wack n. the whole way, load. "He was so scared he cakked his wack" UK (M)

wacko n. insane. In the UK the term became popularised by singer, Michael Jacksons peculiar behaviour and be became known as "Wacko Jacko". UK

wad n. (1) stack of folded paper money, (2) ejaculate, (3) a bag of tobacco or marhijuana UK

wag n. to abscond from school without permission e.g. "he wagged it yesterday" cf. mitch off, bunk off etc. UK (NW)(M)

Wagner n. Used to disguise the word wanker. In this way, you could call someone a wagner in front of a teacher and they couldn't do you, when really you meant wanker. This word is used in schools now. It is mostly used when in class near a teacher or figure of authority. UK (SE)

wally n. milder than a twat but still stupid

walking on water adj. Not someone performing miracles, more a description of a time when everything goes right, e.g "Talk about jammy! He should've been crippled making a move like that but he was walking on water that day!

wanker n. vulg. 1) A person who masturbates 2) An excessively stupid or unpleasant person.

wankshaft n. vulg. The male penis. cf. cunthook

wankstain n. vulg. insult comparison between recipient of insult and stains left by semen. UK (Mid)

wannabe adj. someone who tries obsessively to emulate a person or profession; e.g. "There are a lot of Spice Girl "wannabees" in the world today". UK

wasabie adj. Used for saying "Hello" or "What's up?" (ed: I thought wasabie was a really hot Japanese dressing?) USA

wasp shit n. Get a bit of paper, shove it in your mouth. Chew until the consistancy is correct. Then chuck it against the wall. The walls at the contributors school in Luton, Bedfordshire, were literally plastered with Wasp Shit's. It really kicked off about 1983 - 84 and was still going strong in 87 when he left.

Closest he ever saw someone getting caught for making Wasp Shit's was a lad who'd shoved a whole sheet of A4 in his mouth mid lesson, Then the teacher asked him a question! Somehow or other he managed to get through the ordeal by making grunting noises.

Some of the kids used the term 'Consistancy', but Wasp Shit was the prefered definition. circa. 1983 - 87 UK (SE)

waster n. (1) a person with whom contact is considered to be a waste of time (2) a person who does nothing consructive depite ample opportunity (3) one who masturbates to excess UK

Water Melon n. A large and long lasting gob-stopper packaged in a box.

wazoo, wazzoo n. anus. Used as in being "up to wazoo" in something, i.e. metaphorically deeply involved as in "Up to the wazoo in the drug scene", or literally, as in "The basement had cockroaches up the wazoo." or "The pipe was leaking out the wazoo." The contributor heard this term in the 1980's in Brooklyn, when I worked for a real estate developer. He thinks it may be contractor slang, but has been around and in general use for a lonbg time. At least back to the turn of the century.

wazzock n. an idiot, fool, twat. Possibly created by comediam Mike Harding during the 1970's cf. twat UK

Wedding Tackle n. male genitalia c.f. family jewels, meat and two veg UK

wedge n. large amout of half folded bank notes. UK

wedgie n. Humiliation where the undepants are pulled sharply upwards from behind, causing them to wedge themselves tightly up the victim's arse.

  • Pure wedgie: The victim is only wearing underpants when the attack occurs, thus inflicting a much greater amount of embarrassment than normal.
  • Super wedgie: Pure wedgie but with the assailant then grabbing the crotch of the victim's underpants (from behind as it is exposed) and continuing to pull, resulting in the victim's genitals being revealed. (This is particularly embarrassing if the victim is not quite flaccid.)
  • Wedgie war: All-against-all with lots of ganging up, normally in a swimming pool. A good attack is considered to be when the victim is lifted out of the water by his swimming togs to at least his knees. (Note that this activity can be very deleterious to the well-being of swimming togs.)
  • Wedgie-proof: The victim's underpants are so stretchy that the wedgie doesn't hurt, or they are wearing Speedos, which tend to just stretch instead of heading painfully for the buttcrack. Can refer to the person or the apparel.

    We received the following communication from Andrew Jordan: "I feel duty-bound to point out that you refer to the forceful pulling of pants up into an arse-crack as a 'wedgie' - as a purist, I think you should also include the UK term for the 'wedgie', namely the 'Johnny Clegg' or to 'Clegg' someone. You must have heard that? (ed: err... no... sorry!) cf. scanting USA, UK, variations from NZ

    wedgie n. A method of torture requiring a pole of some kind, e.g. a lamppost or signpost or similar. The victim would firstly be knocked to the ground somehow. Then two people would grab a leg each and pull the victims legs round opposite sides of the aforementioned pole so the victims genitals are wedged up against it. cf. posting UK (Sc)

    wedgie-gang n. group-wedgieing. Kids who left school at 16 rather than staying on to go to 6th form they would walk around the playing fields/yard during the last week of school in gangs and give wedgies to any first years they found. cf. scanting, shreddies, wedgie UK (NE)

    weedon n. to be in a strop or to be annoyed. UK (SE)

    weird beard n. scruffy beatnik type , or someone who looked like they were a GreenPeace or CND supporter. UK

