jaar n. Accompanied by a rubbing of the chin it was used to indicate that someone was being a little "liberal with the truth." Normally followed by the person's name which typically ended in ' -eh' e.g "Jaaar harr-eh". c.f. chinny reck-on, chin bob etc. UK (ME)

jack baller n. Jack baller aka hoe or chicken head. Jack baller is a woman who proforms oral on a man. Stacy is a Jack baller. (ed: added verbatim - but I wonder who Stacey is?) USA

jaffa n. (1) Person with "seedless" sperm i.e. "firing blanks" or having "no lead in their pencil" - used by David Jason as Derek Trotter, aka "Del Boy", in the TV series "Only Fools and Horses". (2) A person with enormous bollocks. UK

jagoff, jerkoff, jackoff n. derog. Regional term used heavily in the Chicago area. Refers to one who is useless, clueless, or generally an idiot. e.g. "The guy in the '89 Mustang with the mullet is SUCH a jagoff"., f. Possibly a USA translation of the Euro-Yiddish term "schmuck", but more likely derived similarly to terms such as "wanker" etc.

jacky-jumper n. a string of small explosive firewords created by packing a small amount of gunpowder into a long tube of brown paper along with a thin fuse. The paper is then "pinched" and folded such that it looks something like a series of attached z's. The effect is that when the fuse is lit the first part explodes sending the firework in an unpredictable direction. The fuse continues to burn exploding each section of the firework in turn. Throwing a lit jacky- jumper into a crowd of kids was always good for a laugh... unless they (or an adult) caught you. c.f. banger UK (Wa)

jake n. satisfactory. e.g. "Do what I ask and it will be jake!"

Jamboree Bag n. Inexpensive pre-packed bag of sweets of various kinds - often included a toy or "charm". c.f. Lucky Bag UK

jammy n. To have some good luck, Used as an expression of disbelief to someone elses good luck. Tended to be followed by a slight insult e.g. : "You jammy get" (get = git)

jamoke n. derogatory word, indicative of one with 'clue-less' tendencies, ignorant, etc. (ed: Not racially biased sofar as is known but the contributor is white so who knows?) Usage as in; "What a jamoke."; "Not with those jamokes I wouldn't..."; "What a bunch of jamokes.".

USA (Mid)

jarred off n. Used to describe the state or condition of being extremely bored with something e.g. 'I'm jarred off with typing on this keyboard', I understand that this phrase originates from East Anglia UK (E)

jarred (well... ) n. a "put down". Used on someone who had been put right, or in some way disappointed or distressed, usually prefixed by "well". eg. "I bet you were well jarred when Mr. Nobbs confiscated your Invader 1000."

Origins unknown. It was the 'in' word at the contributors middle school in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk and may well have been used at others. circa. 1984 - 87 UK

jamrag n. sanitary towels (term usu. used by males) cf. hammock UK

jasper n. a wasp or bee (origin unknown)

japanese Burn n. like a Chinese burn but round your neck cf. chinese burn

jay, 'j' n. Marijuana cigarette, cf. contraction of "joint"

jarred off n. state or condition of being extremely bored with something e.g. 'I'm jarred off with typing on this keyboard', I understand that this phrase originates from East Anglia UK (E)

jellhead, jelly n. derog. someone who used/uses drugs regularly and implies the state of the persons brain cf. head circa. 1970's onwards US

jerk-off 1) n.2) adj. 1) masturbate 2) lazy or 'half-assed' person. cf. contraction of "joint"

jesus boots n. sandals circa. 1970's note: I'm told that during the 1980's the term "Jesus Air Wear" was more common. c.f. MGB's UK (NE)

Jesus Christ Superstar n. Alternative words to the song which originated in the title number from Andrew Lloyd Webber's hit musical:

Jesus Christ Superstar,
Came down from heaven in a Yamaha.
Did a skid, killed a kid.....
The lyrics never progressed beyond this point.,

another verse went

Jesus Christ
Cheeky Monkey
I don't care who your father is
Just get off my donkey!

(ed: no doubt there are many more verses if anyone would like to send some in?) circa. 1980's UK

Jickie n. Derogatory term for a person from Northern England (living as an immigrant in America. Used in early 1900's and specifically referred to working class person from area around York. (ed: never heard this before so not even sure if the spelling is correct - help needed please).

jigger n. an Alley behind rows of terraced houses in the Merseyside part of Lancs. Also sometimes called a "Jowler"..."back-entry" or if it is one of the "posh" kind and very broad?(usually they are only about 3 feet wide!!) they where called "Widey's", UK (NE)

jigger n. In Tottenham, North London a jigger was a homemade go-kart constructed from a scaffold plank, a set of 'class' pram wheels, a big bolt and rope. (for steering) e.g. Wanna help me build a jigger?, circa 1965 UK (SE)

Jimmy Hill, jimmy n. Expression indicating disbelief. f. Jimmy Hill sports commentater, ex-footballer and well known aggravating know-it-all tosspot from the UK cf. chinny reck-on, itchy beard UK

Jinx word game: when 2 people say the same word at the same time, you had to be the first to shout 'jinx!' so that the other person couldn't speak. If 'Jinx' was said at the same time then you had to be first to say 'Double jinx'

Jitter, Gitter n. Noun used to describe people who used to listen to heavy metal. Usually they wore denim or leather jackets and had lots of patches of their favourite bands. circa. 1987 - 1991 UK. (SE)

jobbey, jobbie n. excrement, poo, shit, turds etc. 1970's-to date UK (Scot)

jobbey-jabber, jobbie-jabber n. Homosexual (veiled reference to anal sex.) Widely used in Northern Scotland, but also noted in other areas. It is likely that it came into widespread use as the word "jobby" became popularised by Billy Connolly in the'70s 1970's-to date UK (Scot)

Jocelyn, Jozlin n. derog. a homosexual

joey n. derog. An excessively stupid or unpleasant person. [f. JOEY DEACON, elderly man suffering from cerebral palsy regularly featured on television 1980-85.] cf. spack...

joey n. condom circa. late 1970's NZ

johnny, (rubber... ) n. condom. In the age of the 'Sex Pistols' this gave rise to the following 'joke'. One punk music lover to another "Is this Johhny Rotten?", "Nah.... shouldn't be... I only bought it the other day" circa. late 1970's UK

jock adj. semi-affectionate generic name for a person from Scotland. UK

jock-strap n. ball bag; reinforced or stiffened article of clothing worn by males to protect their genitalia from damage whilst playing sports. c.f. family jewels UK

jubbly, jubblie, jubilee n. confection (usually purchased from Ice Cream van) consisting of frozen TipTop fruit drink in plastic container. f. Jubbly (trade name of orange drink in triangular wax cartons UK

jumblies, jubbliea, n. breats UK

juggalo n. A fan of the Insane Clown Posse, or what some people would plainly call "a freak", or a troubled person. to see pics of juggalos go to: http://www.realjuggalos.com then go to the "juggalos" link." (ed: Johnny Jordan one for you - I must be getting old) UK

jungle juice n. liquid from wet beef curtains c.f. beef curtains UK