vadge n. 1) The female vagina. 2) An excessively stupid or unpleasant person

vainites n. Word shouted to give you protection and exclude you from attach during a game of add of british bulldog etc., Not sure of spelling c.f. faynights, fainites barley UK

vaj n. vagina. Insult in the vein of "You're a fanny" e.g. "Ya fuckin' vaj!" Sometimes elaborated upon to produce the eclectic 'vaj-badge' for purely poetic reasons only. UK

(flick the ...) vees n. To stick your two fingers up at someone in an manner meant to be insulting. c.f. (flick the ... ) vick UK

vee dub n. female genitalia when shaved. So named from the shape of the Volkswagon beetle bonnet, e,g, "I screwed Jennie last night - did you know she was vee dubbed??" USA

veggie, vedgie n. derog. term for someone considered mentally deficient or brain damaged. f. Contraction of "vegetable" AUS

Vegemite Valley (travelling up the ...) n. Anus/Rectum (usu. with homosexual connotations) f. possible source of Vegemite? AUS

veg, veg out v. take it easy or to do nothing and enjoy it. US

verse, versing v. to compete against, as in sports Used as in "We're versing the Mets in our first game." Heard around schools in Seattle. f. abbreviation of vegetate UK

(flick the ...) vick, vicky n. To stick your two fingers up at someone in an manner meant to be insulting. e.g. " I gave that maths teacher the vick this morning." f. the 'V' sign using two fingers has long been a signal of contempt. It originated during the interminable wars between the English and the French. The French were in awe of the English longbow-men. If the French managed to capture any of the bowmen, their practice was to sever the two "string" fingers of the right hand thus rendering them permanently incapable of using a bow.

It thus became a symbol of contempt and derision for those English bowmen who still possessed their fingers, to wave them at the opposing side.

During World War Two, Winston Churchill used it either way round, to signify "victory", and the shortened somewhat "politer" name of the action has since dropped into common useage since as "the vick", though the original expression "flick the vees" is still used in alongside the newer term. UK

vinegar strokes adj. said to be the last strokes of sexual intercourse or masturbation immediately prior to ejaculation

virgin n. someone who hasn't had sexual intercourse - or in Wales a girl who did it once but didn't like it! font> cf. cherry UK (Wa)

vrot n. rotton e.g. "We all got fucked up vrot yesterday" f. Afrkaans word for rotton circa. 1970's S. Africa

vut n. An idiot or person considered to be unworthy, a loser, circa. 1990's UK (S)