naaarse Squealing exclamation uttered when someone unwittingly makes a comment which could be interpreted as being of homosexual in nature, or if a pupil (or teacher) of questionable sexuality walked into the room. f. corrupt. nice cf. eeearrr UK (SE)

NAFF n. Acronym used in 'polari' the pre-outing 'gay language' to signify someone ''N'ot 'A'vailable 'F'or 'F'ucking', also used to mean 'drab' or 'bad'. Entered 'mainstream' language scene after Princess Anne once famously told a reporter to "Naff off!" UK (Wa)

nails n. hard case. someone who is fit and good at fighting, tough guy, Julian Clary on steroids UK (Wa)

naai v. to perform an act of sexual intercourse with, to fuck. To naai means "to fuck" in a sexual sense f. Afrikaans cf. naaied S. Africa

naaied v. being "messed around" For example "He naaied her last night.", "He got naaied by the headmaster.". To naai means to fuck in a sexual sense (from the afrikaans for fuck (sexual sense), naai). To get naaied means to be "fucked around" in a non sexual sense. f. Afrikaans cf. naai S. Africa

Nancy Boy n. 1) an effeminate homosexual 2) male considered to act "like a girl" UK (SE)

Nada n. nothing USA

naff n. 1) euphamism for 'fuck', e.g. "Naff off!" 2) of poor quality, daggy! UK (Wa)

nailed (getting.... ) n. being on the receiving end of sexual penetration US

N.B.O.J.I.C. ph. New Batting Order Just In Case, Shouted by someone as you were coming to bat or starting a new baseball game to signify to your team members that you thought the last batting order was crap and it is going to be changed by you. (Cicero, IL,) circa. 1980 US

neckback n. Playground punishment consisting of a hard slap on the back of the neck. UK (SE)

ned n. Person who dresses in tacky sports wear

needham n. description of a 16 year old boy - with mullet and penchant for rock - who spouts nonesense and lives possible the worst, most humdrum existance ever. that sort of person. f. from the 1980s video diary tv show called 'in bed with chris needham' circa. 1980's UK

negga n. Negga was a game where around fifty pubescesnt lads played a violent ball game. One Lad would start by throwing a tennis ball (but sometimes corky balls had been used by sixth formers) at one of the 50 lads. The lad who had been hit then joined the other lad and they worked together to catch all the remaining lads. At the end of the game you basically had 48 lads trying to throw the ball at 3 lads dashing everywhere trying not to get hit by the ball. The winner was obviously the last man standing. Negga Tennis was invented, exactly the same game with the odd lad having a tennis racket or bat of some description for added power. circa. 1994 UK (NW)

nervous n. game: played at most schools. Boy would put his hand up a girls skirt, starting at the knee, and at every upward creep of his hand he would ask her, 'Nervous?', until she finally shoved him off. Corse... some girls didn't which left most kids feeling a bit silly.

Also a version which started at the neckline and worked down... and in. "Brave" girls had their breasts "fondled"... ugly guys had their nuts cracked. Then again, there were those of us who didn't know what to do when the girl didn't react by screaming or fighting you off (embarrassing that) circa. 1980's UK

nicky-knocky-nine-doors G game involving ringing random doorbells and running away. Called knockdown-ginger by posh kids and stories on Jackanory, and rat-tat-charlie in South Wales UK (NE)

nig, get nigged n. to become annoyed (also "having a nig-on"). Also "niggy, niggy, niggy" often associated with finger poking or rough head rubbing used to provoke or exacerbate another person's nig. f. niggled UK (NE)

niggy adj. to get a dark tan. often used as, "let's lay out on the beach and get niggy!!" (ed: will it ever die out I wonder?) circa. 2000+ USA

nipple gripple, nipple cripple n. gripping and twisting the victims (usu. male) nipple violently. cf. purple nurple UK (Sc)

nits 1)n. 2) adj. 1) head lice. 2) Psychological torture suggesting someone is "unclean", e.g. where someone yells "Nits", and indicates a victim (actually with or without head lice, occasionally no obvious victim is chosen.). Everyone else then makes a point of avoiding that person. cf. Nitty Nora (...the hair explorer).

Nitty Nora n. Colloquial term for the education services nurse who came around once every six months to tussle your hair around looking for nits (head lice). f. Nitty Nora the hair explorer.

nixies n. Crossing of fingers (but hidden) to be excluded from something. "I can't be 'it', I've got nixies"

n.m.c Acronym for "no mates club". A member of the nmc describes one without any friends. A "president" is someone with absotultely and utterly no mates. Member of nbnmc = "nasty bastard no mates club" describes someone who espouses to have chosen to have no mates because he's a nasty bastard. Interestingly one would take pride in announcing he was a member of the the "nbnmc". ( a variation was "Billy No Mates" used around Oldham, UK) UK (NE)

N.N.S. abb. Naughty nasty sick., circa. 2000

(She's) no stranger to the inside of a chip shop Phrase often thrown the way of any slightly overweight female. UK. (Mid)

nob artist, nob jockey n. derog. a homosexual cf. benny

nodder n. condom (originated in Coventry area of UK) circa. 1980's UK (M, NW)

nonce n. 1) homosexual, "queer" 2) a sex offender, esp. of children

nongy n. condom, device used to prevent pregnancy by creating a barrier between vagina and semen from fulfilled act of sexual intercourse.. UK (NW)

noogie n. rapid hitting on the skull with a knuckle, also forcefully rubbing the knuckles back and forth on the top of the skull (actions depend on which part of the country you live) cf. hojo mojo USA

nookie n. sexual intercourse

norks n. breasts US

nurgle n. stupid person, affectionate term similar to "wally" c.f. wally NZ

nurk n. 1) stupid person UK (SE)

nut 1) n. 2) v. 1) head, 2) to strike anothers facial area with your forehead

nut n.. semen e.g. accusing a female of having performed oral sex with a man one by saying "You have a little nut around your mouth."

nutjob n. a person of questionable mental stability cf. mentler UK (SE)

nutmeg v. the act of a passing footballer playing the ball through the open legs of a rival, making him look immensly stupid. George Best was particularly good at this move. Derivation unknown.(ed: thanks again Pete cf. skill UK

nuts n. testicles