Z's n. (pronounced "zeds"). To sleep, for example "I've been up all night I need to catch some Z's" UK (NW)

zebbled n. Lack of foreskin. Term of abuse used in boys changing rooms as offensive term of address directed towards those in circumcised minority. UK (NW)

zef n. Lower class individual. To say about someone He's dressed like a zef!" was considered really rude.". circa. 1970's S. Africa

zero-hero adj. the "designated driver". Someone who doesn't drink alcohol at a social gathering etc so that those who do drink can drive home in safety. UK (NW)

zilch n. nothing, zero, empty US

zinc n. Not remotely trendy and something to be avoided. e.g. If someone had their hair cut and the fringe was cut extremely straight, and normally short.. then that would be a 'zinc' UK

zit n. pimple, spot, any skin blemish f. Geoff Hughes remarks, that it's interesting to note that before the 1980's it wsa unheard of in the UK. However, around that time an English comedian named Jasper Carrott visited America and returned with the word as part of his act. Following a good deal of initial amusement among school-kids the word has become standard slang in the UK. USA

zonked (... out) adj. Worn out, tired, exhausted For example, "Any chance we can rest? I can't go any further, I'm totally zonked. c.f. knackered, fucked, buggered up, shagged US, UK