sack (hit the... ) v. go to bed UK

saddler n. To ride on the back of someones bike while s/he pedalled in a standing position). c.f. backer UK (SE)

sad, saddo, sad case adj, n, n, Commonly used everywhere to describe people who don't fit in, don't have any style, or wear the right clothes to be part of any faction. These people are the nerds and geeks of the world. Sad people are not necessarily miserable, but are often picked on mercilessly, and so don't have a great time at school. (ed: looks like I had a sad time at school..... hey that's right!!) UK (SE)

saddle bag n. 1) girl (usu.) supposedly of "easy virtue", i.e. available for sexual purposes when required.2) used by women to describe extra layers of fat on their hips, e.g. "I've got to get rid of these saddle bags." cf. school bike 1) UK (SE), 2) CAN

Safe! n. greeting, or agreement. UK

safe pub n. The one of a small number of local pubs which serve children with alcohol without requesting identification. Minor customers are generally kept in a very cold backroom.

sag off n. bunk off school, i.e be absent without permnission. Kids sagging off often said to be suffering from "saggeritis disease".

Salmon Arm Salut n. A term for giving the finger f. Started when then Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau 'fingered' protesters in Salmon Arm B.C. c.f. fingered CAN

Sam & Dave n. Police Officers. The expression is used as follows : "Can you see those Sam and Dave's in the Caddy??" i.e. "....those police officers in the Cadillac?. USA

sambo n. sandwich c.f. sarnie, sanger, Eire

sanger n. sandwich c.f. sarnie, sambo Aus

sarnie n. sandwich c.f. sanger, sambo UK

sarky (.... git) n. abbreviation of sarcastic UK

satchel, satch n. 1) The male scrotum. 2) An excessively stupid or unpleasant person.

satchel, droopy n. flaccid scrotum

sausage jocky n. Homosexual

sausage sandwich n. sex between a woman and two men at the same time. c.f. Spit-Roast UK

Scabs/Scabby Queen n. card game - If you lost you were rapped across the knuckles with the whole deck of cards - several times! cf. Scavvy Queen

scab, scabber n. Someone who would try and borrow money or food or PE kit off other people...it was common to hear "i'm going on the scab" at dinner time...probably from scavenge or "on the scav", f. scavenger cf. scavvy circa. 1990's UK (ME)

scally, scallies n. (stereotype) Name for a person who wears lots of sports clothes, often Adidas or Nike, and tend to hang out on streets drinking cider and usually likes to listen to dance music., The scally is a generalisation and usually a degrading word, often the scally isn't aware that they are one, of will at least not admit to it (usually they're not the sharpest tool in the box so probably wouldn't realise anyway. circa. 1990's UK (NE)

scanting n. Humiliation where the undepants are pulled sharply upwards from behind, causing them to wedge themselves tightly up the victim's arse. cf. wedgie UK (SE)

scants n. underpants cf. scanting UK (SE)

scaredy-cat n. coward cf. UK

scav, scavvy n. (derog.), adj. dimin. of scavenger. Calling someone a "scav" implied they were likely to take things which had been thrown away (eg 'scrambled' pennies), but more often used a general put down. 'Scavvy' (adj.) was a general word for below par, rubbish etc. cf. rocky, bag-person UK (SE)

Scavvy Queen n., adj. game, card used in game. Played more for the mildly painful punishment inflicted on the loser than its riveting gameplay. The scavvy queen was usually the Queen of Clubs. The entire deck was dealt out, minus the Queen of Spades. Each go you picked a card from your neighbours hand, if you had a pair, you could put them down. This cycle continued until one person was left with the scavvy queen. They would then cut the cards to determine their punishment. If they drew a black card it was 'hard slaps' ie having the back of your knuckles wrapped with the deck of cards, if red it was 'soft' and the cards were instead excrutiatingly scraped over the knuckles.

Contributor grew up in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, UK and played the game regularly and thinks it spread to several schools and other parts of the area too. (ed: anyone like to confirm and/or add more rules?)

For example, this from Gary: As well as the aforementioned punishments diamonds were when you twisted the skin on the back of the hand and spades were scraping the pack, also if you bottled it and pulled your hand away cries of the whole pack were eliceted and you had to take every card. N.B. this was shouted a lot and was not always fairly applied, cf. Scabby Queen circa. 1980's UK (SE)

schmaltz n. over sugary and sweet sentiment f. Yiddish. Made popular by Fran Dresher in "The Nanny". UK

schmooze n. to "oil" relationships by use of flattery. cf. Yiddish. Made popular by Fran Dresher in "The Nanny". UK (SE)

schmuck n. Refers to one who is useless, clueless, or generally an idiot. Example usage: "Look at him... what a schmuck"., f. Yiddish. Made popular by Fran Dresher in "The Nanny". US

school bike n. girl (usu.) of "easy virtue", i.e. could be "ridden" by anyone cf. saddle bag

schmee n. "it refers to a "slow" person, like somone does something stupid you say "you are a schmee" i dunno i think i made it up but it needs to be in here, this needs to become a reconigized slang term because my girlfriends nickname her parents gave her is schmee and i want to prove to her thats her parents way of calling her retarded. thanx" (ed: added verbatim) USA

schwabb n. Contributor says this is used to describe a small jewish child, for example in "Slack me some skin you schwabb". (ed: Any comments on what this REALLY means??) cf. saddle bag

schucks-woman n. (contribution included verbatim) Pyrford first/middle school through the 80's (a wonderful time to be alive), The schucks-woman was a crazy lady who used to walk her dog round the playing field. She was (among others) an escaped convict, an undercover policeman looking for bad kids, a dog kidnapper, an ex-teacher come to wreak revenge etc. If she so much as glanced in your direction you were pretty much done for. Actually, if she's reading this now I'd just like to say "Sorry. Us kids can be utter bastards when we try..." circa. 1980's UK (SE)

scit n. to mock. e.g. "Miss... Johnny's scitting me!!!" UK (NW)

scoff v. to eat heartily; i.e. eat everything in sight - like a pig. UK (NW)

scone n. (pronounced, 'scone' as in 'gone' - to belt someone with ferocity (for usage, see 'dullion') UK

