Kakit Squares n. It was only ever at the contributors junior school in Kent, and was named after Karen Kakit. She was the school fleabag, who bizarrely had left several years before he started there! The idea was, that the strange squares you get set into the floor of corridors, with the metal grid around them, were the squares, and if you stood on one you had fleas, unless of course, you had feynites when you were safe! You still felt a bit dirty then though, so it was best to jump over them!, UK (SE)

kappa n. derog. 1) a handicapped person 2) An excessively stupid or unpleasant person. f. handicap(per) cf. spack, mentler, joey, flid UK (NW)

kappa slappa n. someone who wears Kappa clothes all the time. f. Kappa. Trade name for range of "outdoor clothing" UK (Sc)

Kate Spade n. Good Long love (it means the guy promised not to leave), (ed: ???) USA

kecks n. (1) trousers (2) underpants (1) Aus. (2) UK

Kecky Rosburg n. More or less a Wedgie. Kiki Rosberg was a Formula 1 driver, so his name was bastardised. Contributor doesn't know whether the racing driver connection had any 'skid' connotations. c.f. wedgie (1) Aus. (2) UK

keener adj. boot-licker, brown-noser, suck-up, or sycophant CAN

keggy n. large bruise or lump on head. Usually discoloured and/or painful.

keg-legs n. derog unkind name shouted at girls with "fat" calves or thighs or (more especially) calves.

Kerbie n. a game played by two people standing on the pavement across a (preferably quiet) street by throwing a (cricket, tennis or foot-) ball with the aim of hitting the opposite kerb & causing the ball to return to the thrower. UK (M)

kerfuffle n. commotion; flurry of agitation. CAN

ket n. any confectionary product certain to cause cancer and advanced tooth decay. UK (NE)

Kevin, Kev n. A male of a low socio-economic class with reluctant facial hair who drives a Ford Escort, has an underage girlfriend, and wears lots of sports gear. More specific than a NED, they would take their cars to local parks to pracice handbreak turns etc.

The contributor has researched this word quite extensively and offers some regional variations:
JAMMER (East Birmingham), CHARVER (Newcastle and Carlisle), DUSTBIN (Tamworth). In North Birmingham the female equivalent was called a SHARON/SHAZ/SHAZZA.
circa. 1980's c.f. ned, sharon UK (Mid)

keys n. a "shout". Conveyed temporary immunity during certain games. Usually accompanied by a thumbs up sign. UK (Sc)

kicks n. shoes used as plural. e.g. "Did you see my new kicks?". circa. 1990's - to date USA

kick down v. give. As in "I'll kick down a cigarette to you." USA

kidney jab v. Hand digs to the kidney area inflicted by several assailants upon a helpless victim. UK (S)

kier ( pron. Chi-Err) n. derog (ext.) a pupil of "gypsy" descent. Note: spelling may be incorrect UK (NE)

kif n. nice "Those pants are kif!!" S. Africa

Kilroy n. A cartoon "egg" peering over a brick wall, usually saying "Kilroy was 'ere" (ed: I think this was Chad - 'Kilroy' was a real person who scrawled his name on the inside of a World War Two pillbox (concrete bunker). Other soldiers thought this was a cute thing to do and copied it all over the place for no good reason - it's now spread worldwide. cf. Chad UK (SE)

Kinder Surprise adj. describes a female who is "top" heavy. eg. big breasts, big waist, big hips and thighs.....and skinny legs., cf. alley, tenner, bosher UK

King n. marble: sized about 2 cms in diameter cf. alley, tenner, bosher UK

Kingo n. 'Kingo' is the name of a game whereby the one who is 'it' initially has a ball (usually a tennis ball, is not allowed to move whilst in possession of the ball and must get others 'out' by hitting them on the legs by throwing the ball. The others are allowed to run around in a given area - if they go out of bounds they are 'caught', and there is usually a safe area of 'cree' (q.v.) where they can remain for a limited period (usually a count of 5) to gain immunity from the proceedings. Those who have been hit on the legs join in with the principal to try and get the remainder 'out', but if anyone who is 'it' is in possession of the ball then no-one other than those who have not yet been caught are allowed to move. The rest of the rules (such as whether one who is not 'out' is allowed to interfere with the ball) vary from playground to playground.

This game exists in several versions and has been extant under different names for at least 40 years to my certain knowledge. It is still played today in South Wales and probably elsewhere. UK (Wa)

kinnel n. Exclamation of amazement. f. FUCKING HELL

kirby n. game: version of curbs game played around area of Liverpool. Kirkby is a place in Liverpool used during 70's 80's and 90's circa. 1970's 90's UK (NW)

kirk n. person who has been circumcised cf. cirq, zebbled

kiss-chase n. Infant school game where boys chase girs and try to kiss them

klingon n. 1) Piece of excrement that sticks stubbornly to the buttock and/or buttock hairs. 2) an excessively stupid or unpleasant person.

knacker (1) n. Unwashed thieving person, often said to be found living in caravans on laybys on B-roads in Britain. cf. gippo UK

knacker (2) v. to destroy. e.g. "One good kick and I knackered that good and proper."

knacker (3) v. to tire" e.g. "I just walked 10 miles home. I'm knackered!" c.f. zonked, fucked, buggered up, shagged. UK

"knee high to a grasshopper" adj. . very short. UK

knicker-chase n. infants school "game" where the participants chase the girls and try to pull down their skirts so you could see their knickers. But nobody ever knew WHY.

Knock and Nash, Knock and Run n. game: involves ringing random doorbells and running ("nashing") away, North West England cf. nicky-knocky-nine-doors

Knock down Ginger n. game: ringing doorbells and running away cf. , knock and Nash, nicky-knocky-nine-doors UK

Knock out Wembley, Knock out Wem n. A different name for the game "Wembley", Locally, it was standard to have "every man for himself", rather than teams. Probably because the contributor we didn't have all that many players. c.f. Wembley UK (NE)

Knock up, v. to impregnate a female - usually out of wedlock cf. knocked up, in the club, bun in the oven etc. USA

Knocked up, n. to be pregnant. implies the condition occurs outside marriage cf. knock up USA

knockers n. breasts UK

Knock your Block Off adv. threat" signal intent to decpitate someone by striking them so hard their head was knocked off cf. block UK (NW)

knuckles n. The same game as Slaps but with a closed fist touching. You would then try to rap your opponent's knuckles with your fist. cf. slaps circa. 1980's UK (NE)

knuckle sandwich n. a punch in the mouth cf. bunch of fives UK (W)

knuckle shuffle n. male masturbation UK

kylie n. boomerang AUS (WA)