    Wembley n. football game for teams of 2, generally. Played around 1 goal. Goal scorers leave the field and go thru to the next round, until 2 or 3 (number varies) are left. They are knocked out and derided. The qualifiers then get back on the pitch and on it goes - until one team is left. c.f. World Cup UK

    wench, winch n. Particularly nasty boys at my school in Charleston, West Virginia are always going around calling girls winches, A winch is ugly, stupid, bitchy, person who has enough guts to stand up to any boys when they're bugging her. This is not a cuss.(ed: added verbatim) USA

    wet willie v. A finger covered in spit is forced into someone's ear and twisted. This sounds and feels disgusting to the victim. It was popularised in the UK following an episode of the Simpsons which showed Bart getting one. UK

    whacking off v. male masturbation c.f. beat the meat etc. US

    What's the time Mr. Wolf? n. chase game: one person would be Mr. Wolf and stand or lean against a wall with his/her back turned to everybody. The others then shout "What's the time Mr. Wolf?". Mr. Wolf would then shout different times, then eventually would shout "Dinner time! Coming to get you!" and run after you in a rather frightening way! UK (Wa)

    wheely, wheelie n. bicycle stunt involving getting the front wheel off the ground while continuing to ride. UK

    whellah n. Exclamation at the conclusion of a list of chores or steps leading up to an end result.. similar to presto, or eureka., . USA

    whigger v. An adolecent male of anglo decent..Who acts out with african american sterotypes. ie. listens to rap in his low rider so everyone for blocks can hear it. speaks fluent ebonics, wears overlarge gold jewelry..wears a ball cap on most occasions in the invertered position.almost always has a toothpick dangling between his teeth. a wanabee afro american., suburban US phenomenom. ..One or two still around. f. obvious derivation from racial slur circa 1986 - 90 US

    whipper-in n. truant officer UK (Wa)

    Whistle for Your Nipple n. A 'fun game'. Involves firmly gripping the nipple of a compatriot and shouting 'Whistle for your nipple'. The painful grasp is only released when the victim manages to whistle - which is nigh on impossible due to extreme pain and/or mirth. (just try it) UK

    White Note n. Used in the fifties in Owens's School at the Angel Islington as a term for visiting the lavatory.I.e. You raised your hand in class and said "Please sir can I have a white note" If you wanted to visit there. (contrib. not sure what a white note itself was :)) circa. 1950's UK (NE)

    Whitey n. A whitey can be produced by over indulgence in marijuana. The heart races, and you are restricted to sitting quietly gazing at the floor (or down the loo). The name is derived from the pallor or whiteness of the sufferers skin. To recover, the person needs to be left alone for a while.

    In the meantime, all his/her friends have a good laugh about it, point their fingers and hiss 'whitey!!!' at the victim. circa. 1950's UK (NE)

    whitewashing v. During the winter (when there is snow or ice on the ground), the action of tripping someone over and then getting as many people as possible to gather and kick as much snow/ice/slush over them as possible - or just kick them. circa. 1983-90 UK (NE)

    whoever smelt it dealt it n. A response rhyme to a claim that someone had farted, guffed, released an SBD etc. and subsequently smelled. The person who remarked on the odour was greeted with the put down "Whoever smelt it dealt it" After a while, a rhyme was composed to counter act the effect of the slur with the retort "Whoever said the rhyme, did the crime!" thus transfering culpability back to the original person. c.f. fart, guff, SBD circa. 1960's - to date US (Mid)

    WHOM adj. emotional outburst (pron) (WH-OW-M). Used to express extreme jubilation or despair. ie: that is soooo WHOM! Note: WHOM (WH-OW-M) is spelled in only capitals, while whom (w-oo-m) is spelled in lower cases. Used as: "That WHOMin' sucks!", "Pretty WHOM!" "WHOM! I stepped in crud!" (Get it?) (ed: nope!) US

    whoopsie n. colloquialism for shit; e.g. popularised by Michael Crawford as Frank Spencer from "Some Mothers do 'ave 'em" saying "Ooooh... Betty.....the cat's done a whoopsie in my hat!!" UK

    wicked n. Very. As in, "She is wicked cool" or "She is wicked nice" circa. 1980's - to date US (NE)

    wicked n. fabulous, wonderful, exceptionally attractive. e.g. "It's totally wicked man!!" circa. 1980's - to date UK (S)

    wicked adj. Really good, fantastic, excellent. Another in the spate of bad = good slang words. circa. 1990's UK