Scooby-Door n. rhyming slang for 'I don't have a clue" UK (Scot)

scoofee n. A bastardisation of "school field" and the general site of games and warfare, such as the tap on the shoulder on a snowy playtime, swiftly followed by eyes, nose and mouth full of ice, snow and dog crap as the hapless victim turned to see his 'chums' (who were usually crippled with laughter once they (the victim) could see and breathe again), great days, great times to be had on the old scoofee, buried under haystacks, mauled at rugby, finding porn, ahhh good times! UK

scooter n. any one who wore glasses and had freckles, based on the character from the muppets! UK

score n. (1) to get ones leg across; i.e. to initiate a sexual liaison with a desirable partner. (2) to make contact with a drug dealer and obtain the supplies of choice. UK

scramble n. shouted immediately prior to scattering of (usually somebody else's) money/packed lunch/articles of clothing/rare Panini collection was tossed skywards, thus causing a mass "bundle" as greedy classmates scrambled for the treasure... often a single penny. cf. bundle, grimble UK

scrap n. fight. as in "There was a scrap in the gym. John got a broken nose!" Also a shout when fight was about to start UK

scrav n. v. 1) borrow or steal from someone (usually money). 2) the person who does this. f. prob contraction of scavenge. UK

(two pot.... )screamer n. (1) someone who is unbable to "hold their liquor", (2) someone who panics easily i.e. goes to pieces so fast people get hit by the shrapnel AUS

screwball n. a cone shaped plastic container filled with ice cream that had a bubble gum at the pointy end. UK

screwnut n. Someone who messed up bad. Used as a joke. Often used to describe the 'cool guys' by other 'cool guys' e.g. Lenny! You screw-nut!!! You failed english again!! UK

screw the arse off (....) v. to have enthusiastic sexual relations such that the person with whom you indulge, is incapacitated thru over stimulation UK

(going for a...) schwoz n. going for a piss

scribs, (skribs, skribsies) n. The crossing of the fingers to provide immunity. An infinitely better word than pax or faynights. It's origins are lost in the mists of time but it's *known* to be one true truce word. circa. 1980's - to date c.f. cribs UK (SE)

scrot rot n. med. The sweaty, itchy clamminess around one's testicles caused by adverse amounts of heat and humidity, aggravated by walking into school, wearing nylon underpants and sitting on hard plastic chairs or science stools. f. scrotum UK (SE)

scrot box n. box filled with pieces of sportswear lost by other unknown pupils, that had to be delved into if a person forgot their sports kit or part of it. UK (SE)

scrubber n. someone (usually female) who is free and easy in her sexual availability.note: in recent years the term "slapper" has displaced this word. c.f. slapper UK

scruds n. new pupils at school. used particularly of new first formers(year 7) in secondary school - "The scruds", UK

Scrumdiddliumptious adj. excessively tasty or delicious UK

scrump v. to steal apples... as in "You going scrumping tonight??".... "Aye if the old bastard hasn't left the dogs in the orchard!". (ed: there must be some connection between this and the old word for rough cider... i.e. "scrumpy"... so if you know what it is please tell me!!) UK (SE)

scrump v. to have sex, e.g. "I'm gonna get my scrump tonight!" USA (SE)

scut n. a young slut: promiscuous 14-16 year old girls (ed: best kind... ah my youth...where DID it go??!) UK

seater n. used as a term for hitchin a lift on the back-or handlebars of someones bike (same use as the Eire term mentioned) c.f. backer UK (NW)

sea of legs n. A game played by boys at school using many legs and two tables. The tables were placed side by side, with a gap in between them. Those creating the "sea of legs" would sit in two rows along the tables, and kick out furiously, thereby creating a dangerous passage between the two tables. Fellow pupils would then attempt to pass between the tables from one end to the other, whilst being kicked hard from both sides. Usually, the lone crusader would fall down about half way and then be subjected to a good few minutes of severe kicking. Hours of fun, although had a tendency to make people over-excited. UK (NW)

see a man about a dog (got to... ) v. am on my way to urinate UK

semi-phlegmy adj. A mouthful of saliva, frothed into 'spit, with some, but not much snot in it (Gob/yocker/spit) c.f. meaty, snot, gob circa 1970's - 80's UK (NW)

seppo adj. a citizen of the Good ol' US of A: f. abbreviated rhyming slang; septic tank = yank Aus

sesh adj. cool, highly satisfactory UK

sex lord n. A playground game half-based on Doomlord (a photo comic-strip from the early-80s revamp of the Eagle comic, which featured an alien who could "consume" someone's personality by grabbing their head in both hands), and half-based on a ten year old's preconceptions of sex.

One person was nominated "Sexlord" and the rest would scatter. Sexlord would stomp around the playground in a "slow, but menacing" fashion, arms outsretched, tongue waggling from side-to- side. Sexlord would claim his/her victim by embracing them and making exaggerated noises. This victim would then become a Sexlord and so the game continued until the playground was full of dozens of Sexlords trying to track down the lone survivor.

The game was enjoyed by many for quite some time, until one lad made the mistake of shouting out, "Last one into the netball court is Sexlord!" at the top of his, just as one of the strictest, most easily-offended teachers was walking by. I think just about every class in the school was given a severe telling-off after lunch, but everyone still continued to play the game. (created at St Joseph's RC in Bishop's Stortford.

