something and claims they loaned it to you instead and want it back. USA

in days of old n. rhyme.

In the days of old
When the Knights were bold
And the toilet lights were dim
You'd hear a crash
Then a splash
He's fallen in,

or then again there's....

In days of old,
When knights were bold
And toilets weren't invented.
They'd drop their load
By side of road
And walk away contented.

.... or even....

In days of old,
When knights were bold
And paper weren't invented.
They'd wipe their arse
On clumps of grass
And walk away contented.

wait... there's more...

In days of old when knights were bold
And condoms weren't invented,
They wrapped their beef with a piece of leaf
And proceeded on contented.

In days of old, when Knights were bold
And condoms weren't invented
They stuck some socks upon their cocks
And maids were quite contented,


innit? n. contracted form of "isn't it?", doesn't it, don't they etc. Origin possible UK Euro-Asian, although I heard it during the 1960's in Italian restaurants in South Wales. Prob. adaptation of earlier "it-int, int-it", London usage similar meaning. Pronounced with stress on 1st and 3rd syll. Example of use: "You goin' wi mi sister, init" May thus be used in interrogative form or may be used rhetorically - init! (ed: many thanks to my friend Kevin Allen for making that totally incomprehensible!) UK (S)

in the club n. Pregnant. f. shortened form of "In the pudding club". Term originated in use by unmarroed mothers who when asked if they were "expecting" said they were not, but were concealing a pudding under their coats which they obtained from a savings club. cf. bun in the oven, up the duff UK

itchy beard, itchy boris itchy, itchoy n. Expression indicating disbelief. Itchy beard can also be accompanied by the hand motion of stroking an invisible goaty beard on your chin with your fingertips. cf. chinny reck-on, Jimmy Hill UK

injectified n. only cure for the lurgy. Persons being given the lurgy, would then have to run after other perons and try to touch them and shout "lurgy", then pretend to inject their arm, and shout "injectified", so that that person could not transmit the lurgy back to them!!! Unfortunately it wore off after a while, and people who smelled developed extremely strong strains of the lurgy, which couldn't be combatted by injectifying! cf. lurgy circa. 1980's UK (SE)

I've been fitted up (you nut-job) cf. nut-job UK (SE)