rack 1 n, 2 v. 1) breasts, 2) 'to rack'. A kick to the testicles. Racking is when a boy is kicked in the privates. Girls use it as a threat, but many girls have racked a boy at one time or another. e.g. "Leave me alone or I'll rack you!!". Not surprisingly, this usually has the effect of making a young male take a few steps back out of close range. c.f. rectun ranger US

rack off!! n. Used e.g. "Please go away you are annoying me." AU

radge n. a fit, getting angry or lashing out. UK (NE)

radgie gadgie, radgeheed n. Someone prone to flying off the handle; unstable or crazed. UK (NE)

rahom n. Not good, unpleasant event. Typically used as "oh Rahom" if something has displeased you, typically used with a roll of the hand in the "wanker" position turned through 90 degrees. circa. 1960's UK (S)

(off his...) rag adj. Someone who has lost their temper cf. lost it, doing a loonie UK (Wa)

(on the ...) rag adj. Indicates being in the midst of a menstrual cycle... has come to connote being cranky. US

rammy n. Basically it meant a minature riot. Usuall location for these was in school corridors. Situation arose when crownds of children tried to pass each other when there too little room to do so easily. Usual times for a rammy to occur was between classes and occasionally when people tried to skip the lunch queue. c.f. bundle UK (Sc)

ramp, the n. Landmark found in most provincial towns, consisting of a BMX stunt ramp put up by the council in 1986 exactly when the last BMX was sold, used briefly by skateboarders in the early 1990s and now a hangout for junior druggies featured on the cover of the local paper every year with the headline "DRUG-INFESTED EYESORE MUST GO". cf. BMX, bran

rape v & n. 1) The act of removing an item of girls clothing (usu. a cardigan or coat) against her will. 2) The act of grasping or holding a girl (usu. by the arm) and attempting to touch other parts of her with a spare hand. UK (SE)

raps n. punishment, also "game" in which one person's clenched fist is held out and 'rapped' with a deck of cards until blistering/bleeding occurs. UK (NE)

razor n. stylish f. another word for stylish is 'sharp', so razor implies someone extra sharp. USA

real mint n. great, good to look at, fine looking CAN

rec, (the...) reccy n. abbr. recreation ground UK

rectum ranger (... raider) n. homosexual c.f. rump ranger (ed: and dozens of other words in here) UK

redneck n. insulting term for someone from "deep south" of USA so by extension anyone who you think is uneducated and possibly engaged to their brother/sister *(just like his/her mother/father). UK (W)

red rover n. Popular game where two teams face each other in lines across the tarmac, one member of each team in turn running across and trying to force past the linked hands of the opposing team. Those who are caught join the other team, and this carries on until usu. one hard case is left and has to survive on his own until the bell goes or he gets beaten up for being a smug twat. cf. monkey grip

reggie n. to grasp and twist someones nipple(s) UK (We)

release the hounds. v. defecate cf. clip a steamer, drop the kids off USA

rem n. someone quite thick f. prob. remedial (as in "remedial classes") c.f. remhead UK (We)

remhead n. someone who require remedial reading classes at school. UK (We)

rib-a rib-da n. To express utter annoyance in someone's stupidity. USA

ring raider adj. sodomite, homosexual, one who indulges in the activity of anal intercourse, Used in the playground to indicate if you are unsure of a persons sexuality e.g. "Watch him... he's a bit of a Ring Raider" UK

ring-sting adj. the results of excreting stools heavily impregnated with chilli or last nights curry. c.f. bum-burner UK (Scot)

ringpiece n. adj. arsehole, idiot UK

roaming goalies, roman goalies n. local name variation of Rush Goalies c.f. Rush Goalies circa. 1980's UK (NE)

rocket n. (added verbatim - couldn't improve this): "One is often referred to as a 'rocket' after making a ridiculous suggestion. "Why don't we do our homework at tea-time on Friday then we can have the week-end to ourselves?" "Bolt ya rocket!" "Ya fuckin' rocket!" Do you see?

There was also a practice of responding to a ridiculous suggestion with a words-and-pictures composition. "Ask your mum to go for the carry-out," would be greeted with,first,"a-rocket!" then holding the right arm at the elbow to the waist and brushing it past the ear (reminiscent of my own school's 'spazzy' motion) in shooing-away-wasp action coupled with loud raspberry. Rarely seen masterpiece." UK (Scot)

rock spider n. sexual offender - specifically against children AUS

rocky n. 1). an erection 2). one who removes things from wastepaper baskets/ rubbish bins, for personal gain. These would include apple cores, half-eaten sandwiches, biscuits (later eaten by the class spesh), pens, rulers - just about anything that still had some function to the Rocky. These people would subsequently leave school and become tip-pickers (although this would be largely for monetary gain, as the intention was to sell that which they had picked up from the rubbish heap (tip). cf. bag person, scav UK (I. of Man)

Rollerball n. game: two teams threw a tennis ball to each other attempting to throw it into the opposing goal. Possesion of the ball invited a good kicking. UK (We)

rooster-booster n. playground torture: 1) pushing thumb between first and second fingers then "screwing" 2) rubbing someone's scalp vigorously with a clenched fist cf. beano UK (SE)

root n. sexual intercourse USA, Aus

root chase v. (def. entered as submitted) Have to chase the boy and if I caught them I had to suck their roots for rest of break and give them my dinner money. But if the dinner ladies saw me I used to get told off. I love men me. (ed: yeeess..... give me a call when you have less time... ok??) UK

rope n. Marijuana f. hemp, also rhyming slang "rope - dope" UK (SE)

roundhead n. circumcised penis cf. cavalier circa. 1982 - 85 UK

Royal Princes n. the real rulers of a playground - i.e. the thugs USA

rozzer n. policeman UK

rugrats n. little kids below school age, toddlers c.f. anklebiters, yukkers US

rumble n. fight. Often involving more than two people. Sometimes for fun, often more serious. f. orig. USA, spread world wide by film/play "West Side Story" UK

rump ranger n. homosexual c.f. rectun ranger US

runs (the... ) adj. diarrohea c.f. squits UK

runners n. trainers, gym shoes, sneakers c.f. CAN

rush goalie n. goalie has freedom to leave penalty area (soccer) c.f. fly goalie UK (SE)