There were reports that the game spread to a few other local schools and it was being played at least a year or two after most of us had left. circa. 1982 UK (SE)

sfinkta n. derog anus. used as "Get your finger out of your sfinkta!", "Fuck off you dirty sfinkta!" f. mis-spelling of Sphincter NZ

shag n. To have sexual intercourse quickly and painfully. UK (NE)

shaggable n. a peson considered to be sexually desirable UK

shagged n. Tired, exhausted, knackered c.f. knackered, zonked UK

shaggy n. One of the characters in the 'Scooby-Doo' cartoon series, but also means a member of a hard rock band. No idea WHY though! UK

shakey n. Shakey, a person whose intellectual and physical capacities are markedly below what is currently accepted as 'normal'. This name arose from the observation that these 'special' people have a tendency not to dance but to stand around 'shaking'at parties and Butlin's holidays. c.f. windowlicker, spacka etc. UK

shame, showings n. Shout meaning "You got shown up". Use of East Midlands vowel pronunciation means 'shame' is transformed into "shaaaaaaayme! UK (ME)

shamk n. funny c.f. fesize USA

shan n. Shocking or disagreeable (context: "That's shan, that is like..") UK (NE)

Sharon and Tracy n. names used together or singly and supposed to belong to girls who are often amoral, usually working class, and always vulgar. Made infamous due to The Fat Slags through the "adult comic" Viz.. UK

shed n. A very poorly maintained motor vehicle UK (Wa)

shed load n. A large quantity; e.g. "You'll need a shed load of concrete to fill that 'ole!" UK (Wa)

sheepshagger n. person deemed to copulate with sheep because they comes from a "rural area" and (thus) are short of woman. The result being an invariable desire/need to copulate with sheep. Used by any city dweller for anyone from the suburbs and beyond. UK (NW)

sherbert n. originally a carbonated sugary drink, now transferred to any alcoholic dring; as in "I'm just off for a pint of sherbert dear!" UK (S)

sherbert dab n. a small bag of sherbert with a sweet lolly on a stick. Dip the lolly in the sherbert and suck it off. Mmmmmm..... nice (Ed: I've spent too long on this dictionary - I keep wanting to rephrase that) UK (W)

shimmies n. Shimmies is the dialect word for a particular flower in the West Country, England. So one can have an expression such as: Look at those lovely shimmies over there., Apparently the same flower is known as 'a smock' in Dorset. UK (SW)

shindig n. a crowded noisy party f. shin + dig, caused by too many people in too small a space. UK

shirt lifter n. a male homosexual

shit, shite n. faeces UK

shit bricks n. to be extremely scared UK

shit creek n. a place of misfortune UK

shit creek (up, ..., without a paddle) n. a place of misfortune from which there is no escape UK

shit-faced n. disgustingly drunk UK

shit hits the fan (when the... ) n. the moment when an unpleasant outcome can be ascertained by the occurrence of an event; as in "The shit hit the fan when the police arrived and caught us red handed!" UK

shit-hot n. excellent. very good UK

shit kickers n. Boots. Usually referring to Doc Martin's with steel toe-caps, but equally appropriate to any really tough boot as worn by genuine hard-cases, or wannabe ones. So named because, they, propelled by the wearer's foot, proceed to kick the shit out of anyone foolish enough to stand in their way. This nickname has, as far as I know, been going for ages, everywhere. UK

shit-stabber n. a homosexual

shit-stirrer n. somone who enjoys causing trouble for others c.f. wind up merchant UK

shit-tickets Toilet tissue., So-called because of the similarity between a roll of toilet paper and a perforated coil of tickets. USA

(You gotta be...) shitting me! "I don't believe a word you say.", Probably stems from the word "bullshit," an outright lie or at least a gross exaggeration. "Don't give me any of your bullshit" ==> "Don't bullshit me" ==> "You're shitting me" ==> "You gotta be shitting me." c.f. bullshit USA (NE)

shoo-in, shoe-in n. a certainty; e.g. "Will Labour witl the next election? Of course - they're a shoo-in!" AUS

shoots blanks (he.... ) n. Term often used for ejaculate ekected by a may who has had a vasectomey, i.e. ejaculate from a sterile male. UK

shooting the bird v. 'flicking' the middle finger, usually accompanied with a "Fuck you!" c.f. flipping the finger, flicking the vees USA

shoot ones load (to.... ) v. to ejaculate UK

short and curlies /font> n. pubic hairs; i.e. to "have someone by the short and curlies" is to have total power over that person since any on their part move to extricate themselves from the predicament would be certain to cause them immense pain. UK

short arse n. A derogatory term for someone with "ducks disease"; i.e. their bum is too close to the ground. Otherwise defined as a person of diminished stature. c.f. ducks disease UK

shotgun n. Shouting this word is laying claim to the best seat in the car (i.e. in front next to the driver). Similar to "dibs", f. old stagecoach days where guard carrying shotgun sat next to the driver in case of bandits cf. dibs US

shout (your.... ) n. phrase used to signify who's turn it is to buy a round of drinks. Aus

shreddies n. extreme wedgie: the act of several boys gathering round a chosen victim, reaching into said victims waistband and all hauling up victim underpants until they ripped. This was (is) extremely painful when the kecks were St. Michael as they would never rip. cf. wedgie-gang UK (SE)

Shreddie n. hairstyle used by (and insult used for) men whose hair is thinning, in a vain attempt to make it look as if it has some "body". In shape and form it has the unfortunate result of looking like they have a Shredded Wheat on their heads thus rendering them a laughing stock to all and sundry - except that of course to themselves.