    willy operation v. A group of pre-pubescent boys, while in a state of undress before/after a sports lesson, spy a victim (usually a rather weak ginger specimen). The victim would be changing, and when his "willy" became exposed the boys would descend upon him, grab his "willy", pull it and twist it, and when the victim cried "mercy" the troupe of boys would holler a collective triumphant "willy operation". , Because of the nature of the exercise, it was only a matter of years before such activity was frowned upon and scorned as "gaywork". The younger boys or "juvies" who continued the practice were looked down upon as being too young to know better. UK

    wimp adj. pathetic weedy individual picked on by all and sundry UK

    windmill n. The one old-skool breakdance move that was rumoured to cause testicular gangrene on World In Action in 1983, resulting in winding up of school break champion. cf. caterpillar

    window licker n. derog. A spacker, Comes from the "special" people who ride on "special" buses, sitting on the bus, face leant against the glass, tongue hanging out. cf. spack UK

    wind up n. to tease, for example by telling a false story designed to elicit a particular reaction, for example telling someone in a block of high rise flats that their lifts were to be disabled to encourage fitness in the block inhabitants. (in this case "wind" rhymes with "mind") UK

    wind up (get the... ) n. to become afraid (this time "wind" rhymes with "sinned") UK

    wind up merchant n. a person who habitually teases people by spinning stories designed to elicit a particular response.(here again "wind" rhymes with "blind" UK

    wingnut n. Someone with excessively large or protruding ears (e.g. Prince Charles)

    winnets n. small pices of excreta (and other material) that cling to the hair around the buttocks, and into the buttock cleft, of people with less than perfect sanitary habits. cf. Klingons, dags, arsenuts, cleggs

    winnats n. the same as "winnets" but justified (according to Geoff Hughes) since there is a "Winnats Pass" in Castleton, Derbyshire, UK which is the home of several winnat infested sheep - and who am I to argue??. cf. Klingons, dags, arsenuts, cleggs

    wipee n. Mud smeared down new trousers via the assailants filthy shoes. Similar to 'Christening'

    wiss, wizz, whizz, wass n. urinate, to have a piss. As in "I'm going for a wazz (etc)" - I'm off for a piss. or "we were having a wazz".The term was usually used by boys (naturally) and was in common usage in the playgrounds of South Wales (Swansea) in the 1970's. circa 1970's - to date UK (S. Wales)

    Witches Hat n. an inverted screwball jammed on a rocket shaped ice-lolly (trade name Zoom) cf. screwball UK

    witter v. to vocalise, or ramble on, in a tedious an meaningless fashion UK

    woggy n. The Wash Brook - a stream in Leicester. cf. woggy walking, woggy monster UK (M)

    woggy walking n. walking in the Wash Brook stream for no reason other than to see how far you could get before someone noticed that you were walking through their grounds and set their dog on you. cf. woggy, woggy monster UK (M)

    woggy monster n. the mad man rumoured to live in the woods by the woggy. cf. woggy, woggy walking UK (M)

    WOGS n. derog. acr. Originally an acronym used in the Middle East by colonial forces to identiy those who were employed in the service of the government, i.e. Workers On Government Service, but has now become a derogatory term for anyone foreign to British shores or in some cases to anyone "non-white" regardless of their country of birth or nationality. UK

    woody n. an erection, especially when it is clearly visible by pressing against trouser flys. UK

    woofer n., v. Flatulence (act or result) - e.g. "Who woofered?"; "Did you woofer?"; Contributor wrote the following: This was used by my circle of friends for a very brief period in the 9th grade in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, a suburb about 30 km West of Toronto. We were a pretty straightlaced, upper middle class, but quite ethnically diverse bunch. My first contact, so to speak, with this word occurred when I met a bunch of other kids in the 9th grade ( this is 1982, by the way) who had come from another public school. The use of the word more or less ran its course after six months or so, although, it has appeared sporadically on occasion since then, although more or less as a nostalgiac reference to that era. cf. woggy, woggy walking UK (M)

    World Cup n. Team Game. One goal, as many teams as you like, and a first team to score goes through rule, the last team left being knocked out. The whole procedure would then start again meaning the first team to go out would wait for ages to get another game.

    The great advantage of this game was that it allowed an uneven number of players to stage a fair contest. i.e.one in goal, leaving an even number to be split into teams. cf. Wembley UK (M)

    wotcha, watcha n. greeting: used between acquaintances, as in "Wotcha mate", or "Watcha cock!" UK (SE)

    wowser n. anyone considered to be trying to stop other people enjoying themselves AUS

    wrinkly n. anyone old or ancient - probably over 30! UK

    WT adj. white trash circa. 2001 USA

    wuckless n. homosexual

    wuss n. acquaintance, bit less friendly than butty f. apparently derives from Welsh word gwas, meaning servant (that's for all the trivia buffs) c.f. butty UK (Wa)

    wuss n. cowardly and/or weak individual, wimp, loser f. possibly a corrupt. derivative of wussy from pussy, i.e. girl-like or effeminate US