Quacker n. Womens pubic area, specifically that between her legs c.f. Clacker Aus

Quahog n. (pron. co-hog) Originally(and still) a hardshelled clam. Cherrystone when small, tasty chopped, restuffed in the shell and baked when large. Used on the playground to signify stupidity and lack of style. ie "Did you see what he did? That quahog!", found only in Rhode Island US

Quarm, quarmburger n. homosexual USA

queef n. A "fanny fart", i.e. air expelled from the vagina, normally after sexual interaction of some kind. USA

Queer n. a gay, homosexual, strange,outcast, fag, when you are in a fight with someone you would use queer instead of homo c.f.

Queg n. someone who "looks like" a homosexual, used as"Look at the state of that; what a queg!" c.f. almost every other entry in the dictionary circa. 1980's UK (NW)

quim n. female genitalia: imortalised in those poetic lines:

When I was just a little girl
I had a little quim
And if I struggled long and hard
I could get my finger in.

But now that I am old and grey
My cunt has lost its charm
And I can get my finger in
...... And half my fucking arm!
c.f. cunt, pussy, snatch etc UK

Quis - Eggo n. (Pronounced "Quiz" and "Eggo") I think this is here already somewhere as a call and response where someone is giving something away; this is definitely from the Latin as there are some additional words somtimes used; eg if there are two or more people shouting "Ego" at about the same time and the person shouting "Quis" isn't sure who was first or doesn't like all of the people claiming, it would then open up to people shouting "Mihi" and then the "Quis"-er could choose one of the claimants by looking at them and saying "Tibi". Obviously this variant only takes place in schools where everyone has learnt some Latin (literally as far as I remember "Quis?"=Who?, "Ego"="I", "mihi"=to me (sometimes "meum"=mine, "tibi"= to you (or "teum"=yours)). I suppose logically the "Quis"-er could say "vobis" to give out a number of things to the whole lot but I never heard this!, Pretty much any UK prep school up until at least the 1980's. Even posh kids grow out of talking to each other in Latin by the time they hit puberty!

(ed: I never took Latin - and since I have no idea what any of this means, it was included verbatim) UK

quoz, quozzie n. a handicapped person f. Quasimodo