A famous "Shreddie" is Andrew O'Neill sometime editor of The Times (UK) cf. Brillo UK (SE)

shower (.... of shit) n. Term "borrowed" from the Army and used to describe an individual or group of people felt to be beneath contempt. In modern use, the phrase has been sanitized by restricting it to use of the first word. i.e. "You're a right shower!" UK

shuftie v. To look, used as in "Have a shuftie at these pics... gorgeous ain't she??" UK

sick n. Cool, sweet, trendy. Another from the school of 'reverse meanings' in the mode of 'bad' = 'good'. e.g. "Those sunglasses are great... really sick!". circa. 1990's (very) UK

silent violent, silent but deadly (SBD) n. the silent farts that are always the most smelly. Used to decribe a lush anal aroma when no aural experience was encountered. Normally associated with "He who smelt (smelled) it dealt" and "He who denied it supplied it", circa. 1978+ UK (SW)

silver dolphin n. A glass marble with a reflective internal crack. These were more highly prized than normal marbles but could be easily produced by boiling in a kettle. cf. alley, bomper alley, bottle washer circa. 1970's - 80's UK (S)

siphon the python, syphon the python v. to urinate UK

sippin' on da syrup n. Drinking beer or liquor, UK, US

sin (ugly as.... ) n. not facially attractive. UK,

skag-nasty, scag-nasty n. some one doing something disgusting or mean "don't be such a skag-nasty". UK,

skank n. 1) to steal. e.g. "Did you skank my ruler?" 2) marijuana. e.g. "Did you skank my skank?" 3) mercenary or thrifty (in a 'picking pennies out of the bin' kind of way) You skanky b*****d, you are such a skank! UK (M)

skank n. To dance to Ska musinc - similar in usage to 'mosh', e.g. "skank pit". AU

skank n. a slutty or promiscuous female often used as "Some skank skanked my skank" AU/NZ

skeg, skeggy n. someone who smelt like a tramp and looked filthy.

sketch Look out or watch it (Always used when a teacher appeared on the horizon) People were often posted to "keep sketch" (ie keep an eye out for teachers if something of questionable legality was going on)

skewiff n. awry, out of alignment UK

skid, skidmark n. 1) A stain of excrement in the gusset of underwear, caused by improper bowel control or a wedgie. 2) An excessively stupid or unpleasant person.

skiddy n. Used in similar fashion to 'gross', i.e. to describe something disgusting. NZ

skill adj. good, excellent, great.

skill n. apparantly, skill is also an African "bum" disease" (ed: anyone else confirm this... please??). The common retort to a primary school child's self acclamation of being "skilled" in a particular faculty, would be a chorus of "Skill's an African bum disease". (used mostly during the height of the famine in Ethiopia around the area of Morecambe, Lancs, UK), The contributor says they are often shocked at the number of people who haven't heard of this definition of "Skill". To this day, aged 20, and not in Morecambe, they find themselves uttering it in a childlike manner whenever "skill" is mentioned.

I'm informed that the use of "skill" to refer to "...an African bum disease" started well before the big african famines of the early/mid 80s - and was used in schools around Loughborough/ Leicesterchire UK) at least as early as circa 1978.

Leo of Dorset tells us that whilst he certainly can't confirm whether Skill is an actual anal infection of the African sub-continent, he can indeed confirm that the same definition was also prevalent in his school in Southern Dorset at least between 1984 to 1989. Also "onfirmed" by 'Henry' in respect of his school in SW London during 1980's.

I'm also informed that when playing football, if somebody pulled off a particularly tasty move, people would say 'skill' in low deep voices. If the move involved making somebody look bad (eg a nutmeg) then the person on the shamed end of the skill could reply 'African bum disease' to save face. (ed: nutmeg - aha!! Thanks Pete)

Yet another definition, this one is from Joe Mcvey: Camel or dolphin shit, used in retort to make out you had superior knowledge and that 'skill' had an actual meaning rather than its true and proper meaning. Also often suffixed with magill eg. skill magill., The provenance of this word derives from St. Josephs, Thame, Oxfordshire, although regional variations apply. Other schools such as John Hampden claim they made it up but they never. c.1984 c.f. nutmeg circa. 1978 - 84 UK (SE, NE)

skinny marinc(k?) n. Heard the phrase "skinny marink" used in a song, The radio DJ said that he had heard the term "skinny as a marink" as a youngster, but knew nothing about its origin or what it meant. (ed: any help possible on this please??).

Caroline writes the following:
Skinnamarink is from a song sang during the Vaudeville era in the USA (and after) by the comic Jimmy Durante. There is also a children's show in the US called Sharon, Lois and Bram: Skinnamarink TV. They sing a Skinnamarink song that goes something like "Skinnamarinkadinkadink, Skinnamarinkadoo... I... love... you..."

skin roll n. Insult. A word for a total tosser. Or as we liked to call them; "A walking length". Generally used when someone has performed an act of incredible ineptitude., Very. UK

skinchies a "shout" (often accompanied by crossed fingers) created temporary immunity from being made "it" when playing sticky toffee, stuck in the mud, tag, etc. cf. faynights UK (NE)

skint n. short of cash, penniless f. skinned UK

skinny malink, n. very thin. f. old Scottish song

Skinny Malinky lang legs, umbrella feet
Went to the pictures (cinema) and couldna find a seat
When the picture (film) started
Skinny Malinky farted
When the picture ended
Skinny Malinky fented (fainted)

(for the linguistically challenged... pictures = cinema, picture = film) - (ed: contributor felt unable to fully explain the verse.Any more information or verses would be appreciated) UK (Scot)

skip n. to be absent from school without leave c.f. mitch, cut, bunk off, wag USA

skitter-jap n. person with freckled face circa. 1950's UK (NI)

skive off n. be absent from school without permission cf. slam off, truant (play), mitch, bunk off

skivies n. underpants cf. daks circa. 1980's UK (NE)

skull-fuck v. force someone to perform oral sex. Term usually used in prisons in the USA USA

slacker-slaney n. A stupid thing to say when you can't think of anything else. UK (SE)

slag n. girl (usu.) of "easy morals" cf. school bike, saddle bag Sharon and Tracy UK

slag off n. to ruin the reputation of someone by gossiping about them in a vindictive manner cf. UK

slam off n. be absent from school without permission cf. skive off, play truant, mitch, bunk off

slammin' adj. extremely desirable, normally attached to character or physical appearance, e.g. "She's really slammin'!!" USA

slap and tickle n. gentle cuddling where girl pretends to be outraged by the groping attentions of her suitor and retaliates in a mock aggresive fashion cf. UK

Slap Head adj. derog. person with remarkably high forhead, bald person cf. Mekon, Tefal, Spam Head

slapper adj. derog. usu. a woman person with what are regarded as "loose" morals, an 'easy lay" - hence it's application to the Duchess of York after the "toe sucking" incident. cf. scrubber UK

slaps n. Back of the classroom game. Two people put their palms together horizontally, fingertips touching. In turn one person would try to slap their opponents hands before they could move them out of the way. If they missed there opponent would have a go. You could also ‘twitch’ and try to get your opponent to move their hands before you did. If they did you got a free slap. Once a persons hands were sufficiently red they were deemed to have lost. Bullies always cheated. Wearing rings was generally not allowed. The more lethal option was Knuckles. c.f. knuckles, tipsies UK (NE)

slavver n. 1) saliva 2. to tell a lie or outrageous exaggeration as in "You're talking slavver" and "Wipe that slavver off your chin" (accompanied by chin-wiping motion)

slip gear n. Familiar to anyone who owned, or knew someone who owned, a Grifter. The bike had three gears, all accessible via a twisty handlebar (very cool): red (for power sprints whilst racing around the block), yellow (normal) and blue (to get you up that steep hill with minimum effort). If you managed to jam the gear between red and yellow, the chain wouldn't connect properly to the cogs, resulting in "slip gear". You could booby-trap a mate's Grifter and laugh your arse off as he frantically attempted to pedal away, only to get nowhere and eventually fall over. c.f. BMX, Grifter UK

slipper adj. Dirty, badly dressed person who usually looks older/younger than they are eg. 12 year olds with stubble, or 40 year old that looks about 12. Classic looking slipper Jack Wilde in Oliver - he is 12 yet he has a full chin of stubble or Steve Marriot from the Small Faces (the opposite) - used as in "I'm not going in there it's full of slippers" - "He's a right slipper he is", Derived from the 'pooper estates' in towns where there are always 3 shops - a chip shop, a video shop and a offie. People from the estate would shop, rent a video but mostly play the bandit in the chip shop wearing their slippers - never shoes, they'd walk to the shops in their slippers Slippertown - the part of town would be then named. UK (Mid)

slogs n. A rather painful treatment involved a whack on the upper arm for any reason imaginable - from playing cards, farting or seeing a gas van! c.f. beats circa. 1984-89 UK (Mid)

sloshed adj. very drunk cf. bolloxed, langered, ossified UK

smack-dab adj. precisely, exactly - but who can say where this originated and how? Maybe it has something to do with the little fish called dabs?? But why would you be smacking it? UK

smart adj. cool

smear-the-queer n. "Smear the Queer" describes the game of "British Bulldog" as played in the USA, except... 1 guy is deemed the "queer" and immediately he must run the length of the field with a football.....against all other players trying to tackle him.. The tackler is then the "Queer" USA

smeg n. exclamation of surprise or disappointment f. contraction of "smegma". Current useage encouraged by "Lister" (Craig Charles) from the T.V series Red Dwarf and used in many a playground. Often used insted of the word "fuck" when teachers were around. circa. 1990's UK

smelly belly adj. person acting stupidly cf. dumbum circa. 1987 UK (NE)

smelly-welly adj. used to describe person from "poor" background, anyone with old, worn or dishevelled clothing - i.e. "like a tramp" UK (M)

smim n. cross between a highly conformist person and a flid. UK (We)

smoke-a-boal (Mr... ) n. a person who uses a bong regularly, USA

snag n. sausage (ed: anyone got any idea how this originated?) USA

s.n.a.g. n. Acronym for "sensitive new age guy" - i.e. one who is "in touch with his feminine side". Was once a compliment for guys who treated women as real people instead of sex objects, but has now become something of an insult since guys realised that adopting this as a facade was just another good way of getting into a girls knickers. circa. 1980-90's UK

snatch n. (1) to quickly grap something (2) female genitalie c.f. pussy, cunt USA

snazzy adj. smart, fashionable, full-featured, new (and similar) UK

snitch n. (1) nose (2) to inform on someone to the authorities (esp. police) UK

snooch n. adj. Fun game whereby protagonists attatch a clothes peg to their unknowing victims, thus rendering them "snootched". The more pegs you can get on a person without them noticing, the more hilarity (and paranoia) ensues. The word can be used however you want. "I have snootched you." Or " The snootch is strong with this one.". The word originates from the film "Mallrats", in which a character refers to some bags of weed as "Snootchie Bootchies." Friends of the contributor and the contributor invented this game when they went to Bristol (UK) for the weekend earlier this year(1999) but have since played it at every social gathering since, in their home area of Ceredigion, West Wales, UK. At certain rock festivals they managed to "snootch" hundreds of people before handing them Snootch business cards UK (Wa)

snot n. hardened nasal mucus c.f. bogey UK

snot rag n. handkerchief UK

snubbed n. used to describe a situation where someone "does you wrong", e.g. someone might say, when a car cuts in from of you.."That car snubbed you!" I like your web page definently dope!! (ed: errr.... thanks... I think.) UK

soap dodger n. immigrant from the UK, anyone of recent UK descent Aus

solid n. extraordinarily beneficial occurrence. e.g. If something is extraordinarily good or if something went your way it was "Solid". can be used two ways: "That shot was solid" or when informed, e.g. that you and the boys are having a drinking party on the weekend, "Solid.", CAN

solo (flying.... ) n. masturbating UK

souping n. To give someone a good souping:- Someone fell or more usually was pushed over into (preferably deep) snow. With a cry of "Soup him" or "Souping" a gang would surround them and kick snow all over them, especially the face and head, until the were soaked. Not pleasant c.f. whitewashing circa. 1980's UK (NE)

sow ones wild oats n. to indulge in behaviours whilst young that are frowned on when adult, such as fequent changes in sexual partners. Hence the expression "To sow ones wild oats all Saturday night and spend all day Sunday praying for crop failure!" UK

Space Invaders n. Game for masochistics. A row of younger kids would line up against a wall, while the shooter would throw a tennis ball or kick a football at them. Each 'hit' would kill off that kid until one smarmy and quick footed twerp would survive until the bell. (Variety: World Cup: knockout and progressive football competition, either single player or 2 player teams). UK

spack, spaz, spazmo, spacker, spanner, spadge n. derog. 1) a person suffering from cerebral palsy with spasm of the muscles. 2) An excessively stupid or unpleasant person. ( also adj. spasticated, spazzy, spazzed )

spag, spagga n. variations on spacka

spam n. (1) playground punishment consisting of a hard slap on the forehead. )2) somebody who displayed a rather overly prominent forehead would be subjected to a rather vicious slapping accompanied by the slappers exclaimed war cry of "SPAM!". cf. Tefal UK (SE)

Spam Head adj. derog. A person with a large forehead. cf. spam UK (SE)

spank the monkey n. male masturbation cf. any one of a dozen or more references to the same thing! US

Spangle v. (1) a very stupid person, i.e. "You're a right spangle!" (2) a "square tube" of sweets in various flavours. (ed: Liquorice was best, and Old English - they were best too!) circa.. 1980's UK (Scot)

Spanish Root n. sweet liquorice flavoured piece of stick one bought from the chemist and chewed until it was a soggy mess in your mouth. In retrospect it was probably the root of the liquorice plant, but if anyone has other ideas - please let me know. UK (Wa)

spanner n. disabled person. For example "That Lionel Starkey, he's such a spanner" (Mr Starkey was spesh),(Contributor asks "jesus, did we ever used to say stuff like this?" - ed: afraid so... kids are nasty, horrible, sadistic little bastards usually - I know - I used to be one!) - c.f. spaz, joey, wally, mong, spacko circa. 1980's UK (I.of Man)

spare adj. A condition of extreme annoyance usually associated with one's mother who might be reported to have "gone spare" at hearing of your latest attempt to bring shame and humiliation on the family, e.g. "My mam went spare when she heard I'd been nicked! UK (Wales)

spaz cut n. A haircut which makes the wearer look like a spaz. cf. Barney cut

"spear the queer" n. Playground game, somewhat akin to Rugby, where one lad runs around with a ball while pursued by his classmates who try to tackle him. There are no end zones, no scoring, any type of ball will do, The entire width and breadth of the playground is the field. Upon being tackled, the "Queer" throws the ball to the lad of his choosing who then becomes the "Queer" and must run to evade being tackled for as long as possible. f. UK

specials n. often a synonym for "disabled" (mentally or physically) people f. possibly from phrases such as "He's a special person", "He goes to the special school".

sped n. stupid, educationally or mentally retarded, deficient in some way. f. Abbreviation of SPecial EDucation, (or anyone riding the "small bus". The contributor lived and schooled in Cicero, IL, circa. 1985 - 87 US

spence n. money f. 'pence' - that's the old UK £.s.d type pence not this "new pence" rubbish!

spend n. ejaculate. UK

spew 1) v. 2) n. 1) to projectile vomit, often noisily. 2) The results of this. cf. chuck, chunder

spice n. A term for sweets or candy. e.g. "Can I have some SPICE please mam?" , I used this term in school around Sheffield in the late 70's/early 80's, and it seems to be still in use.(term may have spread out into Yorkshire) circa 1970's - 80's cf. swats, spog UK (M, NE)

spiders legs n. the stray hairs that "escape" from the edges of a girls bikini or underwear. UK

spij n. chewing gum. e.g. gimme spij circa. late 1980's UK (S)

spill-yer-guts v. 1) to empty the stomach contents in a particulary gruesome way, 2) to tell tales, confess cf. 1) chuck, chunder, spew 2) dob 1) UK 2) US

spiney biff n. derog. stupid or clumsy person f. spina bifida circa. 1980's UK (S)

spit n. to expel saliva forcefully from the mouth (not slang but closely relates to other words for a similar action) c.f. gob, semi-phlegmy, meaty UK (S)

spit balls n. Paper wads chewed up into an icky mass. Kids would usually use the body of an ink pen with the ink cartridge removed to shoot them like blowguns at each other, or even better, at the back of a teacher's head. Whatver they hit, they stuck to like glue.

The bathrooms were covered with similar but much larger paper wads made from wetting balls of toilet tissue and casting it at the ceilings, hoping it would stick. The contributor graduated High School in 1980 and I'm sure they were doing it long before then... there are references to "pea shooters" from over a hundred years ago, which were hollow tubes you blew peas or spit balls through. (ed: I used them to shoot 'pigeon peas' through - I wish I'd known about spit balls!)

c.f. wasp shit USA

spit roast adj. situation where someone performs oral sex on a man while being penetrated sexually from the back (ed: wasn't Gommorrah destroyed for doing this??) USA

spliff n. cigarette made from mixture of tobacco and marijuana cf. grass UK

split n. to inform an authority (teacher, parent, police etc ) of a rule transgression, used as 'to split on someone, e.g. "don't split on me - don't tell teacher!!" cf. grass UK

split arse n. homosexual male USA

split the kipper n. (1) kicking a person in the testicles while two people held each leg akimbo (2) a game played by "big lads." It involved standing facing each other, about 3 - 5 feet apart, on a grassy area and taking a knife (usually a pen-knife), which you would then throw at your opponent's feet. He would have to (without walking) plant his foot where the knife landed and pull it out of the ground without falling over. He would then throw the knife at YOUR feet and you would have to do the same. The first person to flinch or fall over when trying to retrieve the knife was the loser. It was basically like a game of Twister, but with the added thrill of possibly being wounded included. (ed: I remember playing this game in Caerffili, Wales during the 50's - 60's but I think it had a different name... any ideas??) (2) circa. 1955-80 (1) UK (M) (2) UK (NE) (Wa)

spoof n. Lying, winding up, bullshitting, As used at Ashcroft High School, Luton, Bedfordshire, from before I arrived in my 2nd year in 1980. By that time all the kids had already got to know each other and more importantly were LOCAL to each other. I was a total newcomer, and green as grass from my village existence. You can guess the rest... (contribution added verbatim (g)) UK (SE)

spoof tube n. An empty paper towel roll stuffed with fabric softener sheets Used to exhale smoke into when smoking marajuana because it covers the smell. c.f. flube tube USA

spoon n. a person so dense they were not allowed to use a sharp object, they could only have a spoon c.f. joey, spaz UK (SE)

spooner n. Term to describe the result when a player in a lunch/break time football kickabout would strike the ball with the shin or 'flick' with the shoe, causing the ball to arc gracefully miles over the goal/fence resulting in all players shouting "SPOONER!!!"

Commonly used to describe Alistair Sykes of Lavington School, Wiltshire., circa. mid 1980's UK (W)

spooner roundcap n. Every school had one - the briefcase-carrying gimpy kid, usually the mummy's boy type. The sort of person who nowadays might be likened to Duane Dibley (from an episode of Red Dwarf) or Normal Norm off the Twix adverts. As used at Ashcroft High School, Luton, Bedfordshire UK (SE)

spoony, spoonies n. Unfashionable shoes.Spoonies applied only to shoes, not to any other garment.e.g. "'Ee used ter wear spoonies burr'eez gorra pair of Pod now". circa. 1970-80's UK (NW)

sport billy adj. derogatory term for someone interested in sport to the expense of smoking fags/getting hammered on our mate's dad's homebrew etc. From excellent cartoon of same name. 80s UK(N), circa. 1980's UK (N)

spot n. Football based game for 2 to however many players. Participants take it in turn to kick ball against a wall. Only one touch was allowed and missing the wall or hitting the ball above a certain height (determined by some kind of mark on the wall) would result in the offender being on 's' - this would continue until a player had collected all letters to make the word 'spot'. At this point they would have to stand against the wall to become a target for the remaining players. Your reward for hitting one of the boys against the wall was the loss of one of the letters you were on e.g a boy on 's-p-o' would go back to 's-p', The game in this guise only seems to be known by people at school in the South of England. Variations were played elsewhere but were known by different names circa. 1980's UK (S)

spot keeper, spot goalie n. Game. version of Rush Goalie, but with no specifically designated keeper. Any one who was on "the spot" at the time, ie in a position to save the ball, could act as goalkeeper. c.f. Rush Goalie UK

sprag v. & n. to alert a teacher or "grown up" of a misdemeanor a "tell-tale" or liar UK (NE)

spogs n. sweets, lollies, confectionery cf. swats UK

sprog 1)n. 2)v. 1) a semi-affectionate term for a child 2) expulsion of production of bronchial congestion, e.g. "I sprogged on the floor." UK (NE)

spunk (1)n. (3) adj. (1) male ejaculate. (2) courage (3) an attractive male (4) worthless individual, eg; "Now listen here, spunk!" (ed: it's odd how the word has opposite meanings in UK and AUS, i.e. Aussie girls LIKE their men to be "spunks") (1, 2, 4)UK (3) AU

spunk bubble adj. An gentle insult or 'argument winner' with friends. It's not too harsh, just funny to people around you when you call someone a spunk bubble. Used, for example, in the middle of an argument when all of a sudden you call the other person a "Spunk bubble" and they dont know what to say leaving you the winner of the argument.

Also defined by Vince Gazy as: General term of abuse for a fellow worthless and hapless school mate if they had done something stupid. I remember it being used by my Roman Catholic mate Nick in Nottingham, England in the very early Eighties. UK (NE)

square-go... (1) widely used playground precursor to a sound "kicking" - usually followed by "...pal", "...Jimmy" etc., "be frightened....be very frightened!" (2) Always as a shout, 'Square Goes!' was a call to battle. After a brief exchange of abuse, when a fight was obviously called for you would challenge your opponent with the phrase 'Square Goes!" and usually leave a time."Right then ya cunt - square goes - you and me - after maths!", commonly used around 1985-86 (for our school anyway, but we were a bunch of windy-lickers!) circa. mid 1970's during Scottish non-pacifist era extending roughly (very) -300 B.C. to present day Note: ok, both def's are really the same... but who's gonna argue with a mad Scot?? UK (Scot)

squeeze-cheese v. To fart, flatulate loudly. circa. 1980 - 85 UK

squibs, squibsies, squibsy n. Indicate immunity from being "it" or "tag". e.g., "No, no, I'm squibs!"; "Can't get me, I've got squibsies!" If you were squibs, you could show it by crossing the fingers of both hands. circa 1984 cf. tag, tig UK (SE)

squids n. Pounds, money in general. Derived from 'quid'.

squits, squirts n. diarrohea c.f runs UK

squitsies n. to be made exempt from being "it" or "had" in chase games. fleas-inject, twixies

stagutz n. Expression used when someone does something stupid and frustrating. Akin to "gee whiz?!" Used as "sta-gutz with 'gutz' elongated. fleas-inject, twixies

stall n. a game where the stallholder would lean valuable football cards or stickers (like teams or club badges) against a wall and the player(s), squatting at a certain distance, would attempt to knock them over by skimming less valuable cards at them. Cards knocked over were kept by the player, missing cards were kept by the stallholder. UK

stamps, stampsies n. an occasional rule of a game of conkers: if someone's conker came off their string, or they dropped it, the opponent would be allowed to stamp on the conker if the owner didn't pick it up in time. So kids would say "Are we playing stamps ?" - sensible kids said no cf. conkers

steely n. a "marble" made of stainless steel instead of glass. They ranged in size from tiny ball-bearings to huge 'tenners'. c.f. dobber, alley bomper, tenner UK

stellar adj. Similar to "amazing", "awesome", "mega" etc. e.g. "That haircut is great - really stellar!". circa. 1980's - 90's USA

stenner n. Shortened version of Frankenstein - Used to describe a person with a large forehead. Tefal was also used as the word is based on the large foreheaded characters featured in the Tefal advert in the UK in the mid 80's.

D.Young of Lavington School was the original source os the "Stenny!" term, c.f. Tefal circa mid 1980's UK (W)

stick goalie n. goalie cannot leave penalty area (soccer) UK (SE)

stiffie n. an erection

stig n. smelly person dressed in Oxfam style dress, possibly wearing Tesco trainers, possibly having fleas too. f. Stig of The Dump (UK TV series) cf. fleabag UK (SE)

stonker, stonk-on n. erection

stolges n. chewed up bits of paper flung against a wall (or each other) using a ruler to give extra propulsion. cf. wasp shit UK

stoner n. a person who uses a lot of Marijuans, e.g. "John is a stoner". USA

stonker n. (1) an erection (2) excellent, really good, impressive "The party was great - a real stonker!" UK (NE)

stonking n. excellent, really good, impressive "The party was great - I had a stonking good time!" UK (NE)

stott on n. an erection UK (NE)

straight floungin n. acting normally according to by social circumstances. For example "I'm straight floungin to the mall", means "I'm chillin at the mall" or "hangin out" USA

strapped (.... for cash) n. without money "Gawd I'd love a pint but I'm strapped for cash." UK

strobing n. masturbation f. the speed of the hand movement. UK

strides n. trousers Aus

stress n. a mocking exclamation for any expression of ire circa. 1990's UK (NE)

Striker n. Model of bicycle manufactured by Raleigh during the 1970s, The Striker was part of the Grifter line (largest to smallest) was: Grifter, Striker, Boxer, but unique in that it had a coaster (pedal-back) brake (info. on Raleigh bikes courtesy Wayne Ryder). circa. 1990's UK

stroke n. to steal

stubble n. similar to chinny-reck-on etc, but accompanied by rubbing of chin and a noise of disagreement along the lines of "neigh", but sounding more like "naiii". c.f. Jimmy Hill, chinny-reck-on etc. UK (NE)

stuck in the mud n. combination of tag and simulated oral sex. When tigged one must stand still with legs apart, and wait for a member of the opposite sex to crawl between them, thus 'releasing' you from being stuck. c.f. tag

studly n. studly is buff, tuff, kool, good looking, popular, just allreayd good. it's studly. "This site is studly" (ed: added verbatim. Sometimes you just HAVE to), USA

stuffer n. Used to imply a person who is extremely self satisfied, egotistical, arrogant, pompous who, will certainly boast about their sexual conquests, but most likely would like to partake in a relationship with themselves.,

stun, stunner n. Basically a word used to laugh at other peoples misfortunes, e.g. "My dogs just died" - hahah Stun! "I just got a case of crabs off Shirley Jones" - STUNNER!. circa. 1985-95 UK (SW)

stunt nuts n. elongated nuts that went on the back wheel of your bmx allowing you to stand on them to concoct bmx trickery of some sort

stupe n. contraction of stupid USA

suck (you.... ) derog. insult implying you perform fellatio, which must in turn therefore imply a negative attitude towards performing oral sex! UK

suck spit n. mouth to mouth contact involving the exchange of saliva. A kiss c.f. french kiss, tonsil hockey UK

sure bill! n. exression of disbelief: often combined with stroking the chin cf. Jimmy Hill, chinney reck-on UK (W)

sussed n. figure out, understand, an assertion of correctness, to find error in another person i.e."I'm right, you're wrong"

Suzy had a steamboat... n. Julie Hoverson sent this and said: "I haven't yet browsed all over to see if you have this one (mostly because it starts with a name and it could start with any name, you know?), but seeing one that started with "arsehole" that was similar in style brought this one back to me and I thought you might like to add it (I'm from the U.S.). I have no idea where it might come from, just that I learned it in grade school.

Suzy had a steamboat, the steamboat had a bell,
The steamboat went to heaven, and Lucy went to...
Hell-o operator, please give me number nine,
And if you disconnect me, I'll cut off your...
Behind the frigerator, there was a piece of glass,
When Suzy fell upon it, she cut her little...
Ask me no more questions, I'll tell you no more lies,
The boys are in the bathroom, zipping up their...
Flies are in the country, bees are inthe park,
The boys and girls are kissing after D-A-R-K dark.

(ed: I expect there is a lot more. So if anyone has more verses, please send them it!)

swag n. cannabis UK (Wa)

swamp donkey n. unattractive person of the opposite sex UK (SE)

swamp ass n. the effect of sitting and sweating a lot. i.e. trousers/shorts etc get wet and smell. USA

swaps n. When collecting football cards or stickers (and similar) to go in albums, you always had some duplicate cards, or didn't get others. You used these to "swap" i.e. exchange for other cards etc. which you didn't have yet. UK

swap spit n. french kissing c.f. suck spit, french kissing, tonsil hockey UK

swats n. Noun. Pronounced like "HATS". A term for sweets and candy.e.g. "Gis' a SWAT!", when the contributor was at school - but seems to have fallen out of favour. circa 1980 UK (NE)

swat, swot n. smart-arse, goody-goody, know-all, pupil cleverer than the others - maybe cos s/he was the only who actually did any work... and not only DID homework, but handed it it in too! UK (SE)

sweat(y) adj. something or someone you found particularly ugly/unsavoury/ horrible; e.g. "He is SO sweaty!". (sounds best when pronounced in braod Yorkshire accent (with silent 't') circa. early 1990's UK

sweaty betty n. From the song:
Sweaty betty, she's like a lump of lard
Sweaty betty, she makes yer willy hard'
as sung in Leeds playgrounds. Also used outside the song, as in: 'she were a proper sweaty betty',
circa. 1980's UK (N)

sweaty giblets p. nonsense phrase to say when all else fails UK

sweenies n. Very prominant sideburns. Derives from the British cop show 'The Sweeny' Where the main stars sported fantastically groomed sideburns. circa. 1980 - 85 UK

sweet adj. really good, cool, tight, dope. e.g. "That 180 snowboard was sweet!" circa. 1990's - to date USA

sword fighter p. homosexual (ed: there are times I think some contributors make these up on the spur of the moment!) UK